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Tied Up Aunt

Tied Up Aunt
by Val Marrick


"God yes! Fuck me hard!" the naked woman begged. The carpet was rough
under her elbows and knees. To either side the stacks of books loomed over
her like guardians, seeming to look down in disapproval on this lewd
intrusion on their quiet sanctum. "Ram that big fat cock all the way to my

Kneeling behind her, the tall, well-built young man shook blond hair out
of his eyes and gazed down at the perfectly matched demiglobes of her ass,
divided neatly by the massive pillar of cock he was driving into her
pussy from behind. His prick was smeared with aromatic juices. His
vigorous fucking made a rhythmic sound as the cock pistoned in and out of
the seething pussy.

The woman's whole body undulated as she fucked the youth back with all
her skill and passion. Those achingly lovely white buttocks surged and
rolled around the endless cock as it rammed home. Her pussy sucked
noisily on the prick as it pulled out.

The youth's clutching fingers made deep depressions in the flawless skin
of her ass. With every lunging stroke his dangling balls smacked wetly
into the midst of her gaping, cock-gorged pussy lips. Her cunt felt like
a combination of a hot, wet vacuum cleaner and a roller-coaster ride on
his cock.

A thin film of sweat sheened their naked bodies. The musty air of the
library was thick with the smell of aroused and greedy cunt. The huffing
and puffing of erotic exertions rang around the structural members of
the ceiling.

"That's it," the woman choked out as the cock slammed deep into her
cunt. "Just keep it up like that, big boy. I'm going to come at ... any
... minute -- ahh!"

"That's good," grunted the fair-haired youth. He slid his palms over the
satiny smoothness of that churning ass. "I can't hold out much longer

The woman barely heard him. Intolerable pressure was building up in her
pussy. Pressure that could only be let off in one way. Desperate to
prolong the sweet ecstasy of fucking, the woman tried to fight back her
climax, but it was too much, she had to -

"EEEEEEYYYYAAAAHHHH!" she shrieked. The very walls seemed to tremble
with the enormity of it -- screaming, in the halls of a library! "I'm

For the young man it was as if his cock had suddenly taken on a life of
his own. The hungry prick seemed to drag his hips back and forth as the
steaming cauldron of the woman's cunt boiled over with orgasm. The
intensity of her climax shook him like a giant hand.

Then her pussy clamped down on his huge, thrusting prick. "Woof!" he
exclaimed, and spewed come like a firehouse into the furthest regions of
her snatch.

She tossed her head from side to side, moaning low in her throat, her
short auburn hair whipping her cheeks. She was complete. Her body and
soul were thrilling to a thunderous orgasm. A giant cock was ramrodding
her cunt from behind, and better, was pumping her pussy full of rich,
warm come. It had been so long, so long.


So long since she had known the irresistible, domineering urgency of a
rigid male cock coming in her pussy.

"Miss?" The voice was tentative, but tinged with impatience.

"Don't talk," the woman moaned, "just keep fucking me!"

"I beg your pardon?"

Jacqueline Hyde snapped her eyes opened. A pimply-faced teenager stood
peering across the book checkout desk at her. His face was dead pale and
his eyes were big as duck eggs. The librarian felt herself blushing.

"Umm, uh -- I said, keep trucking, Lee. Just a friendly greeting." She
adjusted her round-framed glasses, feeling like a total idiot. "May I
help you?"

Wordlessly, the boy shoved a pile of books at her.

Jacqui bit her lip as she watched the narrow-shouldered figure beat a
hasty retreat, clutching his bundle of books. You almost blew it that
time, baby, she told herself.

Almost of its own accord, her ass wiggled in the seat of her swivel
chair. Her long, slender thighs were pressed tightly together. The hot
smell of nylons soaked with pungent pussy sauce was thick in her
nostrils. How could the kid have failed to recognize the unmistakable
odor of aroused cunt?

Then Jacqui thought about what the kid looked like. No, of course he
wouldn't recognize it. Looking like that, he'd never have smelled an
aroused pussy!

Her thighs squirmed together. Dammit, she was still turned on!

She looked around. It was late afternoon, and the library was deserted.
She cupped her full, ripe tits in her hand. She could feel the straining
hardness of her nipples, even through her blouse and brassiere. She was
still horny as hell from her graphic fantasy -- she could still feel
that gigantic cock driving into her!

She'd been too long without a man. It was six months since her divorce
and over six months since she'd last gotten fucked. She dropped her
hands to her lap. Slowly, her fingers inched their way down till they
covered the moist mound of her pussy.

A soft groan of pleasure rose unbidden in her throat as she began to
massage the soft mound of her cunt. She was going to have to be more
careful about when she fantasized. If that kid hadn't been a naïve
schmuck, and sexually insecure into the bargain, the jig would be up
right now.

She'd also have to watch out what she fantasized as well. That had been
no imaginary lover, kneeling on the carpet of the Robert V. Woodward
Memorial Library, fucking his big cock in and out of her like a horny

It was her nephew Martin!

Martin, big, powerful sexy Martin. Hard to believe he had only just
turned seventeen. With his professor father and mother -- Jacqui's
sister -- on a year's sabbatical in Athens studying Greek culture, he
and Jacqui has been alone together in that big house for two months. And
in that time Jacqui Hyde had become painfully aware of just what a
desirable stud her teenaged nephew was.

Her head jerked back. Her eyes turned glassy. Unnnh." She moaned. There
was a brief, sharp spasming in her cunt, and then her body relaxed.

She'd brought herself off. But big deal! Her orgasm had been just a
brief twinge, a mere release of sexual tension. Not the grand outburst
of ecstasy it should have been.

Something was very wrong. And it would take a real man to set it right

* * *

At first Jacqui thought she had the sprawling suburban house to herself.
Then she heard voices echoing up the stairs from the basement.
Downstairs was the rec room and a surprisingly well-equipped gym. Martin
must have some of his friends down there shooting pool. She walked to
the door and opened it, to call down a greeting so the boy wouldn't
worry when he heard movement upstairs.

"Oh, wow!" a girl's voice floated clearly up to the woman's startled
ears, "What a cock! I just can't get over it -- let me at it!" She heard
a guttural grunt from her nephew.

Heart thudding, Jacqui kicked off her shoes. Then in nyloned feet she
crept quietly down the stairs. Her joints somehow felt weak and watery,
and there was a tightness in the base of her throat. She had to lean
against one wall for support.

She reached the bottom of the stairs. Cautiously, she peered out around
the end of the stairwell.

Her nephew wasn't playing pool, but he was plying his cue all right. He
stood, naked but for a red muscle shirt stretched over his broad chest,
beside the flat green table. On her knees before him was a black-haired
girl in a cheerleader's costume. He was fucking his rigid prick in and
out between her full moist lips.

His prick was every bit as huge as Jacqui had imagined it!

"That feels nice," the boy murmured, tangling his hand in the gleaming
wealth of raven hair at his waist. "But I've got an even better idea!"

He tugged upward on the black hair. The girl gave a little squeal around
his prick, fully half of which was thrust into her face, forcing her
jaws far apart and making her round cheeks pooch out like a chipmunk's.
Then she started to climb to her feet. Stubbornly, she kept her oral
hold of the big cock. Wetly it slid out of her sucking mouth, till at
least it popped free. It sprang up, flicking the girl's own saliva into
her face.

"Why'd you do that?" the girl asked, straightening. Her full young boobs
were heaving with passion under her white sweater. "I was just getting
into it!"

So was I, baby," Martin assured her. "But like I said, I got a better

He put his hands around her narrow waist and lifted. She was a head
shorted than he was, but was voluptuously built for a girl her age,
plush-hipped, big-titted, with a round saucy ass only just concealed by
the hem of her red skirt. In spite of this, Martin lifted her as if she
were no heavier than a child. He sat her on the edge of the pool table.

One hand reached for a ripe tit as the other slid up a satin thigh into
the abbreviated skirt. "Ooh," the girl moaned as Martin began to caress
her jug and pussy mound simultaneously. "That's a good idea!"

"I haven't even started yet," Martin murmured. He let go of the tit. He
took hold of the lower edge of the cheerleader's blouse and began to
roll it upward, exposing an expanse of the girl's pale belly. The other
hand was kneading the squirmy pussy lips through the thin material of
her panties. His hard cock burned like a beacon between the
cheerleader's parted thighs.

Unseen in the stairwell, Jacqui Hyde gazed in awe as her nephew tugged
the blouse up over the brunette's tits. They were incredible! A wealth
of snowy titflesh was barely restrained by a lacy white nothing of a
bra. The nipples, seen through the gauzy bra, were big cherry-sized
nubbins in palm-sized patches of aureole, so dark they were almost
purple -- a sharp contrast to the pink-tinged pallor of her
cantaloupe-like jugs.

With a coo like a horny dove the cheerleader took over from Martin,
whipping her blouse the rest of the way off and flinging it in a corner,
where it draped over an exercise cycle's handlebars. With his free hand
the muscular youth began to maul a giant boob, as the girl reached back
with feverish fingers to undo the bra's clasp. The bra came away, and
the brunette's tits bounced free.

Martin gave a low cry of delight and buried his face between the girl's
boobs, licking and gnawing the toothsome titflesh. "Ooooh!" the girl
exclaimed, and crushed his blond head to her jugs. She rocked her hips
back to allow the ragingly horny youth to yank her panties from her
rounded ass.

Martin Reinhard was surrounded by resilient walls of tit. The brunette's
boobs had a slightly salty, slightly sweet taste the youth found more
maddening than any perfume. And the smell of raw cunt from where he was
stroking one finger over the sensitive lips of her pussy was pure
delight to his nostrils.

He nibbled his way to the crest of the wiggling girl's boob. Rather than
nip daintily at her inflated nipple, he spread his jaws wide and sucked
the tip of the tit, aureole, fat nipple, and all, into his hungry mouth.
The girl moaned with delight and stroked his head.

"Oh yes!" she trilled. "Suck my titty! And, ahhhhh, your finger feels so
good going into my cunt! Fuck me with your finger, big boy! Get your
knuckles wet!"

Loud squelching sounds told Jacqui that the girl was getting her wish!

She leaned back against the wall of the stairwell, out of sight of the
passionate teenagers. Her breath was coming faster. Her heart pounded as
if she'd just run a quarter mile. What a spectacle!

She recognized the black-haired buxom girl, now. Her name was Anne
Roxbury, and she was in Martin's class at Walter Williams Jr. Memorial
High School. She'd been around once or twice before that Jacqui knew of.
She was a polite and intelligent-seeming girl, from the few times Jacqui
had talked to her. Of course, she was showing a side of herself that the
lithe and youthfully lovely librarian hadn't suspected she possessed.

But then again, so was Martin!

"You're biting my nipple! Hey, that hurts -- but it hurts so goooood!
Keep chewing my tit, keep fucking my pussy with your finger -- don't
ever stop!" Jacqui was aware of a new feeling, deep inside. A feeling of
jealousy. Why was this little teenybopper getting something she had been
denied for so long? The feelings of passion, that had almost caused her
to humiliate herself that afternoon, returned in force. The odor of her
own hungrily-watering twat added to the tang of the cheerleader's cunt
sauce, being spattered all over the rec room by Martin's probing middle

The tall youth began pushing the girlfriend back and down onto the green
top of the pool table. Her blue eyes glittered with anticipation and
horniness. "That's right!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me now with that
great big lovely cock!"

"Un-huh." Martin shook his head. Slim fingers clawed into talons as he
wagged the orally-entrapped nipple from side to side. He lifted his
head. His mouth and Anne's tit were liberally smeared with saliva. "I've
got something new in mind!"

The girl's eyes widened as he climbed up on the table, straddling her
waist. His cock grew like a tree out of the tangled undergrowth of his
pubic bush. And what a cock it was! Nine inches long and proportionally
thick, with veins twining like snakes along it, and a broad scarlet head
that seemed to radiate lustful heat. Anne caught her breath and stared
as Martin took hold of his cumbersome prick and bent down to aim right
at his face.

He scooted forward, his balls dragging over the plane of the girl's
belly. Anne's eyes stayed fixed on the head of that might cock. A tiny
drop of clear preseminal fluid glistened in the tiny cleft in the tip of
the prick.

"What are you doing?" Her voice was hoarse with eagerness.

Martin bent down till the underside of his stiff prick was pressed
between the pillowy mountains of her jugs. Letting go of his cock, he
slid his sweaty palmed hands around to the outside of her gorgeous tits.
He pressed the boobs inward -- trapping the turgid cock between them!

He moved his hips experimentally forward. The action fucked his cock an
inch into the hot, dry tunnel formed by the two large jugs. It felt
good. He fucked a little bit deeper and sighed with satisfaction.

"My tits!" the girl exclaimed in surprised delight. "You're going to
fuck my tits!"

"Very perceptive," Martin grunted. He pulled his cock back from between
the girl's boobs. It seemed to vibrate with eagerness to be plunged back
into the narrow passage through those mountainous jugs.

Like a bar of heated iron the big prick surged between Anne's tits. The
ultrasensitive tit-flesh thrilled to the delicious friction of the
hard-driving cock. Martin laid his thumbs atop the boobs and began
diddling the nipples as he fucked.

"Ohhh, that's nice!" Anne moaned. She looked down past her nose. The
flaring head of Martin's cock thrust at her face as he shoved his hips
forward. Then it disappeared back into the softness of her jugs as he
pulled away. Back and forth his cock sawed, thrilling her tits with
every powerful stroke.

The young man felt Anne's hands close over him. He looked into her
lust-bright eyes. Taking his hands from her boobs, he slipped them
behind her neck, lacing the fingers to support the black-haired head.

Now it was Ann who was squeezing and molding her boobs around Martin's
hard-driving cock. With him holding up her head, she could watch every
exciting thrust of that swollen prick. Then she realized she was in a
position to do something more rewarding than just watch.

With the next forward surge of Martin's prick, she opened her berry-red
mouth and let the cockhead slip inside. She shut her teeth behind the
hood of the flaring prick-head, trapping his cock for a dazzling moment
while her tongue laved over its burning tip.

After an eternal instant, she let the prick go. Immediately it retreated
in the dank hollow between the girl's plentiful jugs. "Hot damn," Martin

"Like it?" Anne asked archly, eyeing her boobs hungrily, waiting for the
young man's cock to drive forward again. She was writhing beneath Martin
in a fever of passion. The fucking his cock was giving them, and the
delicious manipulations of her own hands, had her hot and horny as hell!

She didn't have to wait long. Martin rammed his prick hard up the
channel of yielding titflesh. Unerringly the prick arrowed into the
girl's mouth. She wrapped her lips fervently around it and sucked.

Martin moaned! His crotch was pressed right up against the undersides of
his girlfriend's plentiful jugs. His cock was imprisoned delightfully
between them -- while her skilled and eager mouth went to work on its
enflamed cockhead! "Get ready, baby," he told the girl. "I'm going to
come off at any minute!"

Without warning Anne released his cock. It glistened wetly with her
spit. "Anytime, lover!" she gasped. "Just fuck my titties hard, so I can
get off too!"

Martin obeyed. Jacqui stared in unabashed amazement at the fucking her
nephew dealt the cheerleader's ample tits. What power! What furious
passion! At every forward stroke his cockhead popped like a ripe fruit
into Anne's eagerly -- awaiting mouth. Every time he pulled back Anne
practically sobbed with excitement and crushed her boobs around the
spit-soaked prick.

Sexual energy seemed to radiate from the young pair. Jacqui felt it
herself. Oh, how she felt it! It wasn't just her months of abstinence
that made her pant with passion as she slipped a hand into her panties
and began to finger-fuck herself with shaking hands. It was as if some
of the incredible sensual pleasure that had the young cheerleader
wiggling in its grip was being transmitted somehow to her own neglected

Martin had never before felt anything to compare with the treat his
prick was getting now. Those warm, pliant mounds of tit, being rolled so
expertly around and around his thrusting cock, combined with the teasing
liquid touch of Anne's lips and tongue to send him totally out of his

The black-haired beauty, her cheerleader's skirt up around her waist and
the dark-bearded pussy yawning hungrily between her perfect thighs, was
feeling no less excitement than the boy. It was fantastic getting her
big tits fucked. Why had she never thought of it before? The huge ripe
tit-mounds were absolutely laden with sensitive nerves, and when she got
turned on, the slightest touch sent pleasure crackling into her ribcage.
And the frenzied fucking and manual mauling they were getting now were
delicious beyond compare!

The prick fucked home in her slavering mouth. Her belly hollowed out
beneath Martin's ass as she sucked for all she was worth. The boy
grunted incoherently.

Then the withdrawing cock shot creamy white come all over the girl's
pretty face.

Anne gasped in astonishment as the youth, no less surprised at the
sudden eruption of his giant prick, fucked it back into the hollow of
her jugs. Jism geysered forth from between them. Then the cockhead
sprouted out again, its read head glazed with come.

"You're coming!" Anne shouted in ecstasy. Her thighs went together with
a bang! And she started to cry out that she was coming too. But Martin's
fountaining cock, plugging into her open mouth and spewing a charge of
boiling sperm all the way to her tonsils, muffled her words.

Long-nailed hands mauled masses of titflesh around the throbbing,
spurting cock. Trembling with the fury of his climax, Martin sat still
and pumped his come into the girl's greedy face till it ran out her
mouth, to either side of the quivering cock. Just as eagerly, the
wildly-climaxing brunette jacked his cock off with her tits and drank
every drop of savory come down. They grunted and came like rutting
animals till they gave a mutual, sigh of exhaustion and Martin fell full
length atop the squirming girl. His still-stiffened cock pinned the
girl's head to the tabletop like a butterfly in a collector's display.

Teetering on the brink of orgasm herself, Jacqui Hyde convulsively
yanked sopping fingers from her snatch. No, this wasn't the way! She was
determined to do it right, and without any further delay.

Tonight she would be coming, as a lusty young woman should -- with her
cunt crammed full of randy, all-male cock! And she had a plan.

Chapter 2

Nine o'clock at night and Martin Reinhard was floating in a blissful
state halfway between waking and dreaming. His long, lean, well-muscled
body was immersed in a steaming hot bath. His mind was immersed in
lustful thoughts of the afternoon's activities with Anne Roxbury.

How they had fucked! After he'd tit-fucked the girl to climax and come
off in her mouth, she had sucked his mighty prick hard as he went down
on her, lashing her pussy oils to a froth with his knowing tongue. Then
he had rolled over on his back and fucked the girl till she screamed
with sheer ecstasy. The sight of her short skirt riding up her thighs,
bright red against the paleness of her otherwise naked body, turned him
on immensely -- even hours and hours after the fact.

His cock was stirring into lustful life again. His eyes closed
languidly, he groped for it beneath the surface of the water. It was
already the consistency of bread pudding, and as he lazily began jacking
it off, its tip poked up above the water and the cock acquired the
hardness of tempered steel.

God, was he ever horny again! It was too bad Anne had to be home by
five-thirty to avoid arousing the suspicions of her parents. If she had,
she could have aroused something other than suspicion in her randy
boyfriend! Even after pumping loads of jism into her mouth and her
delectable pussy, his cock could have easily fucked her time and time
again! He had a lot more sexual vitality than most men and he knew it.

Of course that meant sometimes, such as now, he'd be squirting his come
into open air or bath water. And what a waste that was!

Distantly, he became aware of a cool breath wafting over his face and
the straining tip of his prick. It took him a minute to realize that
someone had eased open the bathroom door, and closed it just as quietly.

He opened his eyes to narrow slits. Then they went wide as his eyebrows
tried to climb to his hairline.

