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Easy Wild Wife

Easy Wild Wife
by Don Scott

Chapter 1

Even though she knew she was a beautiful woman, Karen still worried
about Joe, her husband, whenever he went "out with the guys." She
always suspected that maybe he was going to meet a woman.

She looked at herself in the mirror, wishing she felt as beautiful and
sexy as she knew she looked.

Karen Hobson stood five-foot-eight and had the most incredibly
curvaceous body any man could imagine. Her most impressive feature was
her tits. Karen's tits billowed out from her body, huge and creamy,
with areolas a chocolate-brown color. They were wider across than a
man's palm. Her nipples stood out prominently, and Karen wasn't afraid
to wear clothes that showed off her tits to their best advantage.

She had a flat stomach and rather wide hips with strong, full, muscular
thighs that could hold a man's head trapped to her pussy if she wanted

Karen's 4OD-24-37 physique had turned Joe on for years, and never once
had she turned him down when he wanted to fuck, have his cock sucked,
or stick his tongue deep into her pussy until she came.

She had a medium-size mouth with lips that were neither full nor thin;
large, dark brown eyes with slender eyebrows that arched above them
whenever she thought seriously, and a narrow nose with rather high
cheekbones that gave her something of an aristocratic appearance. Her
hair was auburn, not quite red or brown, and she usually wore it
loosely pinned atop her head in an indistinct bun, with satiny tendrils
of hair falling down her smooth cheeks.

"What's wrong, honey?" Joe asked, his shirt still open as he prepared
for his evening out. "Still worried about me going out after all these

Though he tried to say it in a joking tone, Karen took the words with
painful seriousness. She looked at him in the mirror, wishing she
really knew what was going on inside his head.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am."

"You shouldn't."

A thought came to Karen, and it was so beautiful she couldn't help
breaking into a big, beaming smile.

"Before you go out there's something I want to do ... just so you won't
forget about me when you're with your friends."

"Hmmmm?" Joe murmured, turning his back on Karen as he tucked his
shirttails into his pants.

Karen grabbed the bottom of her loose, fluffy sweater and jerked it
over her head. Her huge, milky tits jiggled tautly inside the lacy,
confining, tight-fitting bra. Looking down, she was surprised to see
that her nipples had already gotten hard. She could feel them tingling
with anticipation.

She unclasped the hook-and-eye fastener between the cups of her bra and
let it filter down her arms. Karen cast the bra to the floor on top of
her discarded sweater.

"I don't know what time I'll be home tonight," Joe said, looking into
his own personal mirror, which was fixed to the back of the clothes
closet door. He was knotting his necktie. "Don't wait up for me. What
was that you said about giving me something to remember you by while
I'm gone? Honey, I'll only be with the guys a couple of hours."

Karen remained as quiet as possible as she stripped out of her slacks.
Getting to her feet, completely naked except for a pair of sexy bikini
panties, Karen put her hands on her wide hips and waited for Joe to
turn around.

When Joe did turn around, his jaw dropped.

"Goddamn it, Karen, even after all these years the sight of your body
gives me an instant hard-on."

He tapped his crotch, his fingertips playing along the slumbering
column of cockmeat that was nestled inside.

"You're the sexiest woman I've ever known in my entire life."

Karen gave her shoulders a little shake, sending her huge, hard-nippled
tits in motion. She licked her glistening red lips lewdly,
suggestively. Even though she hadn't touched her cunt, she could feel
the pussyjuice oozing to her pink cuntlips, making her panties stick to

"I want to make sure that you remember what good stuff you've got
waiting for you at home," Karen said in a husky, sultry whisper. "And I
don't even care if you brag about it to your buddies tonight, either."

Karen's mind was reeling as she watched her husband's prick getting
steadily larger and larger inside his slacks, stretching down the leg.
He had a big, beautiful cock that measured a cunt-stretching ten-inches
long when it was fully hard.

"Tonight, my darling," Karen said, her voice quivering a little as she
struggled with herself to say the words that she knew her husband was
dying to hear. "Tonight, before you leave, I'm yours to do with
whatever you want."

"Anything?" Joe's eyes widened visibly. "Mine? To do with whatever I

Karen nodded her head almost imperceptibly. Her heart was pounding in
her chest. There was very little she wouldn't do for the man she loved,
but Joe did like some sexual things that she didn't care for, like
fucking her tits and then cumming on her face.

Though Karen loved it when he titty-fucked her - she always figured her
big tits and his big cock were made for each other - then shot his hot,
gooey cum all over her tits, she didn't like it when he came on her

Also, she didn't like to ass-fuck her husband. She'd spread her
asscheeks and taken his ten-inch-long cock into her asshole before, but
it was always a painful experience, and Karen just didn't care for it
at all.

Something told her - perhaps it was the glint in Joe's eyes - that her
asshole was going to get reamed out before he took off on a drinking
binge with his buddies.

"I want to give you what you want so you won't forget me here at home
while you're out with your friends."

A shiver of fear rippled through Karen's curvaceous body as Joe walked
boldly toward her, crossing the room in a few quick steps.

"Oh, Joe!" Karen gasped as her husband grabbed her tits.

He did it this way sometimes and it turned Karen on in a way that she
really didn't understand. Normally Joe fondled her tits very softly,
carefully caressing her lust-hardened nipples and sucking on them
tenderly. But sometimes he was like a wildman, grabbing her tits and
gouging his fingers deep into the huge mounds of feminine flesh.

He was being rough with her, and Karen felt hot pussyjuice oozing to
the entrance of her cunt because of it.

Joe's powerful fingers burrowed deep into her 4OD-cup tits. He cupped
both tits, mauling them with his strong hands as he kissed her mouth
brutally hard, thrusting his tongue between her lips.

Karen twisted her arms around Joe's neck, leaving her tits exposed for
him to hungrily, passionately fondle. She groaned a little with pain
when she felt his fingers twisting almost savagely one nipple. Hot
bolts of pleasure and pain sizzled through her veins and her clit
throbbed hotly between her cuntlips.

When the kiss finally ended, Karen turned her face away from her
husband, puffing his mouth down to her neck. She squirmed as he
brutalized her big, aching, passion-hungry tits.

"Take me, Joe. Any way you want me! Take me! Take me!"

Though she'd seen him this way before, Karen had never seen Joe quite
this crazed with lust. Realizing that he was as turned on as she'd ever
seen him delighted the big-titted brunette, letting her know that she
still hadn't lost her feminine charms.

Still holding onto Karen's tits, Joe pushed her backward until the
backs of her knees touched the edge of their large bed. He gave Karen a
powerful shove and she fell backward, her tits bouncing crazily on her
chest, spread out a little more than normal now because she was on her
back. There were red marks on her tits where Joe's hands had been.

"You hot-blooded bitch!" he hissed.

Karen stifled the shriek she kept trapped in her chest when Joe grabbed
her panties and ripped them off her. She lay there, her arms at her
sides, legs flopping over the edge of the bed, completely naked. Joe
ripped open his pants and pulled out his huge, rock-solid cock. He
didn't even bother to take his shirt and tie off or push his pants down
much below his cock and balls.

"Oh, Joe!" Karen sighed as her husband dropped to his knees at the side
of the bed and buried his face between her thighs.

She felt his tongue pushing between her cuntlips at the same time his
hands once again covered her big, sensitive tits. Joe fucked his
stiffened tongue as deep into Karen's cunt as he could, pinching and
tugging on her aching nipples at the same time to send a strange
combination of pleasure and pain rippling through her body.

"Eat me! Oh, God! Eat my cunt, Joe!" Karen sighed, rolling her head
from side to side on the big, soft bed as she felt her cuntlips being
pried apart by her husband's experienced tongue.

When Joe sucked her clit between his lips and whipped the red-hot
nubbin with his tongue, Karen nearly came right then and there. The
wild thrills that were going through her were almost more than she
could sanely bear. The realization that she could still turn her
husband into a sex-crazed maniac delighted her as she quivered on the
bed, giving her senses free rein.

"Mmmmmmmft!" Joe slurped, dragging his tongue through Karen's tight,
pink cuntlips until he reached her clit.

Joe's prick wagged about from his waist, hard as a fence post, the
cockhead almost purple, very mean-looking. He sank his fingers deep
into Karen's lush mounds of tits flesh, unmindful of whether he was
hurting her or not, only concerned with having the most erotic
experience of his life.

Karen raised one knee, moving her foot over a little so that the back
of her knee was on Joe's shoulder and her leg bounced lightly on his
back. She could feel his tongue probing deep inside her cunt, working
between her slick pussylips to drink up all the sweet, slick pussy-
juice that she had to give.

"Soooooo goood!" Karen purred, her lips parted a little as she squirmed
in sexual ecstasy.

She loved it when her husband fucked his tongue into her cunt. Karen
almost always came extremely hard whenever Joe decided to eat her

It came as a surprise when Joe threw Karen's legs over his shoulders.
The backs of her knees were on his shoulders as he stood up. Karen's
ass raised off the bed. Her eyes got large as she wondered what her
husband had in mind for her.

"Joe what are you - awwwwwww!"

Without any preliminaries, without any forewarning, Joe brought his
cockhead to Karen's asshole and plunged into her.

The huge, bullet-shaped cockhead met resistance at Karen's tight
asshole. But Joe was not to be denied. He would not allow himself not
to enjoy ass-fucking Karen. It was something she so seldom allowed him.