His aunt was standing there by the tub, looking down at him with a
strange light in her amber eyes. And she was wearing even less than his
girlfriend had been when he'd balled her that afternoon.

He started to sit up. "Wha-?" he began. Jacqui stepped brazenly into the
tub and thrust her hips forward.

Martin's words were cut off by a damp, crisp, tasty mat of cunt fur
pressed over his mouth. The forested bulge of his aunt's pussy mound
filled his mouth with softness and delicious flavor -- the flavor of
aroused cunt!

"Mmmmm-ff!" he said, and he began gnawing on Jacqui's cunt bun. She
moaned happily and lifted her other foot into the tub, to stand naked
and spread-legged before his surprised but happily cunt-eating nephew.

Sitting up, Martin reached behind the woman and cupped his hands over
her ass. How firm and sweet those buttcheeks were! He squeezed them,
savoring the feel of them. He pulled the furry pussy harder against his
gobbling face.

A trickle of something warm ran down his chin. Jacqui groaned and cocked
her hips. The greasy slit of her cunt slid right up over her nephew's
greedy lips. Then her pussy spread wide to kiss the youth full on the
mouth -- a rank, juicy, sloppy cunt-kiss that made his cock throb
violently with painful, urgent need.

"Mmmmm!" he said again, more emphatically than before. He kissed those
gaping pussy lips with a wet smack that made his aunt shudder with
delight. Then he slid his tongue into the brimming mess of her cunt.

"Oh my!" she gasped. She was really and truly startled by his tongue
entering her pussy. Not that she was surprised by Martin's doing so --
under the circumstances, running his tongue lovingly into his aunt's
dripping slit was rather to be expected -- but by how utterly good it
felt! She cradled his head in her hands and began rubbing her pussy into
his face.

The youth's tongue was sweet music to her cunt. First it ran up and down
the slot of her cunt a few times, sucking up mouthfuls of sweet, freely
flowing pussy oils. Then it eased out of her cunt and began scouring the
pussy lips from the outside, licking and lapping, running between the
sensitive inner cunt lips and the thick flesh-rolls of her outer pussy

"That's nice -- very nice," Jacqui murmured. It felt as if a hand was
closed over her heart. Why had she waited so long? For months she had
been living in the same house with this gorgeous stud. Why had she
hesitated so long before finding relief for her overpowering sexual

But this was incest, a part of her protested. This was evil, unnatural,
wrong. Her own nephew! The idea that she would be standing in a bathtub
full of hot water while her nephew noisily devouring her greedy cunt
would once have shocked her.

But now she didn't care. Sampling again the incredible delight of having
her pussy eagerly and expertly lapped, she knew she would do anything to
keep getting the delightful attention her pussy required. It was
betrayal of her sister, she knew. And if her affair with Martin were
ever found out, it would be the end of her job at the library as well.

Martin pulled his head back from the dripping cunt. He stuck his tongue
out deliberately and touched its tip to the scalloped inner cuntlips.
They tasted hot and oily. He began to push the tongue between his aunt's
pussy lips, felt her shiver with pleasure. "Oooooh," she husked, from
the back of her throat. "What are they teaching you kids in school these

Martin didn't answer. He just kept running his tongue into her
slack-lipped cunt. Seething liquid from Jacqui's pussy filled his mouth
and lathered his tongue. He felt the elastic walls of her cunt molding
around his intruding tongue, trying to draw it deeper into the depths of
her needy twat.

Hard, even teeth crushed Jacqui's pussy lips. Deeper and deeper probed
the young man's tongue. Then it stopped. Jacqui rolled her hips around
that teasingly cock-imitating shaft of tongue. Her pussy muscles so long
unused, came to life to grasp it in a slippery sleeve of cunt.

Martin moaned as his aunt's pussy took hold of his tongue. Damn, she had
good muscle control! What would that educated pussy feel like wrapped
around his throbbing, rampant cock?

He intended to find out. But first he was going to make his hot aunt

He started fucking his tongue furiously in and out of Jacqui's lathering
pussy. Aromatic essence of cunt filled his mouth. Shuddering moans of
delight filled his ears.

Jacqui's pussy was alive with pleasure, and her whole body seemed to
prickle with hot white points of joy. "Oh, it's good," she cried. Her
head was thrown back and her bobbed auburn hair spilled down her back.
Her throat was a graceful white arch. "I'd forgotten how -- ooooh! --
good it is to have my pussy lapped!"

Martin was thinking he'd never known how good it was to lap a pussy! His
aunt's slobbering squirming snatch seemed to possess a life of its own.
It was clutching and frenching his tongue as skillfully as any mouth.
Her lean, nude body, slippery with condensed water, was satiny-skinned
and delightful to the touch. The taste of her cunt was clean and crisp
and tantalizing.

He tongue-fucked that greedy pussy till Jacqui was groaning mindlessly
and orbiting her hips around his stabbing tongue. Then he changed his
tactics. He pulled his tongue out with a juicy pop! And then slid it up
the spice-filled trench of her cunt till it notched into the little vee
of flesh at the upper end.

To his surprise, he found that her clit, far from cowering back within
its protective hood of pink pussy, was jutting out proudly, demanding
the attention of his tongue. He didn't disappoint the nerve-rich node
that was the pleasure center of his aunt's pussy.

Incandescent flashes of light exploded in Jacqui's brain. "Aaaaaaah!"
she gasped. Her fingernails dug into the back of nephew's blond head.
"Eat me! Eat me till I can't stand it anymore! Make me come! I need to

To hear was to obey. Punching at the clit with his tongue, Martin
slipped his lips around it. His belly went hollow as he sucked with all
his might.

Water sloshed agitatedly around Jacqui's calves. What tremendous force
had hit her like a thunderbolt? What power was shaking her? Why was her
pussy, seeming at the same time to collapse and explode in a galaxy of
delicious sensations.

It had been so long. But then the long-limbed divorcee recognized what
was happening to her.

"Yes -- YES!" she cried, exultant. "I'm COOOOOOMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!"

Her sharp tits bounced and jiggled madly. Martin slipped his thumb into
the morass of her cunt, felt her pussy walls contract tightly about it.
Her pubic bones slammed him in the face so hard he saw stars. He clung
grimly, sucking and tonguing her swollen clit, while she fucked her hips
ecstatically back and forth into his greedily gobbling face.

"Unnnh! Unnnh! Uh-HUNH!" Jacqui moaned in tempo to the banging of her
cunt into her nephew's face. It's so nice, she thought, soooo nice. How
did I ever live without it?

The fury of his aunt's orgasm made the young man uncomfortably aware of
his own need. His cock seemed to pound with one urgent demand -- fuck,
fuck, he had to fuck!

With his thumb still stirring the delightful witches brew of his aunt's
climaxing cunt, he began to tug the lissome armload of woman down toward
the stiff bar of prick between her waterslick thighs.

The crashing waves of orgasm were beginning to calm inside Jacqui's
long-neglected body. She wondered why Martin was trying to pull her
down. She bent her head slowly forward, savoring the relaxation of her
orgasm-tightened neck muscles. Her eyes opened.

All of a sudden she knew what her nephew had in mind. Like an iceberg,
most of his titanic cock was submerged in the bath water. But enough of
his scarlet-headed prick showed above the rippling wavelets to arouse
the interest anew in her sated cunt!

Her feet slipping on the enamel floor of the tub, she bent her knees.
Her pussy-mouth parted readily, watering in anticipation of being
crammed full of her nephew's cock. Her heart thudded against her ribs as
though trying to hammer its way out. She was about to be fucked!

Martin lay back and watched the show. He pulled his tongue out of
Jacqui's snatch. It was sticky and shiny with fragrant pussy sauces. He
put it in his mouth and licked it absentmindedly.

The pink-petalled flower of Jacqui's cunt blossomed before her nephew's
lustful eyes. He watched raptly as the pussy reached right for the head
of his prick. Was this really happening? Never in his wildest imaginings
had he ever dreamed he'd be watching his beautiful aunt getting ready to
fuck herself silly on his outsized cock. And getting fucked in the
bathroom was one of his most agonizingly unattainable sexual fantasies!

The dripping lips of Jacqui's cunt touched the red-hot tip of her
nephew's cock. Both of them were almost surprised when they didn't hear
a hiss of steam. The lips opened, slid down, drawing the cock into the
overflowing well of her pussy.

In fascination, Martin watched Jacqui's cunt completely swallow the fat,
wedge-shaped head of his prick. The cool lips closed on the throbbing
shaft of his prick. He closed his eyes and sighed.

Shifting her hips to seat herself more firmly on the youth's prick,
Jacqui started to lower herself.

In her years of being married to accountant Vic Edwards, Jacqui had
learned all kinds of tricks to drive a man out of his mind when he
fucked her. But now she wasn't being subtle. She had no time for that.

She had to feel every inch of that wonderful prick crammed into her cunt
without delay!

Without a pause Jacqui's pussy flowed down the pillar of Martin's cock.
With a squelching sound the triangle of her cunt bush disappeared into
the water. Martin pressed his head against the unyielding white enamel
and shut his eyes as Jacqui ground her pussy hard into his crotch.

He didn't have time to savor the oily snugness of her sinuous tube of
pussy. At once she raised herself, her cunt lips pooching out along the
well-greased pole cock. Martin bit his lip as vacuum sucked irresistibly
on his hard, horny cock.

For an instant Jacqui hung poised in space, water pouring off her
buttocks and thighs, reveling in the feel of having her cunt lips wedged
apart by the mammoth head of her nephew's cock. She was in heaven! This
was incest, this was something she'd always been taught was a nasty,
ugly sin. She should have been recoiling in horror from the very idea.

But instead she was wallowing in the hot, horny, carnally sensuous
reality of fucking!

She sat down suddenly. She and Martin gasped as her pussy was abruptly
chock-full of vibrating cock. He reached dripping hands out of the water
to grab hold of her tits. The nipples poked like little fingers into his
palms. Then his aunt erupted out of the water like a sea serpent.
Grunting and blowing, Martin lay back and tried to survive the most
hair-raising wild fuck of his young life!

He could feel in every fiber of his aunt's nude body that here was a
woman totally skilled in the erotic arts, but she wasn't using a bit of
finesse on his straining prick. Instead, she was fucking herself with
the erotic abandon of the truly sex-starved. And it was practically
killing him with pleasure!

Incredibly, Jacqui's pussy was tight -- almost too much so. It was every
bit as tight as any of the tasty, nubile adolescent pussies he'd plugged
his cock into. And that tightness, combined with the desperate fury with
which his aunt was rhythmically impaling itself on his prick, were
hurling him headlong toward coming off.

But he didn't want that to happen -- not yet! This was too nice to end
so soon. Here was the perfect, unattainable woman he'd lived close to
for half a year. He hadn't even dared fantasize fucking her before this.
That was incest. It was forbidden. If he'd so much as considered it, he
felt sure she would have detected it and turned from him fathomless

But here she was -- fucking him half to death in his very own bath! And
it was her doing, not his. Till he'd opened his eyes to stare
unbelievingly at the slender, naked body towering over him, he had had
no thought of sampling the delights of Jacqui Hyde's pussy!

"Ahhh-ngahh!" Jacqui sobbed. Her head whipped from side to side in
counterpoint to the up and down of her soaking ass. She had a cock in
her pussy again and what a cock! Even Vic Edwards hadn't had a cock like
that -- and he hadn't used it half as well! Though he wasn't aware he
was doing so, Martin was driving hard with his hips every time his aunt
slid down the greasy cock, hammering his prick home in her juicy snatch.
He seemed to be pounding the head of his prick halfway to his aunt's
tonsils. And that was just exactly what she wanted!

The level of water in the bathtub was going down. Huge quantities of
water sloshed out onto the floor every time Jacqui ground her ass hard
against her nephew's thighs, and more slopped over when she shoved
herself up till she was standing all the way up on her knees and
marveling that a good inch of cock was still in her cunt!

"Give it to me!" Jacqui gritted. "Let me have every inch of that lovely

"You've got it, baby," Martin replied. He closed his hands on her boobs.

"That feels good -- everything you do feels good! I love the feel of
your cock in me. I love you hands on my tits! Oh, fuck me hard!"

Martin squeezed the slender nipples between finger and thumb. His head
was swimming. Fucking underwater was a completely different sensation
from anything he'd ever experienced! The water swirling around his prick
made his cock react in a brand new way to the cunt-juiced filled pussy
slithering ravenously over it.

A shudder wracked his muscular frame. His hands clamped like pinchers on
his aunt's boobs.

"What is it?" she asked. "Are you about to come?"

Martin nodded.

"Good! Come now -- come in me! I want your jism in my pussy!"

If that's the way you want it, Martin thought. He fucked upwards so his
hips emerged from the water and Jacqui writhed in the air on the deeply
buried ramrod of her nephew's cock. Then he fired a long, lingering
blast of come far, far up into his aunt's belly.

The sting of Martin's hot come seared the nerve-ends in Jacqui's cunt. A
spark seemed to burn its way into her pussy. Then she exploded.

The first contraction milked an even longer surge of sperm from Martin's
prick. With his body enveloped in warm water and his prick embedded in a
clutching cunt, Martin surrendered himself totally to the erotic
sensations. He floated in a rich broth of ecstasy, and pumped load after
load of boiling come into Jacqui's coming twat.

His head sank into the frothing water. His ears filled with the fluid.
But dimly, a sound came to his brain, seemingly ringing in her very

Then, as the pounding surf of climax closed over his consciousness, he
identified the sound. It was the full-throated, ecstatic screaming of a
woman being purged of endless nights of deep, dark longing.

Chapter 3

Black high-heeled shoes, incongruously elegant for a librarian,
clattered down the steps to the basement. Jacqui felt her heart
fluttering with delighted anticipation. Why, I'm behaving just like a
schoolgirl on her first date! She thought. She smiled at herself. Her
lips were very red and very shiny.

"Hello!" she called, leaning out of the stairwell and peering around in
the gloom of the basement. "Hello?" There was no answer except for a
slightly hollow echo.

She stepped forward. Her heels clicked on the bare cement floor of the
basement. "Hello?" she called again.

Blinding light sprang up. She yelped and jumped back, throwing up an arm
to shield her face from the glare.

"Welcome to my castle," said a passable imitation of Bela Lugosi. Then
the startled librarian heard laughter coming from the direction of the
dazzling light.

"Martin?" she said timidly. "Is that you?"

Instantly the light went off. Jacqui stood blinking away violet spots
that hovered before her eyes. "Found out," her nephew laughed, stepping

As much angry with herself for letting herself be scared half out of her
wits as with her nephew for his childish prank, Jacqui opened her mouth
to protest. Instantly Martin had his strong arms around her and her
mouth covered with his. "Mmmm-mm!" the woman said, but then her nephew's
probing tongue silenced her.

For a long moment she stood with her head back while Martin scoured the
inside of her mouth with his tongue. Then her own hands crept up around
his broad ribcage, and her tongue met his in a sensuous embrace. Tall as
she was, and in high-heels to boot, her nephew still had to tilt his
head down to kiss his lusty aunt.

The youth's hands stroked down her back. She thrilled to the firm,
gentle touch. Then Martin's hands went around her ass cheeks and
squeezed. Jacqui moaned and ground her pussy mound against his crotch.

Fingers probed in toward the crease between Jacqui's perfectly-matched
buttocks. She felt a fingertip prod at the dainty pucker of her asshole,
through the fabric of her panties and her short, slinky skirt. Another
finger rubbed at the tender flesh between her butthole and the
already-watering gape of her pussy. She sighed heavily, and her hands
turned into claws on her nephew's back.

Her small firm breasts were flattened against Martin's chest. Jacqui
could feel the blood-gorged nipples like little pebbles being pushed
back into the cushions of her tits. Every beat of Martin's heart sent
tickles of pleasure into her nipples.

The smell of passion-misted cunt wafted to both their nostrils. Jacqui's
excited cunt juices were flowing eagerly into the crotch of her panties.
Gasping with passion, she tore her mouth away from her nephew's.

"What are you waiting for?" she demanded huskily. "Throw me down on the
floor and fuck me!"

Grinning, her nephew pushed her away and regarded her at arm's length.
She was an impressive picture, with her pouty jugs heaving, her amber
eyes glowing with lust, her small, saucy mouth shiny, and her hair in
auburn disarray. She looked far younger even than she was.

"You don't know how much I'd like to do that," the boy confided to her.
"But didn't I promise yesterday I'd have something very, ahh, special
for you this afternoon?"

Excitedly, Jacqui nodded.

"Then come along," He took his aunt by the arm and steered her back
toward the recreation area.

The rec room was a corner of the basement that Martin's dad had carpeted
and partially paneled in walnut-stained plywood. It contained a pool
table -- the one Jacqui had watched her nephew titfuck his girlfriend on
the day before -- a few chairs, a set of weights, an exercise cycle, and
an unlikely contraption Jacqui had been told was a rowing machine.
Martin was down here for a long time every day, working out with the
sports equipment, or in his own partitioned corner of the basement,
which he had turned into a darkroom for his own hobby, photography.

At the moment it looked as if he'd decided to invade the rec room. Big
lights were hung from clamps here and there about the room, waiting the
flick of a switch to fill the room with hot white light. It had been one
of these that Martin had dazzled his aunt with when she came down to the
basement to find him.

To one side of the room was Martin's pride and joy, a big, expensive
camera on a tripod, aimed at a bare patch of carpet. It had some kind of
mechanism affixed to it, which the lovely librarian couldn't identify
but which reminded her of a kitchen timer.

"What's this?" she asked, turning. Martin stood beaming proudly at the

"Haven't you guessed?" he asked. He steered her by the arm to stand in
front of the camera. He stepped to it and made an adjustment. When he
stepped back to his aunt's side there was a faint humming in the air.

"Wha-?" Jacqui began, but as before Martin's mouth shut off her words.
His tongue was like a firebrand on hers, and she moaned throatily and
returned the kiss, her arms wrapped around her nephew's neck.

There was a small but distinct click. Jacqui jumped back, staring
around. Her eye lit on the camera's big object lens. "Wait a minute,"
she said, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. "Did that thing just make a

Martin let go of his aunt. "Smile," he said. "You're on camera!" He went
over to the wall and flicked a switch. Immediately the room was ablaze
with light.

"What's the big idea?" his aunt demanded. Standing there, with her fists
on her hips and her head cocked to one side, she was the most achingly
erotic thing he'd ever seen.

He swept her up in his arms. Again their mouths melted together for a
lingering kiss. One hand traveled to Jacqui's crotch and squeezed her
cunt bun, then hiked up her skirt and slipped inside.

Jacqui groaned as her nephew's hand closed over her pussy mound. He
massaged the cunt bun, feeling the moistness of her panties. His other
hand came around to fondle a delectable tit.

The diminutive click sounded again. Jacqui started violently, but her
nephew lifted his hand and ran it down inside her panties. Her warm
pussy sauces flowed out over his palm, and then a finger was in her
cunt, stroking gently in and out.

The hand let go of her tit. Before Jacqui knew what was happening it was
skinning her sodden underpants off her rounded butt, down the taper of
her thighs, around her knees. Cool air washed over the flooded,
finger-filled slash of her cunt. Martin's stiff cock, still trapped in
his pants, felt like a bar of cold-rolled steel between them.

Jacqui broke off her kiss. She bent over and pulled off her panties,
gracefully lifting first one leg and then the other. She tossed the
panties gaily aside and began unbuttoning her coffee-colored blouse.
With one hand still cupped to the forested mound of her cunt while a
finger probed at the tormented inside her pussy, the other slid down to
revel in the silky feel of her bare ass.

In an instant the librarian had her blouse open and was shrugging it off
over white shoulders. The high proud tits encased in a lacy black bra
were nowhere near the mountainous mammaries Anne Roxbury had displayed,
but they were worthy of attention in their own right. Martin's eyes
devoured the boobs as his aunt reached over her shoulders to undo the

With a snick, it came free. She brought her bra straps forward over her
shoulders with deliberate tantalizing slowness. She felt his cock give a
mighty throb of impatience.

The cups of the bra fell away. Twin glories of tit-flesh were exposed --
not the vast heaving mounds the raven-haired cheerleader possessed, but
jutting pale cones, tipped with dark brown nipples half an inch long,
straining with lustful eagerness. Martin fucked another finger into his
aunt's dripping cunt and buried his face between her boobs.

Jacqui cried out as her nephew's rough wet tongue washed over her jugs.
Paradoxically, it felt both hot and cool at the same time. She cradled
his head to her, gritting her teeth in pleasure so intense it approached
pain as he brushed a nipple with his tongue.

The two fingers sucked noisily out of her twat. She started to protest,
but then Martin pulled her skirt down, baring her ass and furry twat.
She moaned again and pressed against him.

Her pussy yearned for his giant cock. Her tits were on fire with delight
from his tongue and the gentle, almost infuriating nips he was giving
the delicate white titflesh with his teeth. She stepped out of her skirt
and her nephew folded both hands around her rump again. His fingers came
inward, teased open the lips of her snatch, and pushed inside her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh!" Jacqui cried. Her cunt was suddenly full to overflowing with
her nephew's squirming fingers. The sensation was like having a handful
of snakes thrust up her cunt.

With frenzied fingers she began plucking at the buttons of Martin's work
shirt, reaching around his blond head as she did so. He licked up to the
point of one dainty tit and fastened his mouth on it like a lamprey. He
sucked in with all his might till Jacqui felt the skin would be
delightfully stripped away from her jugs. Then he began exerting a
gradual pressure with his teeth, his lips wrapped over them to keep them
from hurting the soft skin of his aunt's boobs.

With his tongue he punched at an erect nipple. It vibrated with
excitement. "God!" choked Jacqui. She waggled her ass. Her pussy
squelched around his invading fingers.

His shirt unbuttoned, Jacqui pulled it down over his powerful brown
shoulders. He let the trapped tit slide out of his mouth till he was
holding just the stiff nipple between his lips. He began to gnaw at it.

The youth was in heaven. His hands were full of oily, lively cunt. The
scalding sauces of his aunt's cunt ran freely over his knuckles. His
mouth was savoring the dry, salty taste of tit, and his whole body was
feeling the erotic tension building up inside Jacqui. If he didn't do
something quick, he was going to come in his pants!

His fingers sloshed out of Jacqui's cunt. Pussy juice drooled down her
firm thighs. He let go of her nipple and turned her naked body around,
tugging his shirt the rest of the way off as he did so.

Jacqui found herself bent over, with her ass pressed into Martin's
crotch. One arm was draped over her hip and curled around so that
knowing fingers could search out her clit in the rain-forest tangle of
her cunt bush. Martin's other hand was busily opening the fly of his

"Hurry!" Jacqui urged. "Get that big cock out and fuck it into me. Oh,

With a slap, the underside of Martin's stiff prick rebounded off her
rounded butt. She felt its heat washing over her ass. "Fuck me now!" she
demanded as he let go of her twat to pull off his pants and underwear.

Her wish was his command. Straightening, Martin took hold of her
lushly-padded hips and without further preamble drove his long, cool
cock hilt-deep in her cunt!

Jacqui gasped as her nephew's prick thrust home in the brimming well of
her pussy. His hands were holding her around the waist now. Huffing like
a steam engine he began fucking his huge prick swiftly in and out of the
librarian's dripping snatch.

Her tits bobbled to every powerful stroke of her nephew's massive cock.
With her hands on her thighs for balance, Jacqui stood and drank in the
hardness, the rampant maleness of that pistoning prick. Once again, the
camera clicked.

She was suddenly aware that she had subconsciously heard the clicking
sound several times during the last few minutes. She'd been too
preoccupied to truly take notice. Now she rolled her hips sensuously
around the invading spar of cock as Martin fucked into her and asked,
"What exactly is the idea behind that -- ahhh! -- camera? God, you're

"Thanks," the youth grunted. "Like I told you, it's your surprise. I
thought it would be fun to get everything down on film, sort of. You
know how being in front of a camera brings out the ham in everyone."

Jacqui stiffened. "You mean that thing is taking pictures of us?" she

In reply her nephew ran his nine inches of prick smoothly and
irresistibly into her oily cunt. "Sure," he gasped, as the resilient
walls of his aunt's pussy collapsed around his prick. His balls slapped
wetly against the mouth of her cunt. "Every twenty seconds on the
"woooooowww! -- dot."

He pulled out with a sound of suction. Her pussy sheath clung to his
cock like a sleeve of oiled silk.

Jacqui's disgust and anger floated away on a current of pleasure. How
could she get mad at her nephew, with that wonderful cock giving her
cunt the best reaming-out it had ever had? She'd never even seen a cock
as big as Martin's.

As for being photographed -- Jacqui suddenly realized her pulse was
beating even faster, her breath was coming shorter. She was getting even
more turned on at the idea of being photographed while she fucked her

"You're right," she said. "Being on camera does bring out the ham in a

"Huh?" Martin asked. Then all the air whooshed from his lungs as Jacqui
gripped his cock with her pussy and threw her hips into a wild spiral.

It was like having his cock stuck in a blender. Martin tried to slow
down, but his hips wouldn't let him. Of their own accord they kept
fucking his cock in and out of that well-lubricated, steaming, hungry

"W-w-wow!" he gasped again. Jacqui's tits jiggled madly. She felt his
fingers clamped like talons on her hips. His cock was stretching and
twisting the tunnel of her pussy in a million different, wonderful ways.

"Like that?" she asked, looking back over her shoulder with a lascivious
smile. Her nephew could do no more than grunt wordlessly and nod his
head. She tossed her hair and concentrated on the feel of his furiously
pumping prick.

The strong fingers let go her hips and slid down the curve of her butt.
The churning ripeness of her lush ass filled his hands. He slid his
thumbs into the sweaty crevice between her asscheeks. Their tips touched
her asshole.

They teased at the coyly fisted opening of Jacqui's ass. She moaned with
pleasure. Martin popped his thumb into her asshole then, and she cried

With total abandon she fucked her nephew. Sweat ran down her face and
dripped off her chin. Both her cunt and her butt were filled with man!
It was beautiful.

Martin fucked his thumb in and out of his aunt's asshole a few times.
His furry crotch brushed his knuckles at every thrust of his rigid
prick. A fine spray of fragrant cunt honey dewed his hand.

He fucked his cock into Jacqui's cunt so hard it lifted her feet off the
floor. Then he pulled the prick noisily out of her pussy. A torrent of
cunt sauce ran down her legs like lava.

"What's the matter?" Jacqui demanded. Her voice hoarse with passion.
"Keep fucking me -- don't stop now!"

"I won't," her nephew assured her. The thumb came out her ass till only
the tip remained in her butt hole. She felt a delicious stretching as
the reluctant circular muscle that held her butthole closed was pulled

Click! Went the camera. Jacqui felt something warm and resilient slotted
into the cup-like opening of her asshole, between Martin's thumb tips.
It began pressing inward with a gentle, irresistible pressure.

Jacqui felt trickles of coolness running down her ass. It was cunt
juice, she realized, dripping from his mammoth, well-oiled cock. "You're
about to fuck my butt!" she sang out, an edge of nervousness in her

"No," he corrected. "I am fucking your butt!" He pushed hard. The head
of his cock popped into his aunt's ass. He let out a prolonged,
shuddering sigh of pure pleasure at the feel of that tight ring of ass
flesh clamped behind the flaring glans of his prick.

For a moment he stood with just the end of his cock stuck in his aunt's
butt. His palms were sweaty on her ass. "Do you want to be fucked up the
ass?" he asked. "You do like it, don't you."

"Y-yes." Jacqui bit her lip. "But it's been so long -- and you're so ...
so huge!"

"That should make it better." Click! Went the camera. Martin slid his
fingers forwards and hooked them around Jacqui's hipbones.

"Ready or not," he said, "Here I come!"

As completely possessed by raging lust as the librarian was now, she was
willing to surrender her asshole willingly to her nephew's huge pole of
cock. But the reflex of her anus was to tighten up against the intrusion
of Martin's prick. Greased as it was with the luscious fluids from her
aroused cunt, it couldn't be stopped, but the opposition of Jacqui's ass
muscles made it a hard task to drive the cock home.

The muscles stood out on Martin's forearms as he pulled his aunt's pale
nude body onto his cock. "Ohh-ow!" she gasped. "It hurts. You're too

Ignoring her, he kept single-mindedly shoving his cock into her perfect
butt. He watched fascinated as his fat prick inched its way between her
molded asscheeks. Her ass was taut beneath the satin skin as it fought
his cock.

It felt to the bent-over librarian, as if her butt was going to be split
apart by Martin's cock. It was too big to fit in her tiny asshole!
"Stop," she begged. "Take it out of my butt. I'll suck you, fuck you --
anything you want. Just get it out of my ass!"

Martin looked down at her, the curving lines of her slender back, the
swell of her buttocks, the scarlet crack of her ass, spread wide now by
his cock wedging between her butt cheeks. "I will," he choked, "if
that's what you really want."

Jacqui relaxed slightly. Another inch of prick jammed into her butt.
"Aiie!" she yelled. "Yes -- no! No, I love it! I love the feel of your
cock in my butt! It hurts -- but it hurts so good! Tear me apart, if you
want to. Make me hurt, make me scream, make me split down the middle
only, fuck my ass!"

With a mighty heave, Martin thrust the rest of his prick into her butt.
The air hissed out of her lungs as his taut ball sac smacked against her
pussy. She had taken in his entire magnificent prick!

For a dozen heartbeats they stood like that, crotch to ass. Martin
savored the impossible pressure enfolding his prick from all sides.
Jacqui reveled in the feel of having her tiny anal passage stuffed
completely full of cock. The huge prick seemed to swell inside her with
every neat of her heart, threatening at any moment to tear her naked
body open. But now, though she was conscious of stabbing pains shooting
through her ass, all they did was add a sweet edge of the pleasure the
cock in her ass gave her.

Martin pushed with his hand against her upturned ass. His cock started
sliding out. Jacqui cried out! It hurt! She was being pulled inside-out.
Her ass channel seemed to be getting rubbed raw by the withdrawing

But at the same time it felt better than anything she'd ever imagined!

It took every ounce of will power for Martin to keep from blowing his
wad up his aunt's ass then and there. But he wanted to fuck her butt
first! He pulled out, feeling a dazzling array of hot sensations as
Jacqui began wiggling her ass around his cock. He pulled the prick out
of that maddeningly tight noose -- and then he drove it home with
sledgehammer force.

"Ahhh, GAAAAAAAAWWWWWD!" Jacqui screamed, and then her nephew was
fucking her ass for all he was worth. Despite its enormous girth and the
narrowness of his aunt's anus, Martin was soon pistoning his cock in and
out of his aunt's asshole almost as fast as if he were fucking her
sloppy, slippery pussy!

Jacqui's knees gave way under her. They banged on the carpeted floor.
Martin followed, his half-buried cock bending sharply downward. The
twisting his cock gave Jacqui's asshole made her see stars and wiggle
her ass even more furiously around the incredible cock! She fell

Her tits were squashed against the carpet. Her cheek was pressed to the
floor. Martin knelt behind her, banging his big prick in and out of her
tortured asshole as if he were trying for an Olympic gold medal. Every
powerful thrust of his prick grated Jacqui's lust swollen tits against
the rug. But she didn't care!

She was almost delirious with pleasure -- pain. This was ecstasy, this
was what the ancient martyrs felt. The agony in her ass transfigured her
pleasure, made it a cosmic delight that touched body and soul. She could
feel her nephew's heart thudding, deep within her ass. She could feel
the simmering load of jism coming to a boil in his balls.

"Come in me, Martin," she pleaded. "I'm ready -- oh God, I'm ready! All
I need is to feel your come in my ass! Fill my rectum with your sperm!"

To accent her words, she tightened her asshole as hard as she could.
Martin groaned as his cock was crushed. Every square inch of its surface
seemed to have been rubbed raw by fucking up and down the too narrow
passage of Jacqui's ass. The feeling of having his prick crushed by her
ass overloaded his every sense.

It was too much. He came. A fiery wad of come shot up Jacqui's butt,
burning like napalm.

Jacqui wanted to cry out with love and gratitude as she felt Martin's
jism scald her asshole. But she couldn't find her voice. It was as if
giant hands clamped her pussy tunnel, her heart, her lungs, and
squeezed. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't cry out. All she could do
was press her face into the carpet and come around the bucking,
thrusting, spitting prick!

The smooth demiglobes of her ass swam in Martin's vision as he came and
came again. The camera clicks seemed to come closer together now,
recording every surging pulse of his coming cock, every involuntary jump
of his aunt's sleek ass, as the milked every drop of sensation of their
mutual climax.

At last the fury began to die down. Head slumped loosely on his neck,
Martin idly watched the white come bubble out around the bar of his
prick and dribble down the cleft of Jacqui's ass.

Chapter 4

For a long time Martin stood there on his knees behind his aunt's
upturned buttocks. Sweat dripped into his eyes, stinging them with salt.
He gazed with satisfaction at the sweetly rounded asscheeks pressed
against his crotch, with his mammoth cock thrust between them. As the
last throbs of his climax ebbed away, he watched jism trickle from
Jacqui's overflowing asshole. It ran in white streams down the insides
of her thighs.

The woman let out a luxurious sigh and rubbed her cheeks dreamily on the
carpet. "That was nice," she purred. She wagged her butt slightly around
the still-rigid spar of her nephew's cock. "When do we do it again?"

"Right away." Martin put his palms on the pale ass cheeks and pushed
away. Inch by inch his giant prick came out of his aunt's ass, dripping
with his come.

"Ahhhhhh," Jacqui said in satisfaction. "That feels good. It's been so
long since I've had a cock in my ass."

With a little grunt of exertion, Martin pulled the rest of his prick out
of her butt. It dangled between his hairy, muscular thighs, drooling
jism. Spend leaked out of Jacqui's still-slackened asshole. He bent down
and kissed it.

The taste of his own come was tart in his mouth as he pressed his lips
to the woman's butthole. She moved her hips from side to side and pushed
her trim ass back against his face.

"Oh -- ahhhhhhhh," she murmured as her nephew slipped his tongue up her
butt. "That feels strange -- different. But nice, very nice."

Martin didn't hear her. He'd never eaten a woman's ass before. The
sensation was unusual and delightful. Different, as his aunt had said.
The small pucker of Jacqui's asshole was dry and rubbery. Her asshole
itself, when he slid his tongue inside it, was tight and hot and slick
with his come.

As he tongued her anus, he brought up a hand to cup her cunt bun,
teasing a finger between her pendulous pussy lips. He was rewarded by a
moan of pleasure and a cascade of hot sauce from his aunt's snatch that
filled his hand.

Martin's tongue felt good up Jacqui's butt. It was as new an experience
for her as for her randy nephew. Her sex life with her ex-husband had
been rich and varied, before Jacqui had finally gotten fed up with his
infidelity. He had enjoyed fucking his long-legged wife up the ass, but
had never tried licking her butthole.

The blond youth eagerly swirled his tongue around inside his aunt's
asshole till it was clean of his come. Then he sat up, licking his lips.
From his knees he surveyed the naked exposure of Jacqui's back and butt.

"Hmmm," he said. Then he hauled back and gave the woman a stinging slap
across her ass.

"Yipe!" Jacqui yelped. Her body straightened as she shot forward on the
carpet. She lay on her stomach, panting. The tips of her tits burned
from their rapid slide over the rough carpet.

"What's the big idea?" the nude woman demanded. She felt gingerly at her
butt. Her skin was warm to the touch where her nephew's hand had landed.

The camera clicked again. "Just a new game I've thought up," Martin told
her. "How long has it been since you've been spanked?"

It took Jacqui a few moments to catch what her nephew was getting at.
Then she exploded in a fury of movement, pulling her legs and arms
beneath her and trying to scuttle away from the muscular young man. That
swat on the ass hurt, and while her nephew was a helluva good fuck, she
had a feeling she wasn't going to care much for this new game of his.

Martin let his aunt get halfway to the stairs. Then in a few easy bounds
he was on her. His strong arms wrapped around her wrist, he picked her
up and hauled her kicking and struggling back into the room.

"Let me go!" Jacqui demanded. She was flushing hotly all over her naked
body. Her toothsome tits were a fetching rosy hue. "Put me down this

Her nephew obeyed by dumping her unceremoniously on all fours beside the
pool table. She tried to get up again, but then he was on top of her,
straddling her, pinning her face down on the floor with his weight. She
flailed and kicked and cried out indignantly. To her fury, all her
exertions seemed to do was amuse her nephew. Laughing uproariously, he
trapped both his aunt's slender wrists in one large hand. Then he picked
up a nylon rope lying on the floor nearby and tied her wrists together
with one end. The other he lashed to a stout leg of the pool table,
leaving about a foot of play in the rope.

The weight came off of Jacqui's back. She rolled over. Her nephew was
standing looking down at her with a look of satisfaction on his handsome
face. His prick stuck out almost straight from the tawny tangle of his
bush, she noted. "Wh-what are you going to do with me?" the naked, bound
librarian asked her nephew quiveringly.

Martin's smile broadened. A wicked glitter came into his green eyes.
"Why, I'm going to spank you," he said. "You've been a bad, bad girl."

At the look on Martin's face, Jacqui's pulse quickened with fear. Or was
it more than that? Her dilated nostrils seemed to detect a fresh tang of
pussy sauce in the air.

A sudden, strange feeling of coldness came over Jacqui. Was she getting
turned on at the idea that her powerful, masculine nephew was about to
spank her bare, defenseless buttocks? At the feel of having her wrists
helplessly bound together by a nylon rope?

She didn't have much time to think about it. Martin plopped down beside
her on the floor and hauled her effortlessly across his knee. "Wait,
hold it," she pleaded. "Can't we reason this ou-OOOOOUUUUCH!"

Martin raised his hands from a white buttcheek blazing with the scarlet
imprint of his palm. His hand stung from the force of the blow. He could
feel his aunt quivering in his lap.

What was this feeling he had? His pulse pounded in his ears. He was
extremely horny, all of a sudden, despite coming off spectacularly in
his aunt's asshole not five minutes ago. He could feel the tip of his
cock poking into Jacqui's soft belly. But it was more than mere lust he
was feeling now. It was ... power.

The camera clicked. He swung again, a looping overhand swat. "Yiiiiii!"
Jacqui squealed. She jackknifed violently. Her long legs flashed in the

Again Martin hit her, and again. Then he was raining blows furiously on
his aunt's upturned buttocks. With a sound like wet sails snapping in
the wind, he spanked those luscious bare asscheeks for all he was worth.

Jacqui was crying and pleading with him to stop. The tears ran freely
down her face. The rope was rubbing her wrists raw, but showed no signs
of giving way. She was trapped, despite her struggles.

Heat radiated from the upturned ass. The once-snowy hills of ass flesh
glowed a deep cherry red. It seemed to the aroused youth that he could
feel the smarting in his aunt's abused ass.