Despite her size, Karen felt like a rag doll getting raped. Only her
head and shoulders were on the bed as Joe gripped her thighs firmly in
his hands, holding her so that the backs of her thighs were against the
front of his body with her legs over his shoulders.

"Uh!" Joe grunted with exertion, throwing his hips forward to sink
another couple inches of his fiery, turgid prick into his voluptuous
wife's asshole.

Karen's big, creamy tits jiggled on her chest, the areolas a dark brown
with the lust and agony that she felt. It seemed like her asscheeks
were being ripped apart by the thick, broad, oval-shaped shaft of her
husband's cock. His pricktip kept burrowing deeper and deeper into her
asshole. She felt consciousness slipping away from her, and as she felt
this happening, the pain in her asshole became less intense.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Joe grunted and heaved, pistoning his hips as he stood at
the edge of the bed, trying to work all ten inches of his red-hot prick
into Karen's ass.

Karen's arms were above her head, twitching on the bed as she felt
Joe's massive, conical cockhead driving relentlessly deeper and deeper
into her asshole. She moaned softly, surprised that she didn't feel
much pain now, her mind spinning, a cloud seeming to have descended
over her brain to make everything she felt hazy and indistinct.

"Take ... take me, Joe!" she murmured.

She knew that those were the words he wanted to hear as he lunged at
her, sinking the last of his cock into her asshole. When Karen felt his
cum-churning balls slap into the crevice of her asscheeks she realized
that she'd taken all ten inches of his bone-hard cock into her ass.

Joe spread his feet wide apart for better balance as he jerked his hips
to and fro, pounding into his wife's asscheeks, sinking his red-hot
cock into her butt with furious energy. Each time he pulled back, he
paused a moment, feeling her asshole flexing and tightening around his
cock. Then he drove his cock into her asshole, throwing himself at her,
pushing all of his prick into her ass as he pulled her back against

"Uh! Uh! Uh!"

Karen could hear the harsh sounds of Joe's grunting as he pummeled her
asscheeks with his body, torturing and yet tantalizing her asshole with
his gigantic prick.

She could hear the sound of her husband's body slapping against the
backs of her firm, quivering thighs as he pounded his huge prick into
her asshole. Each time Joe's body struck against Karen's, her tits
shook on her chest, spread apart slightly, the nipples hard and

"Oh, Joe! You're so big! You're too big for me," Karen said weakly.

She opened her eyes just slits, looking through her dark eyelashes up
at her husband. The expression on his face was one of obsession, of
almost demonic lust. She saw the muscles in his forearms flexing just
beneath the surface of his skin as he gripped her legs tightly, keeping
her ass up in the air so that he could fuck it. His chest muscles
bulged out more than Karen could ever remember seeing before.

"Y-Your ass ... is so ... tight!" Joe groaned through clenched teeth.

He threw his hips forward with extra energy, which caused his big-
titted wife to give out a weak squeal. He watched her tits shaking from
her chest and thought about fucking them, then decided that he should
continue to ass-fuck Karen as long as she was letting him.

"Cum, lover! Cum in my ass!"

Karen's senses were becoming unclouded and she could once again feel
the entire enormous length of her husband's throbbing cock as it lanced
into her asshole. Karen could feel the rim of Joe's massive cockhead
sliding to and fro deep inside her butt. And though her asscheeks felt
like they were being ripped apart, Karen was also filled with an almost
overpowering sensation of being thoroughly crammed with hard cockmeat.

The pain was coming back to her. When Karen heard the familiar
grumbling sound coming from deep within her husband's chest, she knew
that she didn't have long to wait before she got his hot load of cum
squirting deep in her asshole.

"Goddamn! Oh! Karen! Sweet Karen!"

The words delighted the big-titted brunette as she writhed in blissful
agony at the end of her husband's long, thick, pulsating cock. She
shivered, her big tits shaking on her chest. He bore into her, sliding
every inch of his big prick between her asscheeks, reaming out her butt
until his cock was completely buried inside her.

Karen felt Joe's balls get trapped between her asscheeks and his
quivering, flexing thighs. When his balls pulled up between his legs,
she felt them jerk and a second later felt cum gushing deep inside her

"Yesssss!" she hissed, tightening her asshole around the driving prick
that lanced into her tortured butt again and again.

The deluge of cum that spewed out of Joe's balls flooded Karen's
asshole. When she had used her ass to work every last drop of cum from
his balls, Joe pushed her legs off his shoulders. Karen nearly slipped
off the bed, her feet on the floor, the edge of the bed at the small of
her back.

"Ohhhh! Darling, you haven't fucked me with that much energy in a long,
long time."

Karen felt absolutely fucked out. Like she didn't have another ounce of
energy in her entire body. She fell to the floor, landing heavily on
her still-aching asscheeks.

"When I said I wanted to give you something to remember me by tonight,
I never dreamed you'd throw something like that at me!"

"How was it?" Joe asked, a confident smile playing with the corners of
his mouth as he hitched up his pants, tucking his satisfied prick and
empty balls back inside.

"I ... I think you've fucked me out," Karen replied, even her tongue
sound weak and fucked-out. "Oh, dear, you really got horny, didn't

Karen continued sitting on the floor, leaning back against her bed
until Joe had left the house. Then, naked, she got back onto the bed,
belly down, and fell to sleep, her asshole tingling madly from the
blissful abuse it had received.

Karen slept confidently, secure in the knowledge that she had fucked
Joe so well that he wouldn't even think about another woman that night.

She had no idea how wrong she was.

Chapter 2

When Karen awoke Saturday morning, she reached across the bed to feel

Only Joe wasn't there.

Instantly she was vividly awake. She looked at the small clock beside
the bed. It was eight-thirty in the morning and Joe still wasn't home!

She threw the blankets off her naked, voluptuous body, her mind
spinning as she thought about what might have happened to him.

Just then the telephone rang. Karen answered it quickly.

"Joe? Joe? Are you all right?" she asked rapidly.

"Mrs. Hobson?" a strange male voice asked.

"Yes. This is Mrs. Hobson."

Karen's heart stopped beating. She was convinced without being told
that something terrible had happened to her beloved husband.

"Mrs. Hobson, this is Sheriff Carlisle, and I've got some bad news for

Sheriff Carlisle did have some bad news for Karen, and when he was
finished telling it, it didn't leave Karen feeling sad. It left her
feeling pissed as hell.

Joe had been arrested in the wee hours of the morning on a Driving
While Intoxicated charge. What made matters worse was that he had a
woman with him and she was giving him a blow-job when Joe was pulled
over and subsequently arrested.

By the time Karen hung up the phone, she had a slow burning anger
inside her that she knew wouldn't easily be soothed. The lousy, rotten,
two-timing son of a bitch! thought Karen as she sat in her bedroom.

Her asshole was still tingling a little from taking Joe's monstrous,
bone-hard prick into it the previous evening. Karen remembered how
she'd wantonly told Joe that he could have her any way he wanted to.
She was even going to let him titty-fuck her and cum on her face, if
that would please him.

She did all that for him and how did she get treated in return? He goes
out and gets a blow-job from some slut!

Karen was fuming. She had to go to jail to get him out, but she really
felt like leaving him in there over the weekend. If it wasn't for the
fact that he had an extremely important business appointment early on
Monday morning, she'd let him stay in jail.

But, of course, Karen knew she couldn't let him stay there. The
business appointment could change their lives. It might just possibly
almost double their yearly income. No matter how angry Karen was at her
husband, she wouldn't allow herself to destroy an opportunity like
that. He'd worked too hard to set the meeting up for her own petty
grievances to stand in the way.

Still angry but now being able to think a bit more rationally, Karen
got up from the bed, wondering what she should do next.

* * *

Barbara waited until she heard the line click dead before she put her
receiver on the cradle. She could feel the pounding of her heart in her

Daddy was getting a blow-job from a woman while he was driving drunk,
she thought. Now he's in jail and mom must be going right out of her

A teenager, Barbara resembled her mother in many ways. She had Karen's
auburn hair, except Barbara had hers fashioned in a somewhat punk
style, and combed back above the ear on one side. Her cheekbones were
very prominent, and she usually highlighted them with a bit of rouge.
Her eyes were hazel and quite beautiful.

Barbara didn't have her mother's big tits, but her 36C-24-36 figure had
turned many heads in her young life, and she was justifiably proud of
her almost perfect proportions.

The girl took a pack of cigarettes from the drawer near her bed and lit
one, inhaling the smoke slowly and letting it slowly exhale.

She had to help her mother get Joe out of jail.

* * *

"So you were listening on the other extension then?" Karen asked
quietly, shocked that her daughter knew everything. "I'm sorry. You
weren't suppose to hear that. At your age you shouldn't have to deal
with problems like this."

"That's okay," Barbara said, standing uncomfortably in the doorway to
her parents' bedroom. "I want to help if I can. I'm not a baby any
more, you know."

Karen looked at Barbara and smiled. It was true. Barbara wasn't a
little girl any more. She was young and beautiful, and there was a
toughness to her spirit that Karen knew she herself didn't possess.

"Well, we'll see if there's anything you can do later," Karen said
finally. "Right now I've got to go to the police station and see what I
can do to get Joe out."

Barbara nodded her head thoughtfully. "Then I'll see you when you get

* * *

"I've got to check you for weapons," Deputy Phelps said to Karen. "Put
your hands against the wall and don't move 'em until I tell you

A shiver of fear went through Karen as she put her hands against the
wall, placed her feet back a little more, and spread her feet in the
standard position she'd seen on so many television shows.