Sweat streamed down his face. His muscles were getting sore from his
relentless onslaught on Jacqui's ass. She bounced around in his lap,
flopping and squirming with the pain.

Sweat-covered flesh slid over sweat-covered flesh. Martin became aware
of something else. From somewhere cool wetness was running down onto one
bare thigh.

His nostrils, spread wide to drink huge breaths of air into his hungry
lungs, gave him the answer. She was getting turned on! Her pussy was
watering with renewed desire, and the fragrant juices were spilling out
of her cunt mouth and leaking onto his leg.

So he wasn't the only one getting horny from spanking his librarian
aunt! But his victim wasn't the only one hurting either. The palm of his
right hand throbbed with pain from hitting her ass.

The tempo of his blows slowed as he looked about the room. Jacqui wagged
her glowing butt, as though demanding him to get back to the serious
business of spanking her. He saw that his jeans were lying within easy
reach, so he leaned over and snagged them by the belt loops.

Unaware of what her nephew was up to, Jacqui lay limply across his
knees. She was breathing heavily, and not only from the brisk exercise
she'd been getting. "You like it?" the young man asked her, pulling the
thick brown belt out of its loops. "You dig being spanked?"

Jacqui shook her head. A stinging swat landed on her already sore butt.
"Aiii!" she cried. "Yes! Yes, damn you -- I like it! Why are you

Martin wrapped his fingers around the belt buckle. He wound the leather
strap several turns around his hand till about a foot dangled from his
fist. "I'm not," he said, drawing a bead on that ripe, beet-red ass.
"Just taking a breather."

With that he swung the belt and brought it down right between the cheeks
of his aunt's ass.

It was as though an electric shock had blasted though her shiny nude
body. She jerked so hard she bounced clear off her nephew's lap.
"Yeeeeee! OOOOOOWWWWWW!" she wailed. When she landed it knocked the
breath out of the boy.

He drew back his arm and struck again. Once more the leather cracked on
Jacqui's butt. She squealed, and her calves thrashed in the air.

Martin's aim wasn't to inflict any permanent damage. It was just what
he'd told Jacqui -- to try something new. And something was telling him
he'd struck paydirt. His aunt screamed and fought convincingly enough
when the blows landed, and sobbed in between, but the sobs weren't sobs
of pain -- they were sobs of passion!

He had a lap full of incredibly aroused, naked woman!

"How do you like this?" he asked. Jacqui shook her head. He slapped her
ass lightly with the belt, making her jump more with surprise than pain.

"Nuh -- nooo!" the woman wailed. "Stop it!"

Martin leered down at her. "You don't want me to do this any more?"
Leather slapped loudly on bare flesh.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Jacqui screeched. "No -- yes! I don't know -- just don't
hurt me anymore!"

"Then what do you want me to do?"

"Leave me alone!"

Crack! The naked body bucked. The camera clicked.

"What do you want?" Crack! "Tell the truth!" Crack!

"Stop -- oooowwww! I just want you to stop spanking me!

"Is that all?" Martin planted three stiff blows smack on the narrow
crevice of his aunt's tightly-clenched butt. "Is that all you want?"

Crack! "Yes!" Click-crack! "Yeeaiii! Yes -- no! No, it's not!"

Martin let the belt rest like a tail across the heaving pink buttocks.
"Then what do you want?"

Jacqui opened her mouth to answer and found she couldn't!

The naked librarian wanted to scream out to her nephew, "Fuck me -- fuck
me hard!" But she was somehow inhibited. In the heat of passion, when
his incredibly huge cock was pistoning in and out of her sopping cunt,
she had found it easy enough to vocalize her lust and need and joy -- in
terms the prim and proper Ms. Jacqueline Hyde of Memorial Library would
have found shockingly graphic!

But this was different. Somehow she couldn't say the words her slavering
pussy demanded that she say. This was her nephew, after all!

Martin seemed to sense his aunt's discomfort. He was getting incredibly
turned on by the cat and mouse game he was playing with her. He was
dominating his naked, lovely, wanton aunt completely and he was loving
every minute of it!

"What is it you want?" he asked again. He lifted his arm.

"I can't -- aiiiiieeeee!" She had relaxed her ass unconsciously. The
belt came down hard right on the pucker of her asshole! The pain was

Yes, it was exquisite! She was actually enjoying the pain! "Can't tell

Martin snapped the tip of the belt like a whip at his aunt's left butt
cheek. "What is it you want?"

"I want you to fuck me," Jacqui said in a small voice.

Bang! "AIIIYITCH!" Jacqui shrilled. "I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME, DAMMIT!"

Martin threw the belt away. "You should have told me before!" he said,
spilling the naked woman off onto the floor. She fell heavily on her

"Oof!" she said. Strong fingers grasped her thigh. Martin was kneeling
behind her ass, lifting her leg into the air. One hand held his cock. He
bent the throbbing prick down to aim its wedge-shaped head right at his
aunt's oozing pussy.

Jacqui looked down. Her amber eyes opened wide as she saw that
magnificent prick approaching her cunt. "Oh yes!" she cried in delight,
and reached down to spread her pussy lips to receive that gorgeous cock.

Only she couldn't. Her hands were still tied! She flushed with
embarrassment, and then the head of Martin's cock touched her wide-open

Electric pleasure thrilled along her nerves. "Hurry up," she cried. All
her inhibitions were forgotten in the sudden surge of need that filled
her body. "Fuck that great big cock into my hungry pussy!"

But Martin wasn't through toying with his lusty aunt. He inserted the
tip of his prick between the juicy twat lips and stood, reveling in the
feel of the woman's ravenous pussy kissing his prick.

"Hurry up!" Jacqui cried again. Her ass came off the carpet in an
attempt to impale her pussy on that maddening shaft of prick. It did no
good. Her arms were stretched out above her head, and the rope that
bound them was taut between her wrists and the leg of the pool table.
"Fuck me, dammit -- fuck me hard!"

Martin grinned lewdly. His hips inched forward. The cock-head moved
ahead to be swallowed by the pink-lipped pussy. "Like it?"

"You know it!" his aunt gritted. Every muscle in her lithe, lean body
was taut with lust.

The blond-haired youngster eased another inch of turgid prick into the
morass of his aunt's pussy. Then his own self control broke. With a
grunt he drove every inch of his cock into Jacqui's needy snatch!

"Aaaaaaaaah!" Two voices gave one protracted moan of sheer carnal joy.
For a moment they poised, Martin's cock buried full-length in Jacqui's
cunt. The sensitive walls of her pussy sheath soaked up every gentle
tremor of his pulse, through that cunt swallowed, gigantic cock.

Pointing her toes like a dancer, Jacqui bent her leg and ran it between
her nephew's thighs, so that one tapering white leg was pointing in the
air, leaning against one of her nephew's shoulders, and he was
straddling the other. The movement made Martin's fat prick twist her
pussy walls deliciously. "Mmmmmmmmmm," she sighed.

"Likewise, I'm sure," her nephew said. In the stillness of the room, the
action of the camera's automatic shutter was shockingly loud.

As though stirred by the reminder that every erotic action was being
recorded on film, Martin rotated his hips experimentally, stirring his
cock around inside Jacqui's greasy, sweet-smelling pussy.

Again they shared a moan of near-ecstasy, Martin bit his lip. He was
getting close to coming, and that wouldn't do at all. He wanted to wring
every ounce of pleasure from fucking his lovely, tied-up aunt sideways
before he pumped his jism into her clinging snatch!

Holding a pale thigh with both hands, he pulled back his enormous prick.
It came out of Jacqui's cunt with a loud sucking noise. Jacqui's cunt
clung lovingly to the pole of her nephew's cock. As he had the day
before, he wondered at the almost virgin tightness of his aunt's pussy.
The same exercise with which she kept her figure girlishly slim must
have kept her cunt in excellent shape as well!

The naked woman was still awestruck at the size of her nephew's cock. It
seemed to fill her whole body! Lying on her side with the carpet rubbing
roughly against her bare flank at every shuddering impact of that cock
thundering into her pussy, she reveled in the most complete feeling of
sexual completion she'd ever known. Even the slick nylon cord biting her
wrists, and the warm glow from her well paddled butt, added to her
enjoyment of being fucked by her well-hung nephew.

Did that mean she was a masochist? Part of her wondered, as Martin's
cock came out of her slobbering pussy. Then the youth slammed his big
prick home again in a welter of cunt honey, and all thought was driven
from his aunt's mind.

"Ahhhhhhh!" she cried. Martin's cock was in her snatch so far that her
pussy lips were wrapped partway around his taut, goose-fleshed ball sac.
"Gahhh -- God! I'm about to -!"

A violent contraction of every muscle in her body choked her words off
abruptly. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut. Her nipples seemed to
vibrate like little tuning forks, suddenly sensitive to every wafting
air current in the basement.

She was vividly alive, more alive than she'd ever been! She heard the
soft gurgle of Martin's cock marinating in her cunt sauces, smelled
their sweat mingling, the rankness of her greedy twat. Above all, she
felt that cock, that glorious, gorgeous, enormous cock, filling her
pussy, her belly, her body and soul, pulsing with masculine life,
seeming to swell, stretching her pussy walls beyond the point of no

Then the universe dissolved in a glare of lights that made the
floodlights seem dim. Her pussy slid half off Martin's prick as her body
suddenly doubled up, then squelched back hard down the length of cock,
swallowing it, devouring it, demanding more as Jacqui came and came

"Ngahhh! Arggghhh!" Martin cried. His prick was being strangled to
death! It was as if a giant boa constrictor had somehow invaded his
aunt's slimy pussy and wrapped itself crushingly around his cock! His
blond head was thrown back and saliva ran from his lips as he fought to
survive the unbearable pressure on his deeply buried prick.

Jacqui's cunt was opening and shutting like clockwork now. It felt to
her nephew as if that hot, oily pussy was chewing on his pinioned prick!
His jaw worked silently as he struggled to catch his breath.

Then his prick shuddered and spat like a fire hose, creaming Jacqui's
whole pussy sheath with a mighty blast of come. Jacqui screamed in
wordless exultation. Her firm tits jiggled as she ground her pussy
harder onto her nephew's fountaining cock.

Strong fingers dug deeply into the naked librarian's calf. Her nephew's
sweat dripped onto her other thigh, just as his sperm and her aromatic
pussy oil was dripping from her furiously working pussy. The youth just
knelt there by his aunt's rounded butt, with his cock driven all the way
up her snatch, and pumped load after load of his boiling jism into her
shuddering, lust possessed body.

Jacqui felt her body fill up with Martin's jism. Her mind exploded in a
million colors of ecstasy. She and her nephew groaned together till
their strength was gone, and then the youth collapsed full-length atop
her nude body. They lay there as the last fury of their mutual orgasm
slowly ebbed away.

Chapter 5

"Martin," Jacqui said, her pretty forehead creased with lines of
concern, "we just can't go on."

The tall youth plopped down on a chair and looked at his aunt, sitting
with her legs primly crossed on the living room sofa. Her auburn hair
was drawn back into an orange scarf bound around her head, making her
face look austere as well as lovely. "That's not what you were saying

He grinned at the way she flushed. Jacqui dropped her eyes. "I know,"
she said softly. "But that was yesterday. What I say in the heat of
passion is one thing. But in the cold light of day ... Martin, I'm
afraid of you. The way you acted yesterday -- tying me up, spanking me.
I'm afraid you might want to go farther."

She looked up. His green eyes met her amber ones challengingly. "Is it
me you're scared of?" he asked quietly. "Or yourself?"

A muscle worked in Jacqui's satin cheek. "I don't know what you're
talking about," she said hollowly.

"You got off on being tied up and spanked yesterday. Don't try to deny
it -- I know. You resisted at first, but once you got into it, you
couldn't get enough!"

"That's not true!"

Martin laughed at her. She turned her face away. Her cheeks were
burning. "Still," she said, "I want to break it off right here and now.
I don't want to have an affair with you, Martin. I'm afraid of you,
regardless of how I may have acted yesterday. And you -- you're my
nephew! It's incest."

"Was it any less incest yesterday? Or the night before? I sure didn't
ask you to come waltzing in while I was taking a bath, stark naked and
one hundred percent hot to trot!"

"Stop it! Stop it!" Jacqui buried her face in her hands.

For a long moment she sat like that. Then she drew a shuddering breath.
"You probably wouldn't understand," she told her nephew, "but, when I
was married to your uncle, I got used to having sex all the time -- as
much as I wanted. After the divorce, all that was over. I hadn't had a
man in months. I couldn't take it any more. I was like a starving person
with a platter of roast beef sitting right in front of my nose, that I
knew I wasn't supposed to touch. After a long enough time, the
temptation got to be too much!"

Martin's lips quirked around a crooked smile. "So, once you got your
belly or your pussy full -- "

"Don't say that!" There was a pause, and then something landed on the
coffee table in front of the librarian. She looked up to see her nephew
standing over her, his mouth set in a grim line.

A yellow packet lay on the table. "Pick it up," Martin told her. With
trembling fingers she obeyed. "Open it."

Her slender fingers pulled out a stack of slick paper squares. She
stared at them for a minute without comprehending. Then she realized
what they were. With a little gasp she dropped them onto the table.

Martin bent to scoop them smoothly up. "Don't you want to look at them,
Aunt Jacqui?" he asked. "I got home early from school so I could develop
them before you got through at the library."

With his thumb he shuffled through the stack of photographs. "Pretty
good, I think, for a camera working off an automatic trip device. Good
resolution, sharp focus and how they show the action!" He dealt them
onto the table as though they were playing cards. "Look at this one.
Touching, isn't it, you cradling my head against those luscious tits of
yours like a newborn babe." He shook his head and clicked his tongue.
"And here, you bent over to take it in from behind. Look close -- you
can see about an inch and a half of my prick, poling into that juicy
ecstasy as you feel my big old pecker fucking into your ass. See what I
mean about the quality of these pictures? You can see how hard your
nipples are!"

Jacqui shook her head from side to side. "What are you doing this for?"
she asked, her voice edged with the beginning hysteria. "Why are you
showing me these pictures?"

The tip of Martin's tongue protruded from between his lips, as though he
were deep in concentration. "And this," he said unconcernedly, laying
down another photo. "You rolling around under my belt, with my cock
poking into your belly. And here -- dig this one, with my come dribbling
out your asshole! And here I am, lapping it up while you wag your ass
and moan -- mmmmm! It was all I could do this afternoon not to stop and
whack off every couple of minutes, these pictures are so hot!"

He dropped the packet of photos on the table and looked up at his aunt.
"Why am I doing this?" he asked, as if only just hearing her question.
"Because I had an idea you might not want to continue fucking me. And I
just wanted you to see, auntie dear, that you don't have any choice!"

Jacqui sat back stunned. "What do you mean?" she asked in a hoarse

Her nephew eyed her languidly. She couldn't help noticing the telltale
bulge in his crotch -- he was getting horny, both from looking at his
collection of snapshots and his aunt's discomfort. "Do you need to ask?
What do you think would happen if people got a look at some of these
shots?" He held one up, between thumb and forefinger. "Like this little
beauty, with you waving your leg in the air and fucking yourself like
there's no tomorrow. What would people say, I wonder?"

Jacqui glared at him, anger mingling with the panic that gripped her.
She opened her mouth to tell him to go to hell with his blackmail. Then
she stopped.

What would people say? How long would she keep her job at the library,
if her superiors got an envelope in the morning mail of her wantonly
fucking her seventeen-year old nephew? With that bastard Vic Edwards,
her ex, already several months behind on the alimony payments, what
would she do for money if she lost that job?

But that wasn't the worst. What would her sister say, if she saw that
Jacqui had seduced her son? The very idea made her belly turn cold.

"Damn you," was all she could say. "Damn you!"

Martin grinned and patted her shoulder. "It's not as bad as you think,"
he said. "Come on down to the basement and I'll show you."

"What?" she asked bitterly. "Another surprise like the one yesterday?"
But she had no choice but to follow her nephew down the stairs. Her
thoughts were confused and her pulse was thumping in her ears. What was
in store for her? Where would it end?

"All right," she said as the came out of the stairwell. Her spirit was
coming back. She planted her feet and stood with her hands defiantly on
her hips. Her breasts rose and fell unsteadily beneath the pale-green
blouse of her pants suit. "What is it you have to show me?"

Martin turned in the doorway to his darkroom and waved past her. "Hello,
Ms. Hyde," a voice came from behind. "I really liked your pictures!"

Jacqui spun with her heart in her mouth. A tall gangly youth in security
guard's uniform stood in the rec area twisting his uniform cap in his
hands. Jacqui took a step backwards. She bumped hard against her
nephew's broad chest.

"I think you know my friend, Charles Farley," Martin said, taking hold
of her upper arms. "I though you might like a little variety in your
love life -- what with you being sex-starved and all."

"Wait!" Jacqui tried to twist free, but his hands were like steel
clamps. "You can't be serious!"

"Oh, but I am!" He gave her a hearty push. There was a loud tearing
noise as she staggered and fell against the other young man's skinny
chest. Her light green blouse was torn open, baring a shoulder and a tit
in its white bra cup. Farley laughed and yanked the garment the rest of
the way from her cringing body.

"That's the way, Chuck," Martin said. "Hold her arms while I get her out
of those pants!"

Jacqui fought with desperate strength, but Chuck had her arms pinned
securely behind her back. Martin closed in, turning his body aside to
block the knee his aunt aimed at his groin, and reached out to grab the
waist of her pants behind her back. He pulled pants and panties over her
churning buttocks, lifting her legs as he stripped her. "No! Help --
somebody help me!" Jacqui screamed in full-throated terror. "They're
going to rape me!"

White legs thrashed at the air. The furry brown triangle of her cunt
winked between her flashing thighs. "Wow!" Chuck whistled
appreciatively. "She looks better in real life, don't she?"

Whistling, Martin nodded. He had his belt off. He'd run the leather
strap through the buckle till he had a small noose. "Turn her around,"
he said. Chuck did. Martin eyed her bare back, the inward curves of her
waist, the full, firm buttcheeks, now taut with fear.

Naked but for her brassiere, Jacqui felt Martin slip the noose over her
wrists and pull it tight, then wrap his belt around and around her arms,
binding them tightly behind her back. "Yi!" she yelped as he goosed her.
Then she tore from Chuck's grip and spun to face her nephew.

"You'll pay for this!" she gritted. "No matter what it takes, I'll get
you back for this -- you, and this grinning idiot friend of yours!"

Martin winked over her shoulder at his friend. Then they hoisted her
naked, squirming body up and carried her into the rec room. There was a
low bench Martin used for his weight lifting, and they laid her across
that on her back. Her tits jutted at the ceiling. The bra had slipped so
it barely concealed her nipples from her captor's lusting gazes.

Chuck was already unzipping his pants. His holstered pistol thumped onto
the floor as he pulled his trousers down his legs and stepped out of
them, kicking off his heavy black shoes. Jacqui looked down between her
jugs to see Martin pulling his shirt off over his head. He had his pants
off too, and his hard cock stuck out.

"You're getting a pig in a poke," he leered at his friend as he ran his
fingers lightly over her belly, to pet the forested bulge of her pussy.
"I've fucked the lady's ass and cunt and eaten her hot little box, but I
don't know how well she sucks cock." He took his prick in one hand and
ran its head down the bone-dry lips of his aunt's cunt. "Probably pretty

Jacqui lay her head back to look at her other tormentor. Chuck's prick
stuck out over her upturned face. She stared at it despite herself. It
was nowhere near the fat log Martin's prick was, but it was a good inch
longer. It was the longest, skinniest prick she'd ever seen!