Deputy Phelps had a rotten reputation in town as a man who would abuse
his authority, and the reputation was well deserved.

"I've only come here to see my husband," Karen said, surprised that her
voice was just a whisper.

"Shut up!" Deputy Phelps snapped harshly. "Don't talk unless you're
spoken to."

Karen felt the deputy's hands at her ankle. His hands traveled up her
leg, over her calf to her thigh. Karen groaned softly as she felt
Deputy Phelps's fingers kneading her thigh through her slacks.

"What are you doing?" Karen asked as the deputy's hands moved slowly up
her thigh.

"Shut the fuck up I said!"

Karen closed her eyes. She dropped her head, her chin on her chest now.
Despite her contempt for the deputy, she could feel a new warmth in her
cunt from the way he was massaging her thigh, his hands moving closer
and closer to her pussy.

At the top of her leg, his fingers nearly touching her pussy through
her slacks and panties, the deputy's upward progress stopped and he
started on her other ankle, once again working this way up.

Karen sighed with relief. She didn't want him to touch her cunt because
if he did he'd surely feel the pussyjuice that was heating and
moistening her cunt.

The hands were at her other thigh, kneading and massaging the muscular
flesh. This time, however, the deputy boldly put his hand at the
juncture of Karen's thighs, pressing his fingers against her cuntlips.

"Oh!" Karen gasped.

Deputy Phelps rubbed his hand back and forth over Karen's cuntlips,
forcing her panties to press hard against her tingling clit. She bit
her lower lip softly to keep from moaning. Even though she despised the
cruel bastard, his fingers were igniting a fire in her cunt that she
knew wouldn't easily be doused.

"Lady, you've got one hell of a body," Deputy Phelps said, a cruel tone
to his words. "One of the absolute best in town. You sure as hell have
the biggest tits!"

He laughed and Karen felt a sense of dread sweeping over her. There was
nothing she could do to fight the bastard. If she didn't please Deputy
Phelps, he could turn her away and she wouldn't have a chance to talk
to Joe.

When Karen felt the deputy's fingers sliding under her sweater in back,
touching her flesh, her clit throbbed hotly between her pink, juicy
cuntlips. Not even her own personal revulsion of the man could stop her
passion-hungry, wanton body from responding to what he was doing to

He pushed both hands up Karen's sweater, all the way up to her
shoulders. Then Deputy Phelps's right hand slipped around her body and
he cupped her tit in his palm, the fingers pressing into her firm tit
through her bra.

The tingles that went from Karen's nipple through her body was like a
powerful electric shock. She had a man's hand grabbing her tit,
squeezing and rubbing it. Karen's tits hadn't been touched by anyone
but herself and Joe in years. She hated Deputy Phelps for what he was
doing to her, and yet she was getting turned on, too.

"Fuckin' A!" the deputy hissed under his breath.

He reached around Karen's body with both hands and grabbed her tits
under her sweater. His fingers bore deep into the 4OD-cup tits. As he
fondled her tits, he rubbed his crotch against her asscheeks, sliding
his hips from side to side as his cock got hard inside his pants.

Karen remained in the position, feet spread wide, leaning forward with
her hands against the wall. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut as she
tried to ignore the swirling sensations of lust that were going through
her. The heat of the deputy's prick seemed to go straight into her. It
was almost as though neither of them had any clothes on and she could
feel the burning heat of his throbbing cock against her naked

Deputy Phelps pushed Karen's sweater so that it was bunched above her
tits and was above her shoulder blades in back. He chuckled as he
grabbed her bra and unfastened the clasp at her back.

"Oh no!" Karen moaned softly as she felt her bra loosening around her
body, the cups releasing their tension against her huge boobs.

A moment later Karen heard a zipping sound and felt the deputy's cock
press between her asscheeks. His arms wound around her body and he
grabbed her tits, his fingers pushing the cups away from the boobs. He
pinched her nipples hard and rolled them, which sent a fresh wave of
pussyjuice to Karen's cunt.

"Suck my cock," the deputy hissed viciously.

Karen shook her head. She wouldn't suck his cock no matter what. The
only man in the world she'd ever given a blow-job to was her husband,
and she wasn't going to change that fact with a cruel son of a bitch
who forced himself upon her.

"Lousy cunt," Deputy Phelps hissed through clenched teeth.

He sank his fingers painfully deep into Karen's tits to show her that
he didn't like being denied anything. His uniform pants were down to
his knees and his cock - all nine thick, fiery inches of it - was
trapped between his body and Karen's asscheeks, rubbing against the
fabric of her slacks.

Karen could really feel the heat of the deputy's prick now. Her clit
was tingling madly, erect with the lust that was sizzling through her,
seething with passion. She wished that Deputy Phelps would once again
reach between her wide-spread thighs to rub his hand against her
cuntlips, then cursed herself silently for thinking such thoughts.

"Oh, yeah! Lady, you could really do my cock justice!" the deputy
whispered. "I could really get off on a broad like you. I like cunts
with big tits and big asses!"

"You bastard," Karen whispered.

She waited for retribution, but apparently the deputy hadn't heard her.
Karen ran the tip of her tongue around her mouth, licking her lips to
moisten them. The hands that worked over her tits had become more
gentle, and the response her body had to having her tits fondled and
her nippled pinched softly and rolled was powerful.

Slick, juicy girl-cum flowed to Karen's cuntlips and she wondered if
there was so much pussyjuice there that it would seep through her
panties and slacks. She could never see Joe with a wet spot in her
slacks. He knew what kind of horny woman she was, and he'd suspect -
and accurately - what had happened the moment he saw her.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" the deputy moaned, sliding his hips back and

His cock pulsated hotly as he rubbed it in the crevice of his captive's
magnificent asscheeks. Deputy Phelps kept his prick trapped between his
own body and hers and though he wasn't actually fucking her, the
stimulation the situation gave him made the cum simmer in his balls.

Karen tried to control her breathing and the response her fiery body
was having to what the deputy was doing to her. She tried and she
failed. Her clit was too aroused to be calmed down. The cups of her bra
were above her tits and the deputy was squeezing her big mounds of tit
flesh firmly but without undue force, just the way Karen liked her
ultra-sensitive tits to be massaged.

"Suck my cock," the deputy repeated.

Karen shook her head, her auburn hair jouncing a little. She couldn't
speak. Her mouth was bone dry. The heat of the deputy's prick as it
slid up and down through the tight valley of her asscheeks was making
her shiver with ecstasy.

Deputy Phelps felt his balls beginning to burn. He jerked his hips back
and forth faster, huffing and panting as the underside of his prick
slid against Karen's slacks. He held tightly onto her tits, pressing
his fingers deep into the biggest tits he'd ever felt in his life.

Karen's eyes were squeezed tightly shut. She tried to picture the
deputy's prick, mentally judging its length and thickness. She hadn't
seen his cock, but from what she could tell he had a big, hard,
delicious cock that she would love to suck and have jamming hard and
fast into her dripping cunt. She would love to fuck the deputy, if only
he wasn't forcing himself upon her, if only she wasn't married to Joe,
that two-timing bastard.

The hoarse gasp that Karen heard behind her was followed almost
instantly by the hot, juicy feel of cum splashing up her back.

Deputy Phelps released Karen's tits and grabbed her hips, holding her
securely as she leaned against the wall. His hips pistoned back and
forth furiously as cum squirted from his balls and spit out of his

Thick, white jets of cum shot out of the deputy's cockhead. The cum
lanced through the air and splashed onto Karen's back, hitting her
almost as high as her shoulder blades, leaving trails of gooey white
cum down to the waistband of her slacks.

"Cunt! Whore!" the khaki-clad deputy groaned as cum exploded out of his
free-swinging, overheated balls.

Karen almost came herself just from the feel of the cum on her back.
She felt the rivers of cum hitting her on the small of the back. Her
cunt tightened up in response. Karen shivered as her clit throbbed
hotly between her tingling cuntlips.

"Ohhhhhh!" Deputy Phelps sighed.

He let go of Karen's hips and grabbed the shaft of his prick. He
stroked the shaft and cum trickled out of his pisshole. He rubbed his
pricktip against Karen's asscheeks, rubbing off the white cum on her

When he had shot his entire load of cum and completely emptied his
balls, he stepped away from Karen, his face flushed with the exertion
of what he'd just done.

"Okay, now you can go see your husband," he said, hitching up his

Karen, her chin on her chest, remained motionless for a couple seconds.
She could feel every drop of cum that the deputy had squirted onto her
turgid flesh. Her tits, hanging beneath her, were still tingling hotly
from his fingers. Her cuntlips were aching for a hard cock to spread
them wide, her clit sizzling with anticipation.

Slowly she straightened up, not really knowing what to do. She kept her
back toward the deputy so that he couldn't see her big, creamy tits.

Reaching behind her, Karen tried to hook her bra together again. The
move caused her tits to swell out from her chest even more than they
normally did.

When she caught the ends of her bra and started to hook them together,
Karen felt cum on her fingers. She groaned her disapproval, hoping that
the deputy would think she wasn't in the least bit aroused by what he'd
just done to her.

When she had her bra back together and her tits nestled tightly inside
the cups, she smoothed her sweater down over the huge swells of her
boobs. She could feel the cum sticking to the sweater, and though she
wouldn't admit it, the feel of the cum against her skin was an erotic
sensation to the big-titted brunette.

"Can I see him now?" Karen asked, turning around to face Deputy Phelps
for the first time since he'd made her lean against the wall to be
patted down.