She felt her nephew thumbing open her pussy slit. "Ooooooooooh!" she
moaned, as he planted the head of his cock between her twat lips and
began to shove his prick up her ungreased cunt.

Chuck pulled the scarf off her head, letting her auburn hair hang free.
He wrapped one hand in it. With the other he took hold of his prick and
expertly bent it toward the captive's open mouth.

Fascinated, Jacqui watched the stiff prick approach her face. It bent in
the middle like no cock she'd ever seen. Then the smirking youth, his
uniform shirttails hanging down to his crotch, popped the head of his
prick right between her lips.

Jacqui moaned. The upper side of Chuck's cockhead was pressing against
her teeth. He gasped happily at the way her hot breath washed over his

"Ahhh-mmmmmmmm!" Jacqui exclaimed. What began as a moan at the tearing
pain of Martin forcing his giant prick relentlessly into her unprepared
pussy was muffled by Chuck running his cockhead all the way into her
mouth. It filled her head. Her tongue recoiled from the familiar, but
unknown taste of meaty male cock.

The skinny, sandy-haired kid pulled her head back farther. Jacqui's neck
creaked under the strain, "Nnnnnice!" whistled Chuck, and began fucking
his prick into her mouth.

Her bound body tensed as the flaring cockhead passed the rear of her
mouth. He was going to stick his prick down her throat! In panic she
rolled from side to side, crushing her hands beneath her.

With half his tremendous prick laboriously driven into the ungreased,
uncooperative snatch, Martin was practically floored by the sensation in
his cock invading her face. Chuck's long cock started down her throat.
Her back arched. The motion drove her pussy down all the way to Martin's

The youth gasped and grabbed her bare thighs. He wiggled his hips from
side to side. His rampant cock pulsated with pleasure. "Mmmmmmm!
Oommmrrrgggghhh!" Jacqui groaned. Her stomach turned at the thought of
the nasty cock approaching it. She had learned how to deep-throat a
man's prick when she was married to Vic Edwards, and learned to like it
-- but not under circumstances like this! She gagged.

"Jeeeeee-zus!" Chuck yelled. The top of his cockhead seemed to come off.
It felt as if something was milking his three-quarters swallowed cock!

He glanced down at his crotch. Like some kind of pale girder, his prick
arched from his groin and disappeared between Jacqui's blood-drained,
compressed lips. Again the sensation hit him like a sledgehammer in the
balls. Then he saw the cause of it all.

The muscles in his victim's throat were working up and down in a
swallowing motion. She was gagging on his long staff of prick, and the
involuntary reflex was jacking his cock off! He let go of her hair and
began to stroke her cheeks, crooning mindlessly to himself. Sweat ran
into the collar of his shirt. He was feverish with lust.

Across the bench, Martin fucked out of his aunt's cunt. With no film of
oily cunt sauce between the delicate membrane of her pussy walls and the
skin of his prick, his outsized cock felt like a piece of splintered
wood. It seemed to tear Jacqui's pussy. Still gagging on Chuck's prick,
she shrieked with pain.

"Waaaaaah!" Chuck cried. He grabbed her head with both hands. His hips
drove forward hard. His cock plunged the rest of the way into her mouth,
so hard that his nuts bounced off the bridge of her nose.

He stood that way, soaking up the feeling of her throat trying to reject
his cock, plus the agonizing writhing of her nude body as Martin pulled
his cock from her twat. Her breath tickled his tangly bush. The breath
came out of him in a quivering sign and then he pulled his cock out.

Conflicting feelings were in Jacqui's body. Pain from her nephew's cock
ripping out of her snatch, and sweet relief at having Chuck's repulsive
prick leaving her throat. Her jaw muscles were creaking and she was on
the verge of throwing up. The respite couldn't have come too soon!

But Jacqui's relief was short lived. Chuck stopped withdrawing his prick
when its conical head was still filling her mouth. Then as if at a
signal he and his friend began to fuck the captive librarian at both
ends simultaneously!

With her hands in the small of her back, Jacqui's hips were cocked at
just the right angle for Martin to fuck her unwilling pussy. The
sensation was unbelievable. Being tied up and raped, in both her cunt
and her mouth, by her nephew and a virtual stranger -- it was almost as
bad as the physical pain in her pussy and her aching neck!

It was the cool of an autumn afternoon in the basement, and Martin was
buck-naked, but in spite of this his whole body was sheathed in sweat.
Part of it was from exertion but most of it was caused by raging,
uncontrollable lust! God, what a trip! His aunt's pussy felt far snugger
dry than wet, and every sensation of fucking was magnified a hundred

But more than that, Martin felt a wild sense of power. He was dominating
his aunt completely. He was using her for his own pleasure, forcibly
fucking her, while a friend made her suck on and swallow every inch of
his elongated prick! And even if the nude woman's wrists hadn't been
tied, there was nothing she could do about it. He owned her completely.

Then something trickled over his thrusting prick. The realization of
what it was made him lose his stride and his prick popped clean out of
Jacqui's slack-lipped cunt. It was unmistakably the juices of a sexually
aroused cunt!

His aunt was getting turned on!

The knowledge that her pussy was responding to Martin's cock hit Jacqui
almost as hard as it had her nephew. Her body was betraying her! She
wanted to cry out in anguish and despair -- only Chuck Farley's cock was
plugging her mouth!

But there was no denying it. By subtle degrees the pain of Martin's cock
pumping in and out of her dry pussy had turned to pleasure. Jacqui could
never have believed it was possible. Despite the pain and humiliation,
her pussy was watering around the hefty bar of her nephew's cock!

She moaned. Vibrations rippled up Chuck's cock as he fucked it into her
face. The gag reflex had quit in her throat, and he felt a twang of
disappointment. Her involuntary efforts to eject his prick from her face
was as delightful as most girl's voluntary cock sucking!

But the security guard was in for a surprise. As his prick left Jacqui
Hyde's face, she suddenly coiled her tongue around it like a wet snake!
He gasped and fucked his prick full length into her mouth.

Like her pussy, Jacqui's mouth was watering hungrily. Once she got
turned on, she got turned on all the way and she was! Even as her hips
began to roll her pussy eagerly around her nephew's pistoning prick, she
began giving Chuck the best head she knew how!

From three individuals, Martin, Jacqui and Chuck became one single
organism. An animal, an animal with one aim -- to experience the
ultimate of sexual pleasure!

Straining and grunting, Chuck and Martin fucked the bound librarian's
mouth and pussy so fast their hips were blurred. Their breath came like
bellows. And if before their luscious captive's pussy and mouth had
tried to resist the intrusion of their cocks, now they were consuming
the pricks greedily and begging for more!

An oily vacuum hose seemed to have fastened itself on Martin's cock.
With every forward lunge he felt his cock being drawn deeper into the
seething cauldron of his aunt's cunt! Her pussy hair was lathered with
foam of cunt sauce. He put his thumbs in the folds between her groin and
her flawless slim thighs, dug his fingers into her flesh, and fucked her
with all his might.

And, no matter how much they wished it could -- even the formerly
unwilling woman -- this wild three-way fuck couldn't go on forever!
Something had to give.

Something did. Chuck Farley had never had a horny, hot-bodied woman like
Martin's girlfriend, Anne work his cock over with educated mouth, lips,
tongue and teeth. He'd never felt anything remotely resembling what it
was like to have his friend's beautiful aunt sucking greedily on his
hard, almost painfully bent prick. The closest thing he could have
compared it to was having his cock stuck down a disposal, if he could
have imagined such a thing. He couldn't -- but he couldn't have imagined
anything like this either!

He came. One minute he was thrusting away merrily with his prick while
Jacqui's tongue slithered around it. The next his belly was sucked flat
and his prick was spurting wad after wad of jism down that gracefully
arching throat. He didn't even have time to cry out.

Jacqui felt the security guard's jism sizzling down her throat with a
thrill of passion. The backwash filled her mouth with the stuff. It
coated her tongue, her throat, and the inside of her mouth. It was salty
but sweet, with a tang reminiscent of the smell of laundry bleach, and
she loved it! It was altogether too long since she'd drunk male sperm.
"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned around Chuck's spewing cock.

He lowered his head and saw the white come bubbling out around the shaft
of his prick. He shook his head. His cock kept coming madly.

A thousand muscles rippled under Jacqui's satin skin as she drank down
Chuck's jism. Her pussy was a flood of hot, urgent sensation surging
around her nephew's prick. As her belly seemed to fill with his friend's
jism, she pulled it in and tensed the muscles of her twat around
Martin's cock, as if to say, "Come in me please -- come now!"

"Sacred shit!" Martin exclaimed, and did just what the brimming pussy
was asking. With one surge of come he filled it to the lips, and the
next pulse of his prick made the white cum slop out and run down over
his balls like lava.

His come felt like lave shooting into his aunt's cunt, too.
"Whhhnnnnnnhhhh!" she cried bubblingly! The sudden expulsion of air
forced one final spurt of jism from Chuck's almost -- spent prick, which
instantly began going limp. Jacqui scarcely noticed. With her face and
pussy stuffed full of the most incredible, enormous cocks she'd ever
seen, and with boiling, tasty come slobbering out the lips of her mouth
and her pussy, she came. Oh, how she came!

Her butt came clear off the bench as she ground her snatch into her
nephew's crotch, feeling his cock vibrating deep within her. She
undulated like a swimming fish, her tits throbbing inside her bra as if
yearning to be free, while she fucked and sucked and tasted the most
come she'd ever had pumped into her mouth and needy cunt.

Three souls melted into one in a pulsating glow of orgasm. At last Chuck
pulled his cock from Jacqui's still sucking mouth. She choked and
sputtered as come ran into her nose. Droplets of jism flew as she shook
her head to clear her nose. With white come dewing her hair, she ran her
tongue around her lips, scooping up the final remnants of the gooey,
delicious sperm.

Martin popped his cock out. Come and cunt juice poured freely from the
gaping snatch, onto the carpet. Totally loose and relaxed in every
muscle, Martin stalked around to the other side of the bench. Jacqui's
eyes were closed blissfully.

They opened as he lay his sopping prick on her lips. Without thinking
she opened her mouth. She began licking it like a meaty popsicle. Still
filled with the radiance of afterglow, she didn't mind that the taste of
his come was spiced with the savory gravy of her pussy. She enjoyed the
taste of her own cunt as well as her nephew's jism!

Martin half-closed his eyes. God, it felt nice having his aunt eat his

"So that's what's going on around here!" an angry female voice exclaimed
from behind him.

Chapter 6

Martin froze in place. Lying with her head back and the jism and cunt
oil, thinned by her saliva, trickling into her mouth, Jacqui wondered
what was going on. The sweet fog of afterglow had abruptly vanished. She
was left acutely conscious of her nakedness.

"Hi ... Anne," Chuck said feebly. He gulped.

Anne! Jacqui's heart bounced around her ribcage like a small animal
trying to get out. It was bad enough that one of Martin's friends was in
on her degradation, but to have his girlfriend see his aunt like this,
naked, tied, and violated, with come running out her twat and her
nephew's gooey prick in her mouth, was unbearable. And the girl sounded

"I was wondering why you pulled that disappearing act after school
yesterday and today," the girl said dangerously, taking a step forward.
"Let me give some advice, lover-boy, when you cheat on me, don't leave
your front door unlocked."

Martin took a step back. His prick grazed Jacqui's cheek as it slid from
her lips. Upside down in her vision, the black-haired cheerleader stood
a few feet away, hands on her hips, her pretty face pale and twisted
with rage. She was dressed the way she had been two days ago when Jacqui
had come upon the girl sucking her nephew's outsized cock, in a white
letter sweater with a huge scarlet "W" stretched to bursting across her
swelling jugs, and a brief red skirt barely covering her trim butt.

"Take it easy, baby," Martin muttered, holding his hands up in front of
him. Anne got her first look at the inverted face of the naked woman,
and her blue eyes went round. "That's your aunt!" she exclaimed. "Why,
you incestuous son-of-a-bitch!"

The youth took a step toward the furious brunette. She suddenly swooped
down at the carpet, and when she came up, she was holding Chuck's
revolver in both small, white hands. "Get away from me!" she hissed,
aiming the gun at Martin's bare midriff. He stopped dead. His face was
drained of all color.

"Hey, you've got her tied up!" Anne exclaimed. "So, the man-stealing
slut is into bondage! Well, baby, you'll have your chance to be tied up
for real, now." Her brow furrowed as she studied the now-limp prick
dangling down between her boyfriend's legs.

"I see," she said, "you were just tidying up your precious nephew's
cock. Well, don't let me stop you, Ms. Hyde. Get back to work." With the
gun she gestured for Martin to go back to the side of the bench where
his aunt lay tied.

"But, baby, you don't understa-" Martin began. Anne cocked the pistol.

With a shrug, Martin walked back over and stood by his aunt's head. He
took his cock between his fingers and placed it on her mouth. "I'm
sorry, Aunt Jacqui," he said, and there was nervousness in his voice. "I
don't have a choice."

Pursing her lips, Jacqui turned her head away. She was no longer
perversely excited by the game. The sense of outrage and humiliation
she'd felt when Martin and Chuck first stripped had poured back into her
body full force. And there was something else added, fear.

Anne Roxbury was a jealous and passionate girl. And, with her waving
that fat black .38 around, it was clear she was none too stable
mentally. What had started as a boyish prank -- a cruel one, but still a
prank -- had turned into something deadly serious.

And Jacqui had a terrible feeling it might be just that -- deadly.

"Wait -- Annie." Chuck stepped forward. His lanky prick swung like a
tail between his thighs. Anne swung the gun to point at him. He raised
his hands higher. "I'm not part of this, really I'm not. Martin just
invited me over to share in the fun, that's all. It's not my fault."

Anne's eyes narrowed to slits glowing with a blast furnace blue glare.
Her knuckle whitened as her finger tensed on the trigger. Chuck's Adam's
apple bobbed slowly up and down.

The girl relaxed. "You mean you're on my side?"

Chuck nodded eagerly. "Anything you say -- anything!"

"Prove it then." She jerked her head at the bound, nude librarian, with
her face averted so that her nephew's limp prick lay across her cheek.
"The skinny bitch doesn't want to cooperate. Get that jump-rope over
there and liven her up a bit."

A blue and white rope a yard long lay on the carpet beside the rowing
machine. Chuck looked at it without comprehension. "Well?" Anne snapped.
"Get with it. Whip that perverted slut till she obeys and sucks cock
like she's been told!"

Fearfully, Chuck obeyed. He walked over and picked up the rope, absently
twisting one end around a skinny hand. Then, shirt tails slapping
against his bare ass, he walked till he stood across the bench from

Jacqui had her head raised to stare at him in horror. Martin's cock had
fallen off her face again. Chuck looked down at her with frightened
yellow eyes. "You can't do this!" Jacqui forced out. "You won't-"

Chuck raised his arm and swung. The knotted end of the rope whistled
down and landed on Jacqui's straining white belly.

"Yiiiiiaaaaaiiiiieeeeee!" shrieked Jacqui. Her back arched and her body
flew into the air. She fell back to the unyielding surface of the bench
so hard the breath was knocked out of her and she lay gasping.

Martin stepped back. Chuck stood gazing down at his victim. An angry red
line crawled across her stomach. He licked his lips and raised his hand

This time his blow was more cunningly aimed. Jacqui's scream rattled the
windows as searing pain cut into her left jug. Even through her thin
bra, the nylon rope cut like a knife.

She lay biting her lip. Her jug throbbed with pain so intense it made it
hard to catch her breath. "Well?" Anne asked sweetly. "Do you suck cock?
Or do you suffer?"

Jacqui hung her head back and looked at her. The pretty adolescent face
was twisted with sick exultation. So fascinated was the captive
librarian with the look of utter evil on Anne's face that she didn't
hear Chuck's next blow on its way.

Agony exploded in Jacqui's right tit. Her ass bucked off the bench once
more, and her cry was sweet music to Anne's ears. Jacqui's ass thudded
into the bench. She lifted her head to stare at her tormentor through a
stinging curtain of tears.

There was an odd new glow in Chuck's pale eyes. Gone completely was the
craven terror Jacqui had seen there before.

In its place was unholy, sadistic delight!

A scream ripped from Jacqui's throat as Chuck leaned down at her. He
reached out and tore the brassiere from her pain-filled boobs. He looked
at it with a strange little laugh, then threw it away.

"Now, how about it?" Anne asked, stepping forward. Martin stood like a
statue by his aunt's head. The girl picked up his prick with her
fingertips and put it back on Jacqui's face. "You going to finish
licking nephew's prick clean? I hope you say no. I don't want to
disappoint old Chuck here. Seems like he's got a mean streak in him."

Jacqui's eyes flicked to the security guard, who was grinning lopsidedly
at her and fondling his makeshift whip. She shuddered. Then she opened
her mouth. Martin sighed as the warm wetness of her mouth enfolded his
prick once more.

It wasn't as pleasant as it had been before. The mixture of his come and
the grease from her cunt had started to dry into a sticky, lumpy mess.
Now that she was no longer turned on -- far from it! -- the taste of her
own pussy that lingered on the limber staff of prick nauseated her. But
she thought of the pain in her abused tits, and the look on Chuck's
face, and she fell to licking Martin's prick.

In short order Martin's prick was clean and shiny with her spit. She
pushed it out of her mouth with the tip of her tongue and looked
expectantly at the cheerleader.

Anne nodded. The jump-rope cracked right on the gaping gash of Jacqui's

The captive almost bit through her nephew's half-hardened prick. Her
thighs smacked together around an agony so great she couldn't even cry
out. Her pussy blazed with pain. "You filthy bitch," Martin said.

Anne ignored him. "I didn't say you could stop sucking prick, slut. Now,
get back to work till Martin's dork is as hard and stiff as that bench
you're lying on, or I'll let Chuckie cut you to shreds!"

Noisily, Jacqui began sucking Martin's cock. It didn't take very long
for his prick to become a rigid pole of lust. With the threat of further
whipping hanging over her, Jacqui sucked cock even more avidly and
expertly than she had a few minutes ago!

"Aw, this shit's nothin' new for her." Chuck told Anne. "Look in the
pocket of Martin's pants. Should be some pictures there."

The cheerleader cocked her head at her new accomplice, then did as he
suggested. She cried out in surprise as she saw what the pictures were.
"Martin took 'em yesterday himself. Set up an automatic camera and had
at it. Pretty hot stuff, huh?"

The slurping sounds of Jacqui devouring her nephew's prick filled the
room. Martin had his eyes closed and his lips were moving. Anne pursed
her lips appreciatively, nodding.

"This gives me an idea," she said. She looked at her boyfriend's prick.
It arched from his crotch into Jacqui's mouth. Her lips were an O around
the girth of the cock. "Okay, lover boy, that's enough mouth action."

She put a hand on Martin's chest and pushed him so that he stumbled
back. Jacqui looked terrified as his cock leapt out of her mouth. Anne
lifted the gun and pointed at Martin's chest. "Just stand still," she
commanded. "Chuck, pick the bitch up and untie her hands."

"Untie her?" Chuck sounded baffled.

"Do what I say!" Anne snarled. Shaken, Chuck bent down and pulled Jacqui
to her feet. Her naked body sagged against his. His cock, hard as
Martin's, prodded into her side above the hipbone. He dropped the rope
and undid the belt that held her wrists. Anne nodded approvingly.