"Sure thing. Now that I know you haven't got any weapons, you can see
him as long as you want to."

Chapter 3

"The only way I can get out of here is if you can come up with a
thousand dollars in cash," Joe Hobson said, looking through the bars of
the holding cell.

Karen cursed under her breath. Her cunt was hot and juicy and even
though she was so goddamn angry with Joe that she could scream, she
wanted to fuck him. Having the deputy's prick sliding between her
asscheeks, even though he hadn't taken her pants down, had fired up her
lust so much that she was horny as hell.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do," Karen said.

She glanced around Joe and saw Ol' Zachery, the town drunk, sleeping it
off on the cot against the wall of the cell.

"Tell me everything that happened, Joe. And you'd better tell me the
truth or I'll turn around and let you rot in here."

Karen was surprised that Joe gave her the whole truth, detail for
detail, without trying to varnish the facts to make them appear less
offensive. And the facts were simple enough - Joe had gotten drunk and
said he'd give this woman a ride home. In his car she whipped out his
cock and started to give him a blow-job. It was then that he got picked
up for DWI.

"And I didn't even cum," Joe said softly.

"I'll bet you're going crazy then," Karen replied. "I know how you hate
getting your cock sucked without cumming."

"I'm going out of my mind. Please, Karen, can't you help me?"

"With the thousand dollars for bail?"

"Yes, of course with that. But also with this."

Even as angry as she was with Joe, Karen's mouth watered like she was
anticipating a delicious steak when her husband whipped out his half-
hard cock and stuck it between the bars of his cell. Karen looked at
Joe's prick, remembering how it had fucked her into ecstasy countless

"Goddamn you, Joe!" she spat, fighting to have venom in her words.

She couldn't take her eyes off his prick. It looked absolutely
beautiful to her, and her cunt was already heated up from the deputy's
hands and cock.

"I hate you and love you all at the same time."

Karen sank to her knees on the hard concrete floor of the jail. She
looked at her husband's cockhead. The prick was growing even though she
wasn't touching it. In a couple seconds Joe's prick stretched out to
its full, throbbing size of ten inches long.

"You're a lousy bastard, but I love you," Karen murmured.

She kissed Joe's cockhead, smacking her lips softly on the spongy
pricktip. Her pink tongue slithered out between her lips and Karen
licked the clefted underside of the cockhead. The taste of the cock, as
it always did, turned Karen on. Her aching cunt pulsed hotly, needing a
cock to spread her cuntlips more than ever before.

"Mmmmmm!" she purred softly, licking around the fat, bullet-shaped head
of her husband's meaty cock.

Karen grabbed the bars of the cell, using just her mouth on her
husband's cock. He was pressing himself hard against the bars, trying
to avail as much of his red-hot cock to Karen's lips and tongue as he

When she had the cockhead moist with her saliva, Karen kissed the
pisshole. She opened her lips just a little, taking the pisshole
between them. She used the tip of her tongue against the end of her
husband's cock, flicking her tongue against his pisshole in a way she
knew he enjoyed.

"Suck it, Karen," Joe sighed, looking through the bars at his beautiful
wife as she knelt on the other side of the cell. "Oh, baby, nobody
gives a blow-job like you do! I never should have let anybody suck my
cock. Nobody but you, Karen! From now on, you're the only one who'll
ever give me a blow-job."

That was small consolation for Karen, but she couldn't think about it
because her pussy was sizzling with lust and even though she couldn't
get fucked, at least she could have a cock to fill her mouth.

She nodded her head and shoulders, slowly taking more and more of Joe's
meaty cockhead into her mouth. Finally, her lips stretching wide, she
sucked the entire pricktip into her mouth. Her tingling lips tightened
around the broad, throbbing shaft, right behind the rim of the

"Mmmmmm!" Karen passionately moaned, swirling her tongue against the
underside of the cockhead.

She drew a suction on the cockhead and her cheeks caved in, conforming
perfectly to the bulbous pricktip that filled her mouth. Karen breathed
deeply through her nostrils, and her 4OD-cup tits jiggled from her
chest, confined inside the bra.

Nibbling on the shaft, Karen chewed tenderly on her husband's cock,
sucking more of it into her mouth. She could feel the throbbing
pricktip rubbing against the roof of her mouth, traveling slowly toward
her throat.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned again, kneading her butter-soft lips on the shaft
of Joe's prick as her tongue rubbed against the pulsing underside of
the cock.

Karen squeezed the bars of the cell so tightly that her knuckles turned
white. Her back felt clammy with the deputy's cum making her sweater
stick to her skin. The cum had cooled now and Karen wished that she
could wash it off. The cum felt good on her when it was hot. Now the
cum was caked and cold, and she didn't like it at all.

"Deeper, Karen," Joe sighed.