"All right," she said. "Now you, Marty boy. Go plunk your buns on the
seat of that rowing contraption. Step it up!" Puzzled, the youth obeyed.
His cock waved proudly from side to side as he walked to the device. The
prick stuck out like a flagpole when he sat down.

"Now," Anne went on, "Take our pet librarian and stick her on that big
fat dick of his." She licked her lips in anticipation.

A light of understanding dawned on Chuck. He nodded and propelled Jacqui
towards the machine and her nephew with a rough shove. "Hey, you can't-"
Martin growled, starting off the seat.

Anne pointed the gun at him. He froze. Jacqui fell heavily across one of
the rails that ran parallel to either side of the chair. Anne laughed,
and stopped to fumble at the belt of Chuck's discarded uniform pants.

She came up with a pair of silvery handcuffs dangling from her hand.
Chuck was just helping Jacqui regain her feet. Her legs were rubbery.
When she was upright he grasped her around the middle and hoisted her in
the air.

Pale legs thrashed. Chuck sat the writhing woman right down on his
friend's lap. Martin cursed as his cock was bent double under his aunt's

"Oh, sorry." The head of Martin's prick burned against the outer lip of
Jacqui's cunt. She felt herself being lifted, and then the prick head
was pressing right between her pussy lips.

Martin groaned as his aunt's cunt kissed the head of his prick. Chuck
let her weight down. She slid onto her nephew's spit-slick cock like a
fireman going down a greased pole.

Once again, a giant cock filled Jacqui Hyde's cunt. In spite of herself
she groaned aloud with pleasure. God, her nephew had a wonderful prick.
It stretched her pussy walls so deliciously, and the friction of his
cock on her clit was an irresistible delight. She fell forward against
him, her bare boobs flattening on his chest. Her nipples were very hard.

Her arms slid around his waist. Suddenly she felt something cold
encircle on with a click. She tried to draw back, but Chuck snapped the
cuffs around her other wrist before she could get away.

She was trapped, with her arms cuffed behind her nephew's broad back. He
stirred slightly, and the enormous cock shifted in her cunt. Steaming
pussy sauces flooded her twat. They soaked the huge prick filling her
pussy, oozing out her blood-gorged cunt lips and flowing over Martin's
balls. There were worse fates, after all, she thought.

"That's right," Anne approved. "Now, Martin, take hold of those oars."

He looked over Jacqui's bare shoulder at her. When he didn't instantly
do as she said she lashed his aunt's bare ass with the jump-rope, which
she'd retrieved from the floor. Jacqui jumped and cried out with pain.

"Look, I shred the skin off your auntie's pretty ass if you give me any
shit. Now take hold of those oars and row!"

Martin did so. The rubber grips were cold. He looked at his girlfriend.
"You're really one sick bitch, you know?" he said.

"Sick?" Anne laughed. "What makes you say that? I just saw those
pictures, remember -- you were tying the bitch up and whipping her

"But that was different!"

"Was it?" Anne cocked her hips coquettishly. "Maybe it was. You were
just playing around -- this is for real!" She swung the rope so that its
end cracked the nude woman's asshole.

"Ghaaaaaaaa!" Jacqui squealed. The stab of pain made her pussy clench on
Martin's cock. He moaned in involuntary lust.

Now row!" Anne raised the rope as if to strike again. Martin took a deep
breath and hauled back on the oars for all he was worth.

And practically fell out of the chair! The backwards -- straining
motion, with his bare feet braces against the carpeted floor, had had
the effect of ramming his already buried prick deeper into his aunt's
hot cunt!

"Wow," breathed Jacqui, "that makes me feel a whole lot better!"

Martin set his jaw and pushed against the oars. He leaned forward,
feeling Jacqui's delectable tits compress against his chest. He heard
her gasp. His cock was surrounded by supple wetness. It seemed to throb
with desire.

Once more he pulled back. His cock went farther than ever up Jacqui's
snatch. "Oh!" she cried as she felt his prick fill her, impossibly, even
fuller than she had been. "Ooooooooh!"

The wet plunging sounds of his cock levering in and out of Jacqui's
sopping cunt mingled with the creak of the rowing machine. Martin made
long, deliberate strokes at first, that had them both moaning and
gasping for breath as the big prick stirred lazily in the fragrant
pussy. "God, God, God," Jacqui chanted mindlessly.

Aware of her situation, her predicament, the pain and humiliation she'd
just undergone slipped away. Perhaps it was her own passionate nature,
or perhaps it was merely that she was still feeling the effects of
months of sexual starvation. It didn't matter to Jacqui, all she wanted
to do now was fuck!

Martin was eager enough to oblige. He'd never felt anything like this
before! The powerful motion of his working the oar machine was
vigorously but slowly screwing his luscious aunt. The leverage he
exerted crammed his cock ever deeper with every luxurious stroke.

Gradually, the tempo of his fucking picked up. He worked the oars faster
and faster, piling his prick in and out of his aunt's pussy harder and
faster. "Give it to me," Jacqui moaned ecstatically. "Fill me with that
giant rod of yours. God, I've never felt a cock so big. I've never been
fucked so good!"

Martin grunted and pulled harder still. His cock pistoned in and out in
a short, powerful strokes and a loud sucking sound. Jacqui's buttocks
splayed apart and came back together as her nephew's big cock fucked

Chuck, his cock standing up straight from his crotch, hovered by Anne's
elbow. "Hey, they're really getting into it," he commented agitatedly.
He reached for the rope. "Let me put some nice tiger stripes on the
bitch's ass!"

Anne held the jump-rope out of reach. "What a change!" she laughed.
"You're showing a different stripe yourself, tiger. What's gotten into

Chuck shook his sandy hair out of his eyes. "I dunno," he said. "I just
never had people where I could ... do anything. I wanted to 'em before.
Here, let me whip that fine ass a little bit!"

Giggling girlishly, Anne draped the rope around her neck. "Later,
there'll be time for that," she said, her eyes travelling to his
impressively long cock. She brought her shoulders back so that her heavy
boobs jutted at Chuck's lusting eyes. He saw that she wasn't wearing any
bra. The nipples were swollen like ripe cherries. "Can't you think of
anything you'd rather do?"

She turned and twitched away toward the pool table. Panting like a dog,
Chuck followed her. She walked to the far side. Unconcernedly, she
stripped off her panties. Then she bent over, leaning on her elbows and
resting her chin on her palms, avidly watching Martin row and fuck his
cock in and out of his captive aunt.

Chuck trotted up behind her. His hand trembled as he lifted her skirt up
over her hips. Her ass was gloriously nude beneath. Her buns were ripe
but firm, and a pearly white color that set his mouth to watering.

"Ahhhhhhhh," Anne said, with the tip of her tongue pressed to the roof
of her mouth. Chuck's prick was long and cool slipping into her
slavering twat from behind.

The cold steel of the handcuffs rode up and down Martin's back. The feel
of the cuffs, the weight of his aunt's lithe body in his lap, her tits
squashed against his chest, her cunt hungrily sucking in his cock, the
smell and sound of her wet, greedy pussy as his rowing pumped his prick
in and out of it -- all blended into one erotic totality that threatened
to overwhelm him.

"Can't ... hold out," he gritted, into the fragrant hair lying against
her slender neck. "Gotta come ... soon!"

He hauled back more fiercely than before. His cock head prodded into his
aunt's womb. "Yes," she gasped. "Yes! Come in me! Fill my pussy with
your delicious jism! Oh, hurry!"

"Getting pretty racy, isn't she?" Anne asked. She was on tiptoe,
enjoying the feel of Chuck sliding his ten-inch cock into her pussy.
"It's amazing how depraved some people are, turning out so rotten --
getting knocked up. Ahh! Aim your prick a little to the right -- there!
Hot fuck, that feels fine!"

Jacqui threw here head back. Martin's cock was so far up her cunt her
pussy lips were draped around his fisted balls. "Come now, baby!" she
cried. "Nooooow!"

Her pussy squeezed Martin's prick. "Jesus," he sobbed, and blew his wad.

His butt came clear off the seat. His cock injected another fiery load
of come in Jacqui's brimming cunt. She squealed and clenched her cunt so
hard, come and cunt juice squirted out over his lap.

Then she was coming, hard and fast, with stars spinning before her eyes.

Chapter 7

The sound of the oar machine creaking as Martin worked it frantically in
the fury of his orgasm blended with the soft, rhythmic sighs coming from
Anne's full lips as Chuck fucked his outsized cock into her squirming,
scent-filled pussy. The pumping prick made a liquid sound as it filled
and emptied the cheerleader's black-bearded twat.

"Come -- your come is filling me!" Jacqui cried happily. "God, how I
love it!"

Martin's muscular legs were still working like a rocker. They lifted the
combined weight of him and his horny aunt into the air every time he
forced his prick into her seething, orgasming cunt. The rippling waves
of contraction played agonizingly up and down the length of his cock,
pulling spurt after spurt of jism from the conical head of his prick.

The entire rowing machine was jerking and bucking with the force of
their shared climax. Martin's knuckles were bone-white, gripping the
oar-handles. The nails of Jacqui's imprisoned hands were digging deeply
into the flesh of his back.

At last the spasms of their climaxes began to subside. The clatter of
the rowing machine died away to a faint metronomic rattle. Jacqui sighed
heavily and rested her chin on her nephew's big shoulder.

"Wow," she breathed. She sat astride his massive prick, feeling it go
limp within her satiated cunt. She felt the juices seeping out past the
distended lips of her pussy, and her nose drank in the tart aroma of her
cunt sauces and the dry sharpness of Martin's come.

Even as Martin and Jacqui were relaxing into afterglow, Chuck was
beginning to give his prick to Anne fast and furiously. "Hot damn!" she
exclaimed. "You sure know how to work that goddamned prick."

Chuck laughed hoarsely. Sweat was pouring down his forehead into his
eyes. He shook his head to clear them. A lewd grin bared long, yellowed
teeth. "Nope," he told the wriggling girl. "You ever tried milking a cow
with that pussy of yours?"

Anne giggled and rotated her hips till Chuck cried out with delight.
"No," she said huskily, "but may be I'll try it someday."

Chuck stood his head. "You're a wild little bitch," he said. He fucked
his cock into her snatch so hard her toes came off the carpet.

"You're damn right, you great big fucker," Anne said. She started
cocking her hips, forward and back. The back and forth motion fucked her
cunt on Chuck's thrusting prick with short, choppy, maddening strokes.
"Too bad your friend Martin couldn't keep it in mind and too bad he made
the mistake of thinking I wasn't all the woman he'd ever need!"

Too bad for him, Chuck thought, but not for me. His hands were splayed
like pale spiders on her moon-white ass cheeks. The tips of his thumbs
were put into the crease between her buttocks, as his stabbing cock
wedged her ass cheeks apart.

The whole tremendous length of his prick was wet with the oils of Anne's
hungry snatch. The oils from deep inside her pussy were thick and had a
sexy smell.

To the to-and-fro rocking of Anne's hips, the girl added a wicked spiral
motion. Chuck gasped. Saliva trickled from the side of his mouth and
dripped onto the bent-over cheerleader's bare ass. "Hey," he choked,
"What's the big idea? You're about to make me shoot off like a

"That's the idea, big boy," Anne purred. "Hurry up and pump your load up
my cunt. I've got a new game I want to play with our captive librarian."

Chuck looked down at the perfectly matched demiglobes of ass jutting to
either side of his prick. He was excited at the thought of what new
games the cruel and jealous black-haired beauty had in mind. But he
didn't want this torrid fucking to be over. And he didn't like the idea
of the girl dismissing him so casually. She should treat the owner of
such a magnificent prick with more respect!

Just about that time what felt like a hand encased in a glove of oiled
silk took hold of his prick and began jacking off. "Hey-!" he began.

A hot orgasm choked his words off. They trailed into a protracted groan
of sheer ecstasy as a mighty surge of his prick filled Anne's supple
pussy sheath with come. "That's more -- ahh! -- like it!" she cried. Her
jugs rolled around the surface of the pool table like water balloons.
"Now it's my turn to ... coooommmmmmmmme!"

Chuck's eyes were half-shut. Unable to control himself, he fucked wad
after wad of jism into that boiling, rank cunt. Fascinated, he watched
the little white bubbles of sperm well out around his prick. They looked
like soap suds.

Anne felt the prick give one last, powerful spasm, and felt a few drops
of come searing the sensitive lining of her cunt channel. Then Chuck's
cock went limp immediately. The air left his lungs in a long, satisfied

He pushed back, watching his limp worm of a prick slide out from between
the girl's buns. At last it came free. A long trail of jism stretched
between the tip of the prick and the slack, pink lips of Anne's pussy.
It broke and slopped onto the carpet.

Anne wriggled her whole body voluptuously. Then she stood up, smoothing
the hem of her skirt over her bare buttocks. "All right," she said.
"Time for phase two. Get the bitch off Martin's lap and tie him up. Then
take the cuffs off her and I'll tell you what to do next."

Totally spent, Jacqui slumped against Martin's chest. Despite having
just come for the second time in an hour, his big prick was still
half-hard and pulsing to his languid heartbeat in the depths of her
pussy. Her pussy still swam in sweet oils. She could feel them, mixed
with her nephew's sperm, leaking into his crotch. "Mmmm," she said, and
rubbed her hear against Martin's.

Hands grasped her from behind. "Ah!" she said. The delicious aftermath
of her glorious climax was suddenly gone.

She felt herself being lifted. Martin's cock slid reluctantly out of her
pussy. She got her feet under her, and then the still-swollen cockhead
popped out of her cunt and collapsed into the aromatic mess in his

Martin had to raise his hands to allow Jacqui's bound arms to slip over
his head. He came out of his erotic stupor thinking about jumping Chuck
and overpowering him. But out of the corner of his eye he saw Anne
holding the pistol on him again, and that idea went out the window. He
sat quietly as Chuck propped Jacqui against the pool table and came back
to bind him to the rowing machine. "I got some tape, Anne." The skinny
security guard said. "Electrician's stuff. Is that okay to tie Martin up

Anne called affirmation. She was standing by the exercise cycle,
fiddling with it. Confidently, he taped the blond-haired youth's arms
behind the back of the seat, wrist to elbow, and then taped his ankles
securely to the legs of the rowing-machine chair. "There," he said in
satisfaction, "that oughta hold you."

"You bastard," Martin gritted. "You yellow-bellied, backstabbing

"Flattery will get you nowhere!" Anne sang out cheerily. "Take a look
over here, and see what I've got in mind for our little librarian lady."

"I don't get it," Chuck said, scratching his head. "All I see is an
exercise cycle with the seat taken off."

Anne ran her hand lovingly over the tubular steel pole the bicycle seat
had been attached to. "Yeah," she said. "And this length of rope I found
behind the stairs. Tie one end around the scrawny bitch's waist and haul
her down here."

Jacqui exchanged glances with her nephew, bound immovably to the seat of
the rowing machine on which he'd so recently fucked his aunt. Neither
had any idea what was coming next. Chuck seemed to, however. Leering, he
stooped by her side and knotted the hairy rope around her trim waist.

"Ouch! That's too tight," she protested. Chuck grinned callously in her

"In a few seconds, lady," he assured her, "You won't have a thought for
how tight that is!" Then he put his arms around her and scooped her up.

He grinned at the feel of his armful of lovely, naked woman, her body
still warm and moist with the delightful exertion of making love, her
pussy still redolent of the heady juices of her lust. He set her on her
feet beside the cycle, wrapped his arms around her from behind, and
raised her up.

Belatedly, Jacqui realized what was in store for her. She screamed and
kicked, but it did no good. The wiry security guard was too strong for

With Anne on her knees, guiding Jacqui's hips, Chuck impaled the
shrieking librarian's cunt on the erect bar where the cycle seat had
been. With her legs together, the tip of the bar would not quite have
reached the mouth of her pussy. But with her legs thrashing, Chuck
managed to get several inches of the icy, metallic rod up her cunt.

Martin cursed them bitterly. He threw his weight against his bonds time
and again without weakening them at all. Ignoring him, Anne pulled the
free end of the rope down and looped it around the lower members of the
cycle's frame.

"Pull her up," she ordered, "so just an inch or so's up her cunt. That's
the way!" With nimble fingers she tied the rope so it stretched taut
from the captive's waist to the metal strut. Then she stood up to admire
her handiwork.

Chuck unlocked the handcuffs from Jacqui's wrists. "Just leave her hands
free. How does it feel, baby?"

"Aw-awful!" Jacqui sobbed. Already her legs were quivering with the
effort of holding her body off that brutal bar. The inch of metal inside
her felt cold and dead in her cunt.

Anne grinned. "It'll feel worse," she said pleasantly. "Now get your
legs up and pedal!"

Jacqui hesitated. Anne grabbed the jump-rope and lashed her savagely
across the tits. "Aiiiieeee!" she cried, the moaned. She had cringed
from the pain of the rope cutting into her tender titflesh, and had
driven another two inches of steel rod up her cunt. It felt like a

Reluctantly, Jacqui lifted a foot to a pedal. Her body sagged, more
steel went up her snatch. "Noooooooo!" she groaned. "Don't make me do

The rope licked our and caressed her bare hip gently. She bit a cry off
just in time. She looked at Anne for any sign of mercy, any hint of
compassion. All she saw in that face was cold cruelty.

Her arms braced, Jacqui picked her other foot up off the floor. Her arms
shook violently as she tried to steer it to the pedal. Her foot touched
it. The pedal turned out from under it as she put her weight on.

Jacqui's foot slipped. She fell onto the metal upright. "Arrrggghhh!"
she cried as it stabbed brutally into her delicate cunt. Gasping with
agony, she hoisted herself up and got her foot securely on the pedal.
Her arms and legs taking her weight, she trembled and tried to keep from
falling onto that vicious rod again.

"Now pedal," Anne commanded. The whip cracked against a snowy butt
cheek. Jacqui shrieked at the new pain. "Pedal!"

Jacqui did. Her muscles creaked in protest, but she made her legs work.
They ran the pedals around one circuit. Bound as she was, she was unable
to get the torturing steel out of her pussy. The pedaling worked her
cunt around the metal pole. The upright seemed to be tearing her pussy

"Faster!" Incandescent agony blared along the crease of Jacqui's ass as
the cheerleader slashed her with the rope. Her scream was piercing in
the confines of the basement. Nausea surged in her stomach. But she
pedaled faster.

Her knees pumped up and down. Her high, firm tits jogged to the rhythm
of her cycling. Her ass cheeks churned and wobbled. And always that
metal rod was throbbing painfully in her cunt!

To her horror, Jacqui found the strength ebbing from her joints. That
sadistic slut! She thought. Anne had calculated this new torture well.
The faster Jacqui pedaled, the faster she would weaken -- and the more
of that awful bar would thrust into her tender pussy!

She tried slackening her pace gradually, hoping it would escape notice.
Anne landed three blows on her ass that she thought, through a haze of
anguish, must have stripped the skin in tatters from her tormented ass.
And worse, she lost ground. Still more of that loathsome hardness
wracked the walls of her cunt!

Anne was laughing uproariously. She dropped the jump-rope to skin her
cheerleader's sweater off over her head, baring the magnificent melons
of her jugs. The nipples were eagerly erect in the broad purple circles
of her aureoles. Then she pulled the skirt down, recovered the rope, and
began to whip the flagging captive with all her strength.

Her long black tresses flew and her boobs bounced like bags of oil as
she laid the knotted rope-end on the cringing, nude flesh of her
captive. Even as he sat cursing her, Martin Reinhard had to admit she
was a splendid animal, beautiful, sensuous, and completely evil. Her
succulent body gleamed with perspiration. Her lovely face was a mask of
unnatural lust.

"Aiii! No! Owwwwaaah! Yahhh-stop! I'm pedaling -- ghaaaa! -- as fast as
I can!" Jacqui shrieked and pleaded. Anne laughed like a maniac and
whipped her all the harder, till her ass and thighs glowed with scarlet
welts of pain. All the while the steel rod ground hideously inside her
cunt. It was driving deeper with every turn of the pedals, now.

Jacqui's body throbbed with a million different pains. Her tits smarted
from the abuse they'd received. Her ass seemed to be on fire from the
cutting kiss of the jump-rope. Her pussy was being invaded by an
ever-increasing length of cold, heartless metal. And her thighs ached
from the exertion needed to keep her from collapsing onto the upright
and having it tear into her delicate insides.

Tears flooded down her cheeks. Her chestnut hair hung lank beside her
face. Her throat was raw from pleading, and the rope was burning her

And still the unbearable torment continued!

At last the horrendous hail of blows ceased. She slumped forward, unable
to keep pedaling. Pathetic sounds issued from her throat as her weak
legs gave way and her body came down on the cycle's upright. "Stop," she
sobbed. "Haven't you had enough? Get me off this thing before it kills
me! Unngghhh!"

Anne stood before her, head to one side. Doesn't it feel good,
sweetheart?" she asked.

"No!" It was a ragged cry.

The sweaty, tense ass slipped lower. Jacqui gasped at the pain in her
cunt. "That upright's stiffer than any prick -- even Martin's. Don't you
want it to fill that hot box of yours?"

"Ghaaa -- no! It's tearing me apart! It'll kill me -- don't you
understand? It'll rip my insides to shreds. It's murder! Aaah! HELP ME!"

At Anne's side Chuck was nervously shifting his weight from one foot to
the other. He had finally taken off his shirt. His prick was at
half-mast from watching the naked librarian's torture and degradation,
but he had a worried look.

"She's right," he said above Jacqui's pitiful groans. "Those blackmail
photos will cover a lot of things for us, but not murder."

Anne tossed her gleaming hair petulantly. "All right," she said. "If
you're going to be such a weakling, let her off that thing. But still,"
she went on, pushing the hair back out of her face, "she could have
taken a lot more. And I don't want anything heavy to happen to her --

Chuck was on his knees, untying the rope from the cycle frame. He stood
when he'd finished and lifted the woman off. Her pussy came off the
upright with a sucking noise. A dark smear covered the upper seven
inches of the bar.

Jacqui was semiconscious. A wave of relief swept over her body as the
steel hardness came out of her pussy. She welcomed the soft, supporting
touch of the floor beneath her. She lay still, a mass of gradually
easing aches, as Chuck undid the rough rope around her waist.

Almost immediately she felt a noose being slipped over her head. She
opened her half-closed eyes as Anne straightened beside her. She found
she was staring right up into the jet-black bush of the cheerleader's

The brunette smiled down between the twin peaks of her jugs. For the
first time Jacqui got a good look at her youthful tormentor in her full
naked splendor. And it was quite a sight.

The huge yet firm jugs Jacqui had seen before, and the fit young belly
coming down to a narrow waist. But she hadn't really gotten a look at
Anne's cunt before. The black triangle of coarse fur was shiny and
surprising small. The cunt hair along the slit of her pussy was matted,
sopping with cunt juice.

Anne let her prisoner looked her over. Then she put hands on hips and
rolled her hips. Her pussy opened up like a flower. A blast of rankness
hit Jacqui full in the face. It brought her out of her mental fog like a
whiff of smelling salts. Her stomach reeled.

It was her first exposure at close range to the damp, dank, overpowering
stench of an aroused female twat. Anne's inner cunt lips were
startlingly bright against the darkness of her pubic hair. A droplet of
pussy sauce glittered between the pink flesh-flaps of her cunt.

Jacqui felt a slow tightening of the noose around her neck. Anne was
pulling the rope, reeling her prisoner's face in towards her waiting
cunt. Jacqui pulled back, then coughed as the rope choked her.

"Be a good girl now," Anne admonished, "and eat my little pussy. It's
good for you, you know. A little lezzie action will broaden your

With her other hand she held up the damned jump-rope. "It could also
keep me from having to use this on your hide. You have such lovely,
delicate skin -- really you do. It'd be a pity to mar it any more." She
tugged on the rope again.

Still Jacqui held back. The noose tightened on her neck again. Anne
draped the jump-rope across her shoulders. She shivered. Then she opened
her mouth.

Anne writhed with delight as the captive woman kissed her wide-open
cunt. Her pussy opened wider, and a torrent of heated oils gushed out
over Jacqui's face. In her excitement she tugged on the leash holding
the captive. Jacqui fell against her, grabbing at her legs for balance.

The white flesh was satiny-warm beneath Jacqui's palms. The naked
prisoner scarcely noticed. Her universe was filled with the hot rank
smell of cunt!

Her tongue seemed to be swimming in a pungent broth of the cheerleader's
cunt juice. Jacqui's stomach revolted. This was another woman's pussy
she was tasting! The smelly, forbidden private parts of the lusty,
full-bodied adolescent! Jacqui shook her head, wanting to be free of the
stink and savor of the dripping cunt, from the slithery feel of the
grasping cunt lips, from this illicit closeness to another woman's sex.

Let her whip me! She thought wildly. I'm not a lesbian! Though her pussy
still ached terribly from her ride on the seatless exercycle, she almost
wished she were back with her cunt impaled on that tearing metal shaft
with her joints threatening to give way under the strain, instead of
having her face buried in the brunette's steaming cunt bush. She wagged
her head furiously from side to side, trying to free herself.

Anne threw her head back and moaned with animal pleasure. With her twat
lips spread out like a hand over her prisoner's mouth, the librarian's
frantic head motions sent stabs of delight shooting up the channel of
Anne's pussy. "That's right, baby!" Anne exulted. "Just shake your face
around my cunt! Keep that up and I might not whip you any more!"

Jacqui didn't even hear her. The cheerleader was holding the back of her
neck. Her strong hands were crushing Jacqui's reluctant face into the
fermenting depths of her snatch. The avid cunt lips smeared shiny rank
juices all over the librarian's mouth. The stuff went up her nose, on
her cheeks, dripped down her chin and fell in sizzling droplets onto her
upturned tits.

Anne leaned back against the frame of the exercycle. Her pussy crawled
up Jacqui's face. Her strong slim hand kept up the pressure at the back
of Jacqui's neck. The librarian gave a muffled gasp as her nose plunged
smack into the midst of that sopping, sloppy, slithering pussy!

She gagged and opened her mouth for air. Cunt juice flooded in instead.
The harsh taste of it made her want to heave.

"Yes!" shrieked Anne, clawing at her captive's head. "Eat me! Fuck me
with your nose -- what a trip! God, the bridge of your nose if pressing
right up against my clit! I can hardly stand it -- ahhh! Give it to me

With the cheerleader's juicy thighs pressing on her cheeks, and the
greedy noises of her cunt covering her nose and mouth gurgling in her
ears, Jacqui could barely make out what her captor was saying. But the
sense got through to her, and she was even more revolted. God, this
bawdy young slut wanted her to fuck her dripping cunt with her nose! It
was incredible.

If she'd thought about it, Jacqui would have cringed then for fear of
the stinging lash that had been her reward for disobeying her tormentor
in the past. But she needn't have worried. The fire in Anne's cunt was
raging out of control. It could only be smothered in one way -- she had
to come! With the jump-rope abandoned and coiled like an obedient
serpent around her bare feet, she grabbed Jacqui's auburn hair with both
hands and began fucking her face in and out of her ravenous snatch by
main force.

Jacqui's head reeled from the frantic jerking and her nose plunged into
the depths of Anne's twat! Anne's cunt bush shrank, then grew to fill
the librarian's vision as her head was yanked bodily forward and back.
Loud squelching noises assaulted her ears. A spray of cunt juice washed
over her face at every inward surge.

"Ah! Ahhhhh -- God! Good, unngggh, so gooooood!" Anne practically
sobbed. "Tongue my pussy, baby! Make it perfect, make it good -- lick my
pussy all up!"

This time Jacqui heard her shrill scream of desire loud and clear. And
to her amazement, she obeyed!

Her lips parted, her tongue crept out. Instead of the slippery wetness
of cunt, it touched slightly rough, rumpled skin moistened with cunt
juice. Anne squealed wantonly and ground Jacqui's face into her crotch.

For a few heartbeats, Jacqui knelt with her nose in the juices of Anne's
pussy, her fingers clawed in the flesh of the girl's bare leg, her
tongue soaking up the sweetness of pussy sauce. Then she let her tongue
inch forward ever so slightly. It touched a dimpled pucker of dry flesh.
A shiver ran though Anne's body.

"My asshole!" she moaned from low in her throat. "Lap my asshole,

So it was the cheerleader's asshole her questing tongue had encountered.
Oddly, Jacqui was not at all disturbed. Instead she was intrigued and
excited. "Look at that," Chuck said, leaning against the pool table with
his cock waving in the breeze. "If we're not careful, those two are
going to decide they don't need either of us!"

Martin's answer was a growled curse. But he himself was feeling prickles
of hair crawling over his naked body. His aunt was actually getting into
eating that strange black-haired bitch's hot cunt! It was unbelievable.
He saw the little motions of her chestnut head, cradled in Anne's loving
hands, as she reeled her tongue back away from the girl's butthole. A
trickle of wetness showed on one bare thigh, under the swelling curve of
a buttcheek. Jacqui was getting turned on!

She was as surprised by the fact as Martin. But she wasn't fighting it!
Once she got accustomed to the undiluted strength of Anne's pussy-smell,
she found she like it. And the feel of those pussy lips on her face --
why they weren't disgusting at all! They were like a tender, moist,
agile mouth, kissing hers with loving care. She stirred her nose in the
seething cauldron on Anne's cunt and stuck her tongue as far up the
girl's pussy hole as it would go.

Anne's shriek of ecstasy shook the windows as fiercely as Jacqui's cries
of agony had earlier. Her hair poured in a midnight cascade down her
back as she threw back her head and came.

An oily noose caught Jacqui's tongue and sucked it impossibly deeper
into Anne's pussy. The cheerleader's padded pubic bone banged into the
bridge of Jacqui's nose as she fucked herself uncontrollably on that
maddening feminine nose and tongue. Jacqui's own pussy was streaming
with cunt juice. The sexual ecstasy seemed to pour into her body in a
sparkling electric current from the black-bearded cunt.

She closed her eyes. Greedily she drank down every drop of delicious,
musky woman-wine from Anne's cunt. The girl pulled her face still deeper
into her climaxing cunt. The resilient pussy lips enfolded Jacqui's
nose, pressed onto her cheeks, the swell of that furry cunt covered her
eyes. She sighed into the twat and settled in to eating the quivering,
coming brunette's pussy.

Chapter 8

Slender fingers like white spiders crawled up Anne's trembling thighs.
They cupped themselves over the tightly-clenched cheeks of her ass. Her
touch fervent and loving, Jacqui shoved her face into Anne's cunt and
ate greedily at it.

The cheerleader was slumped against the exercycle, her pussy full of
pleasure and her head full of stars. What a come! It felt as if her
pussy were trying to tie itself into knots.

Of their own accord her hips fucked her pussy back and forth against
Jacqui's upturned, gobbling face. Slowly the fires of orgasm died away
inside her pussy. When they'd dimmed to a dull spark deep in her belly,
she pulled Jacqui's face gently from her cunt.

The librarian's face was soaked and dripping with Anne's cunt honey. It
was frothed around her mouth like shaving cream. She ran her tongue
around her lips and smiled up at her captor.

"I ... liked that," she husked. "Very much."

"Thank you." Anne said. "Now it's time for me to return the favor."

Jacqui's heart leapt with anticipation. Anne was going to eat her pussy!
She herself had witnessed the erotic skills this big-boobed,
black-haired cheerleader had employed on her nephew. Anne had a store of
carnal knowledge far beyond her tender years! And something about the
way she spoke and her naked, lovely body moved told Jacqui she was no
more a stranger to delighting women pussies with oral love than she was
to sucking cock!

Jacqui gazed hungrily at the wink of Anne's asshole as the girl turned
round and bent over. The oozing slit of her pussy smiled at the
librarian from the midst of a tangle of black pubic fur. A trickle of
cunt juice drooled out of her gaping pussy and ran down her leg.

She finished tying the free end of the rope to the frame of the
exercycle. The other end was still in a loose loop around Jacqui's neck.
The prisoner didn't care by this point, all she cared about was Anne
Roxbury plunging her face into her pussy as soon as possible!

Tits bouncing, Anne stood. "Help me with this, will you?" she asked her
gangly accomplice. There was a set of weights resting near the bench on
which Chuck and Martin had first raped Jacqui that afternoon. They were
big ones, consisting of a heavy bar and Olympic standard forty-five
pound weights the size of wheels. Grunting with exertion, Anne and Chuck
manhandled the thing over to where Jacqui lay slumped against the cycle.

"Lift your sweet cheeks up, darling," Anne told her captive in honeyed
tones. Drowsily, Jacqui obeyed. The fact that her body seemed to float
on a sea of exotic relaxation did nothing to alter the fact that she was
bursting with passion! Normally such a request, coming from her
ingeniously cruel tormentor, would have alarmed her. Now, all she was
concerned with was that nothing would keep the girl from getting down to
the business of sucking her pussy as soon as possible!

She obeyed. Anne's tits jounced as the massive weights were dragged
under Jacqui, so that she was draped across the bar with her hindquarter
on one side and her small tits hanging down on the other. The bar was
high enough so that Jacqui's butt was way up in the air, with her knees
wide apart. Her own pussy was spread demandingly open, slavering cunt

"Whew," Anne breathed. She let her fingers slide lightly down her
prisoner's back. Jacqui stretched like a cat at the thrilling touch. She
couldn't restrain a moan of naked lust.

"Is that your car up the block? The beat-up old Chevy?" Anne asked
Chuck. "And is that Trooper in the back?"

"Yes," Chuck nodded, puzzled. Then his eyes gleamed. "Hey -- yeah,
that's right! He is."

"Go get him won't you? While I keep our cunt-lapping librarian happy?"

Chuck smacked his lips. "Right!" He was gone like a shot, pulling on his
clothes as he went.

Who Trooper was, Jacqui had not the foggiest notion. Probably some other
friend of Martin's from Walter Williams High, like Chuck or Anne. Well,
by this time Jacqui didn't care if Chuck was going to bring the New York
Knicks in to watch Anne Roxbury suck her cunt. They could all take a
crack at her themselves when the cheerleader was finished, as horny as
she was. "Oh, hurry," she sighed, pressing her cheek against the carpet.

With a thump Anne dropped to her knees beside Jacqui's upturned ass. She
bent over and kissed it, right at the top of the spread-out crease
between her buns. Jacqui shuddered with delighted anticipation. Anne ran
her lips teasingly down the crack of her captive's ass. The smell of
watering cunt greeted her distended nostrils as she kissed her way down
the woman's ass. She ran her tongue-tip in a wet swirl around Jacqui's
asshole, eliciting a low growl of pleasure. Then she stuck her tongue
out and lapped it along the librarian's pussy gash.

Martin sat stiffly in his chair. His prick was as stiff as his back. He
may have been boiling with suppressed rage against his cruel and
treacherous girlfriend. But watching his own aunt slowly get turned on
while being forced to eat cunt -- and now witnessing the spectacle of
Anne unleashing the full power of her passion on the older woman -- was
almost too much to bear!

He wished with all his heart that his hands were free. Not so that he
could overpower the naked raven-headed slut and overpower her while her
helper was gone -- but so that he could wrap his fingers around his
painfully-throbbing cock and jack off, to release the incredible
pressure building up in the boiler of his balls.

Anne ran her tongue back and forth along Jacqui's dripping slit till it
was lathered with cunt sauces. Then she took hold of the woman's bare
ass and dug in. Her lips and teeth worked furiously on the pendulous
pussy lips while her tongue worked black magic along the entire length
of Jacqui Hyde's cunt slot.

The nude librarian was in seventh heaven. What a wealth of sweet
sensation flooded into her pussy. Anne Roxbury gobbling her cunt was a
delight she felt from the tips of her toes to the roots of her shiny

Lesbian or not, the cheerleader's expert cunt eating was driving her
crazy. It was an experience unlike any she'd ever had. She thought back
to the tongue-lashing her nephew had given her pussy -- was it just two
days ago? -- in the bathroom of the sprawling house. She had imagined
that was the most wonderful sensation her cunt would ever encounter. But
she was wrong!

It wasn't that Anne's oral attack on her drooling cunt was better than
Martin's had been. It was just ... different. Deliciously so! Her amber
eyes closed blissfully.

Noisily Anne slurped at Jacqui's pussy. The vengeful cheerleader had to
admit the older woman had just about the sweetest little honey-pot of a
cunt she'd ever put her mouth to -- and she'd had her face buried in a
lot of snatches, in those of half the female teachers and every
cheerleader at old Walter Williams.

Her own twat, so recently and so well eaten itself, was beginning to
slobber unashamedly down her flawless thighs. But it wasn't just the
carnal joy of dining on her captive's cunt that made her pussy overflow
with delight. It was the thought of what would happen when Chuck got
back with Trooper!

The brunette didn't even give a thought to the possibility that Chuck
Farley wouldn't return. He would be every bit as eager as she was to see
what would happen when Jacqui met Trooper!

Serenely unaware of what Anne had in store for her, Jacqui lay with her
cheek against the floor and reveled in every little nuance of sensation
in her cunt. There were a lot of them. Anne's educated mouth seemed to
be doing a dozen delicious things to the librarian's snatch at once!

Steps rang hollowly down the stairwell. Chuck was returning from his
trip outside. Accompanying the youthful security guard was a peculiar
scrabbling noise that made Martin Reinhard cock his head and listen,

With her face against the carpet and her pussy full of joy, Jacqui was
unaware anything was going on. Anne, her full red lips wrapped around a
succulent mouthful of cunt, heard Chuck coming. Her blue eyes glittered.

Eyes fixed religiously on the lewd scene being enacted before him,
Martin only spared a reflexive glance over his shoulder as Chuck emerged
from the stairwell. He was looking back at Anne and Jacqui, watching the
voluptuous little brunette delicately stretching Jacqui's cunt flaps
between her teeth, with her lips over them to keep them from abrading
the twat lips. Then he froze as something he'd seen registered in his
brain. With the hairs prickling at the back of his neck, he turned his
head and looked back at Chuck.

He got a good look at what was with Chuck, "Oh my God!" he bit out, and
then words failed him. His jaw worked soundlessly. Chuck, prepared for
the occasion, stepped forward and stuffed a handkerchief into Martin's
mouth. "Mmmmmmmph," the young man growled, chewing the rag. His green
eyes bugged out in horror.

Kneeling behind Jacqui's upthrust ass, Anne redoubled her eating of the
librarian's tasty cunt. Her tongue streaked maddeningly up and down the
moist crack of her pussy, then the girl bent her head back and thrust
her chin forward, her tongue straining to touch the pearly button of
Jacqui's clit.

The eager tongue seemed to strike sparks of sheer pleasure inside
Jacqui's cunt "oooooooooh!" she cried. Her ass began leaping around as
though it had a life of its own. Her pussy lips slobbered all over
Anne's nose as though trying to swallow it.

The bound woman's bare ass was bucking like a bronco storming out of the
chute. Determinedly, Anne clung to her captive's thighs with both hands.
Somehow she kept her mouth in position, fastened like a lamprey on the
sucking, salivating pussy, her tongue punching incessantly at the
swollen nerve-rich node of her clit.

Lightning played up and down Jacqui's spine. Her shoulders heaved as she
writhed under an electrical storm of sexual pleasure. With her body
tilting down from where her butt was propped up by the bar of the
weights, her small cone-shaped tits hung down so just the very tip of
the swollen, finger-like nipples came in contact with the carpeted floor
of the basement. The slightest motion of her naked body made the nipples
scrape over the rough surface. The sensation made her jugs seem to swell
like balloons, all but bursting with ecstasy.

"Eat me!, Suck my pussy good!" she cried happily. "You know how to do
it, baby! Oh God, I'm about to come -- don't stop tonguing my pussy!
Don't ever stop!"

Anne's tongue traced wet circles around the throbbing clit. Her eyes
drank in the swell of Jacqui's ass cheeks, the saucy pertness of her
asshole, the bearded pussy mouth gaping to kiss hers in a fragrant, oily
embrace. Almost ready, she thought. Her own heartbeat pounded in her
ears. She was almost as horny as the captive librarian!

Her tongue tweaked the straining clit, once, twice, again. It was like
sticking an electric cattle prod up the woman's pussy. Jacqui's knees
came off the floor as an overwhelming jolt of sensation smashed into her
pussy, and then the first ring-tight contraction of climax was roaring
the length of her brimming cunt like a runaway locomotive in the Holland

"Ahhh! Ngaaaahhhhh! I can feel it -- I'm coming! Oh dear God, I'm coming
too hard -- can't stand it! I -- I -- aaiiiEEEEEEEE!"

Anne rode Jacqui's climaxing body like a rodeo rider. For what she had
in mind, the bound woman had to be carried along helplessly, mindlessly,
ecstatically, from the crest of one come to the next. And Anne knew how
to do it like no one else!

Climax after shattering climax pounded into Jacqui's snatch. Her mouth
was open in soundless cry of ultimate delight. A little trickle of
saliva ran from the corner of her mouth.

She felt Anne's tongue, lashing her cunt the way the girl had lashed her
bare butt with the jump-rope. The cheerleader's tongue whipped her cunt
honey to a fine froth. Then it suddenly withdrew. Even as still another
orgasm shook her, Jacqui moaned in disappointment.

And then the tongue was lapped her again. Oh God, how nice it felt! It
wasn't probing the depths of her saucy cunt now, though. It was lapping
in long, slobbering strokes across the hairy clam of her pussy. Every
cool touch of that tongue sent fresh spasms of delight rampaging through
her pussy.

Something icy cold was prodding against her asshole. What's that? Part
of her wondered, while another part said -- who cares?

Then the tongue went away and a crushing weight came down on her rounded
buns. Something like a fuzzy vise clamped about her waist. A cool, slick
hardness prodded into her, the thick outer twat lips, then drove home
into juicy cavern between her legs.

The next thing Jacqui Hyde knew, a stiff cock was fucking in and out of
her joyous snatch like no cock she'd ever felt before! It fucked her
with the speed and power of a jackhammer, so that her chest seemed
constricted and her heart thudded with the approach of a thunderous
orgasm. She gasped in time to the furious cock-strokes, reveling in the
feel of pubic fur rasping her smiling butt.

A little warning light blinked on in her brain. It was impossible, as
totally, erotically good as she felt, but all at once she knew it --
something was wrong. Saliva began pelting the small of her back like
scalding rain.

A point of coldness grew in her belly. She turned her head around, to
look over her white shoulder up the slope of her trim, bare back. Her
amber eyes flew open.

"NOOOOOOOO!" she howled, her scream sharp as a razor in the confines of
the basement rec room. "God, NO! Not a DOG!"

But it was. Leering at her as he gripped her by the middle and fucking
his short sharp prick furiously into her soaking pussy, was a huge,
red-tan and tawny Doberman Pinscher. His eyes were glowing beacons of
unnatural lust. Muscles surged and rippled beneath his slick hide.

Jacqui threw her ass from side to side, trying desperately to dislodge
the unclean beast that was raping her. Her stomach boiled with nausea. A
dog! A loathsome, disgusting, vile animal was fucking his stiff cock in
and out of her pussy!

It was the ultimate horror -- the ultimate degradation. Jacqui cursed
the black-haired fiend of the plentiful boobs and milk-white skin, who
stood by laughing and clapping her hands like a delighted schoolgirl
with a new toy. Anne Roxbury was a devil in lovely human form, an evil
genius who had engineered this most obscene of defilements for the woman
she thought was her rival for Martin's affections. And then Jacqui
screamed again, a cry like a lost soul, as the realization of what her
captor had done to her hit her fully.

Anne had timed to perfection the introduction of the huge canine now so
wantonly raping the captive's snatch. The worst, most terrible thing of
all the things she had done to her lovely prisoner was not what she was
making the dog do to Jacqui -- it was what she was making Jacqui's
libido do to her!

Because the truth was that Jacqui's animal-invaded cunt was betraying
her. She was getting turned on by the hellishly fast pumping of
Trooper's dog prick!

Like a wildman, Martin strained and struggled at his bonds. His jaws
working around the gag in his mouth, he garbled out curses, threats,
promises of ghastly retribution against the raven-haired harlot and her
treacherous helper. His muscles knotted into enormous swelling bunches,
but he could not break free of the tape that held him. A small, sharp
protrusion of metal at the back of the rowing-machine chair had gashed
his arm. He felt the wet stickiness of his own blood on his skin.

The stabbing canine cock sent flashes of pleasure into Jacqui's cunt
even as the woman's mind rebelled. She got her hands under her and tried
to push up, to throw off the dreadful hound that was riding her, fucking
her -- violating her. The rope around her neck stopped her with a jerk
that made her fall forward, gasping and choking.

And then she was lost. Her lust took control of her mind as well as her
traitor body. She gave one last, tortured moan, and then with a
wrenching roll of her plushy-padded hips began to fuck the Doberman back
for all she was worth.

Trooper's pale eyes seemed to bug from his narrow skill. His prick had
never been plugged into a cunt anything like this before! Of course,
he'd never fucked a human female before. In fact, he'd had no intention
of fucking the captive when he trotted into the basement. He'd only
approached the woman out of curiosity -- and then the smell and taste of
ripe, ready cunt had hit his sensitive nerves, and he'd been so horny he
could barely stand it!

"Haha!" cried Anne, tossing her head with delight. "We've found you a
lover that really suits you, bitch! Yes, that's what you are -- no
better than an animal! Fuck him, fuck your doggy friend. Let him fill
your nasty cunt with his canine come!"

Martin's lips curled back in a grimace of nausea. The jaybird-naked
cheerleader was gloating obscenely. Chuck stood licking his thick lips,
with his hose-like cock bulging out the front of his trousers. He'd get
those two, Martin promised himself.

Lewd squelching sounds filled the room. The short fur on Trooper's belly
was soaked with aromatic pussy sauces. The odor of Jacqui's pussy drove
him on almost as much as the feel of her oily cunt wrapping itself
greedily around his plunging prick!

Anne was right, though. Jacqui was an animal at this moment! The only
thought in her mind was to fuck and be fucked by this fantastically
powerful, fantastically macho dog. "Yes," she sobbed. "Yes, yes, yes --
fuck me hard!" The churning of her hips and the fervent squeezing of her
agile cunt urged the dog to do just that.

He did. Without a break in the rhythm of his fucking, his cock pulsed
once and began spitting huge amounts of yellowish jism deep in to
Jacqui's cunt. His long pink tongue lolled over his teeth. He huffed,
and his hind feet started coming off the floor with every thrust as he
hunched his spewing cock ever deeper into that human twat.

His stinging canine sperm acted like a catalyst. When she felt it
searing her cunt tube, Jacqui Hyde yelped like a dog herself and came so
hard she squirted Trooper's scarlet prick right out of her cunt in a
rush of oils. He stuck it right back into her, though, poling away as
the spasmodic contractions of the woman's cunt milked his prick dry.

Bright points of light whirled behind Jacqui's eyelids. A great red
light seemed to pulse in her skull, to the tempo of her gut-wrenching
climax. Her fingernails dug into her palms. Overriding everything was
the feeling of that immense dog fucking his come with unrelenting energy
into her grasping, hot cunt.

Chapter 9

Dog sperm overflowed Jacqui's pulsing cunt hole and ran down the backs
of her legs. Slower and slower Trooper fucked his prick into the soggy,
reeking mess of her pussy. She squealed and grunted and rolled her butt
around to sample more fully the hardness of the small canine cock.

Finally the jism stored in the Doberman's dangling ball sac exhausted
itself into the woman's cunt. He pulled his prick out and dropped to all
fours. A long quavering moan escaped Jacqui's lips. Her sides and ass
were itchy from the rasping of his coarse fur.

Chuck let his breath out in a long exhalation. "Hoooooo boy," he
breathed. Trooper sniffed once at the gooey mess of Jacqui's cunt, then
trotted off and lay down in the corner. The frenzied fires of climax
died away in Jacqui's nude, bound body, leaving the cold inescapable
knowledge of what she'd done. She began to cry.

Anne laughed wildly and ran her hands down her gleaming naked body. Her
nipples stuck out like thumbs. "Wonderful! Beautiful! What a show!" She
threw her head back in a whipping cloud of hair. "Listen to her sob!
She's sorry she got hot to trot with a dog! I'll bet!"

She grabbed her accomplice by both arms. "The best is yet to come!" she
promised. "Haul her skinny ass off the floor and tie her up."


The cheerleader's pretty brow wrinkled in thought. "I know!" she said,
snapping her fingers. "The cycle. Pick her up, bend her over the frame,
and retie the rope where it is now. Better tie her hands, too -- she's
going to thrash around real good when I get started on her!"

Jacqui was a quivering, unresisting mass of grief and humiliation. Chuck
had no trouble untying her, dragging her to her feet and draping her so
her jugs dangled over the frame of the exercycle, and then redoing her
bonds the way Anne had suggested. The naked nymph strode over to stand
before her other captive, gloating.

"Well, how do you like watching your aunt get dog fucked?" she asked
brightly. She put her hands on her hips and tilted her head saucily to
one side.

Martin sat very, very still. Better react, he thought, "You bitch," he
rasped. "You evil, filthy, dirty, diseased sow of a slut. When I get out
of this -- "

"Don't be so sure you will," grinned Anne. "And anyway, don't use up all
your best threats just yet. Wait and see what I do to auntie dear next!"
With that she turned and flounced off, wagging her hips so her butt
jiggled fetchingly.

We'll see, the blond-haired youth thought. Moving gently, as
imperceptibly as he could, Martin returned to his task, sawing his bonds
against the little spur of steel that had gashed his arms. The tape was
beginning to give way.

The nude cheerleader disappeared around the bottom of the stairwell,
into the area where the family's tools were kept. "Don't just stand
there with your teeth in your mouth, Chuck," she called. "Whip your
prong out and plug it into our girl!"

Chuck's lip curled up involuntarily. "But -- but she's all full of dog
jism," he protested.

"Her cunt is," Anne said, "but not her ass. Ah, here we go!"

Bobbing his head in raging lust, Chuck tore down the zipper of his
pants. He had no underwear on under his uniform trousers, and his
steel-hard cock shot from his fly like a coiled spring. Watching Trooper
rape the captive librarian had gotten him hotter than he'd ever been.

Jacqui was slumped over the cycle. "Get ready," he growled, and grabbed
her ass with both hands.

Jacqui lifted her head listlessly. She felt her butt cheeks being spread
apart by Chucks unsteady hands. Then a stabbing pain shot up her back.

The security guard's thumbs had pulled open her little asshole far
enough to shove his lengthy prick right on in. Jacqui gasped as the
unlubricated arrowhead of prick filled her asshole.

"Aggh," she gurgled. "Get it -- yeeeeOOOOOW!" Chuck's fingers dug
furrows in her tender assflesh as he started forcing his prick straight
into Jacqui's dry asshole. The woman's buttocks strained and whitened as
she tried to shut her ass passage to his prick, but it was useless. Inch
by inch he drove his cock up her protesting asshole.

The ropes chafed her wrists. Jacqui couldn't raise herself for the rope
around her neck. But she had to escape -- the pain was unbelievable!
Chuck's cock was as long and hard and unpleasant as a baton would have
been going up the librarian's ass. And the tremendous cock's ungreased
surface grated the sensitive anal membranes. It felt as though Chuck's
prick were wrapped in barbed wire!

Tears started from Jacqui's tightly shut eyes. Her stomach tightened as
though trying to squeeze them out -- them and that agonizing cock!
"That's it," Chuck grunted, barely able to speak for the incredible
pressure crushing his prick. "The more you fight it, the more fun it is
for -- eeg! Omigod! -- me!"

"Kawiii -- it!" Jacqui begged. "You're tearing me apart! Pain ... so
much pain! Can't take it! Killing meeee!"

"No, it's not," Anne said, coming back into the rec area of the spacious
basement. "But you'll wish it had!"

Jacqui paid no attention. Her whole being was concentrated on the
seemingly endless cock grinding its dreadful way into her asshole.

At last Chuck had every unbelievable inch of his prick well-planted
between the prisoner's snowy ass cheeks. His cock, sensitized so that
every beat of Jacqui's racing heart sent chills up his spine and pulsed
with pleasure in her butt. His head hung down, and for a long moment he
studied the way his crotch pressed in against the woman's perfect ass.
Then he looked up.

He caught his breath. Jacqui lifted her head. Her eyes got big as

Smiling, Anne scratched a match with her long thumbnail. She held the
flame up and brought a hand blow-torch into hissing, burning life. She
blew out the match and adjusted the flame to an angry orange spear.

"Like it?" she asked. Heat washed over Jacqui's ashen face. Anne
adjusted the torch again, so the flame was a long, feathery billow, like
a dragon's breath.

Jacqui couldn't find her breath. Even the fact that Chuck had pulled his
prick out and was beginning to cornhole her drywall ass didn't reach her
stunned, horrified brain. The pain from the well-fucked butt was
hideous, but not half as hideous as the pain she knew for a dreadful
certainty she would soon feel.

Almost sobbing with passion, Chuck fucked the captive's upturned butt.
The skin seemed to be being sanded off his cock, but he didn't mind! The
seemingly raw nerves in his prick were sending unbearable intense
messages of pleasure to his brain.

The beautiful black-haired bitch was going to torture the hot librarian
with the searing flame of the torch! Chuck knew he should have been
repelled by the very idea. But he wasn't. He was hornier than he'd ever
been in his life.

A small coral tongue ran round Anne's full lips. Wicked green eyes
locked to Jacqui's wide panic-stricken amber ones. "Ugh, ugh, ugggh!"
grunted Chuck as he poled his prick ever faster in and out of Jacqui's
now-unresisting asshole. Like a wren hypnotized by a serpent, the
captive stared at Anne Roxbury's eyes. They reflected the flames in a
dancing glitter of hellfire.

Anne took a step forward. The tape around Martin's arms parted with a
tearing sound he thought could have been heard in the next county. But
none of the others heard him. They were too wrapped up in the dreadful
drama of their own invention.

Another step. "We'll start with the boobs, I think," Anne whispered.
Martin tore hysterically at the tape wrapped around his ankles, not
caring if they heard him or not. "If I'm careful I can give them the
equivalent of a bad sunburn. Then while that's sinking in, I'll fry off
your cunt hairs ..."

Her face white a paper, Jacqui worked her jaws as though chewing the
plea she couldn't find the voice for, no, no -- no! Every muscles in her
lovely ass was taut with intolerable pain.

The fear throttled Chuck's giant prick, half-way impaling Jacqui's ass.
"Urrrrk!" he exclaimed, and shot his wad.

Anne held out the hiss, sputtering torch, took aim on a flawless tit,
started to lean down ...

Martin launched himself from the seat of the rowing machine like a
vengeful thunderbolt. Anne barely had time to look up before he hit her
like a semi. She went flying backwards in a flailing tangle of naked
white limbs. The torch shot out of her hands and bounced off a wall,
fortunately going out in the process.

Pushing hard with both hands against the pallid asscheeks, Chuck hauled
his pumping, coming, cock out of the bound woman's butt. It was almost
free when Martin rolled hard against his legs. It shot out of Jacqui's
asshole like a bullet, hosing come all over her ass as the youth fell

Squealing with terror, Chuck writhed from Martin's grip. The enraged
blond youth started after him, then caught a dull black gleam from the
corner of his eye, and dove for that.

A devilish growl made him turn his head to see a furry red demon
streaking to the defense of its master. Martin came up on one knee just
as Trooper, the Doberman, leapt for his face, tooth-filled jaws wide

Orange flame blossomed amid world-shattering noise. The dog's body
stopped in the air as though it had struck an invisible barrier. Martin
Reinhard pumped two more slugs into the twisting body from Chuck's .38
before the dog fell back to lie in a spreading crimson stain on the

"All right, you goddamn shits!" Martin snarled, menacing his former
captors with the pistol. They shrank away from them. Anne's big boobs
heaved in fear. Chuck's already half-limp prick was creamed with his
jism, sticking out of his trousers.

"Now it's your turn," Martin said, and stood up.

Hopelessly, Anne began to scream ...

The big waterbed in Martin's room rolled with the naked pair side to
side on a relaxing, gentle swell. "Here's my favorite," Martin said,
holding up a snapshot for his aunt to look at. Jacqui's slim nipples
were very hard as she took it. "Anne sure looked funny, walking around
the room on her hands, while you guided her by the broom handle in her

Jacqui licked her lips. Her eyes seemed to devour the picture. Most
especially did they focus on a white, tear-stained, pain-wracked face. A
face framed by a wealth of jet-black hair.

"Chuck looks better this way," Martin laughed, holding another snapshot
up. "With his feet tied behind his head -- really cute. Never could tell
his ass from his face anyway."

Jacqui had pulled another picture from the thick stack and was studying
it. Martin leaned over, his breath warm on her bare boobs, to see which
one it was. He wrinkled his nose in disapproval. "You shouldn't have
used that blowtorch on Anne," he said, shaking his head. "Her dad's head
of the local seminary -- he'd have killed her, and Chuck too, of he ever
got a glimpse of these photos. Wasn't it enough to know you owned her
pretty little ass?"

Jacqui's grin was wolfish. "She'll get over it -- and it won't leave any
marks. I was careful to just toast her tits and her fat ass. She'll be
some time growing back her cunt hair, though. But she'll be alright --
the equivalent of a bad sunburn, just like she said."

The damp, wet smell of aroused cunt reached her nephew's nostrils.
"You're getting turned on, aren't you, you sadistic little bitch!"

Jacqui laughed as she twitched down the colorful sheet. Martin's
gigantic cock stood out from his crotch like a mini telephone pole.
"Look who's talking," she said, climbing uncertainly to her knees on the
rolling, shifting surface. "Let me get on top this time -- you did all
the work last time ..."

Once more she tasted the incomparable delight of hot cock filling her
pussy. She slid her cunt down to the base of the trembling prick. Yes,
she thought, as she began to fuck herself. Yes, I do own little Annie's
ass. She smiled lustfully down at her nephew. He lay with his eyes
closed, looking complacently horny.

And yours too, you poor little fool, she thought. It was hard to keep
from laughing as she thought about those pictures, those damned pictures
he'd taken of her -- of them. The one's he'd blackmailed her with.

The ones she'd stolen. And hidden where her nephew would never find

"You stud -- you great big fucker," she murmured. "Fuck me hard!"

The End

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