Karen sucked the prick between her lips until Joe's cockhead was at the
back of her mouth. She inhaled through her nose deeply, swelling her
tits out, feeling her nipples itching for attention.

"Mmmmmmft!" she slurped, withdrawing the cock from the hot, moist
recesses of her mouth.

Karen's lips crept over the ridge of the cockhead. Once again holding
just the tip of the prick in her mouth, she whipped the pisshole with
her tongue, searching for and finally receiving a pungent drop of pre-

Karen's large, deep brown eyes glazed over with the lust for cock that
consumed all her thoughts and emotions. She licked the head of her
husband's cock, tilting her head back to look up at his face. His eyes,
too, were glassy with lust as he peered through the bars of the cell
down at her.

"I love your cock," Karen whispered, nuzzling the pricktip with her
lips as she spoke. "You're a cheating bastard, but I'm in love with
your cock. It tastes so good in my mouth."

"That's my baby," Joe whispered.

Karen could only hope that Ol' Zachary would continue sleeping, and
that Deputy Phelps would stay in the office area of the jail.
Swallowing Joe's hot load of cum wouldn't satisfy her lusty needs, but
it would be enough to give her some pleasure, and that was all she
really hoped for as she pushed her lips over his cockhead.

She bobbed over the end of Joe's prick, bringing her lips back and
forth over the cockhead. Her tongue curled around the thick, throbbing
shaft of his cock as she held it deep in the sucking recesses of her
hot, juicy mouth.

Drops of pre-cum oozed out of Joe's pisshole and Karen licked them off
the moment they came out. She shivered, her nipples hard as pebbles
inside her tight-fitting bra. Karen thought of grabbing her tits, or
perhaps rubbing her cuntlips. She needed to cum, to feel her clit
exploding as slick waves of pussyjuice streamed out of her tight cunt.

But Karen also didn't want to get caught with her pants down -
literally - if Deputy Phelps came in. She had managed to keep his prick
out of her mouth and cunt, but if he caught her with her cunt exposed,
she was certain that he would just throw her down on the concrete floor
and rape her.

"Lick it, baby! Chew on my cock!"

Karen nodded her lovely face over her husband's prick faster and
faster. The pre-cum was oozing from his pisshole steadily now, making
the big-titted woman thirsty for his full load of cum. She wanted to
feel his thick, juicy wads of cum splattering against the roof of her
mouth and against her tonsils, feel his cockhead pulsating with lust as
his balls emptied themselves down her throat.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Karen purred, hollowing her cheeks in to squeeze the sides
of Joe's cockhead as she tongued the underside of the cock crown.

Taking her right hand from the iron bar, Karen gripped her husband's
cock tightly. She squeezed the shaft, watching the cockhead expanding
in size, the end of her husband's prick just a couple inches from her

"Hurry, Joe," Karen whispered, staring at her husband's pulsing
pricktip. "We haven't got much time."

She stroked the cock from the cockhead down to the shaft, working her
fist over the entire length of Joe's prick hard and fast. The
throbbing, pulsing prick sent heat through Karen's palm. Pussyjuice had
made her cunt extremely wet. Looking down, she saw that there was
indeed a wet spot in her slacks from her own excitement.

"Suck it!" Joe hissed.

Karen pushed her lips over the meaty cockhead. The moment her
glistening lips slipped over the rim of Joe's pricktip, she felt the
cockhead throb against her tongue.

A thick, pungent squirt of cum raced through the length of Joe's cock,
washing against Karen's tonsils. She was shocked at the force of her
husband's blast, caught off guard, and Karen nearly choked. Before she
had time to regain her composure, another rich, salty blast of cum
squirted out of Joe's cockhead.

"Ahhhhhh!" he sighed, his face pressed between two bars of the cell as
his balls detonated out their hot, gushing load of cum.

Karen pulled back so that only Joe's pisshole was still between her
lips. She swallowed furiously, feeling the gooey cum trickling down her
throat as more of the salty, syrup-like cum jetted out of Joe's
pisshole and gushed against her tongue.

"Arrrggghhhh!" Joe groaned, his face contorted with the wild, bone-
jarring ecstasy of cumming in his wife's hot mouth.

After the third eruption of cum, Karen finally caught up with her
husband. She twirled her tongue around his pisshole as gooey blasts of
cum spewed out. The hot, salty flavor of the cum made her red-hot clit
tingle delightfully. She wondered when she would be able to get Joe's
cock driving like a jack-hammer in her cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" she slurped soulfully, swallowing the last of her
husband's cum.

Karen sucked the cock as deep into her mouth as she could take it,
feeling the pricktip rubbing against her tonsils, nearly reaming out
her throat. She stroked the cockshaft and worked a couple final drops
of cum from the tube of his prick, then leaned back, sitting on the
backs of her heels, taking his cock out of her mouth.

"You're still a bastard, I want you to know that," she whispered,
looking up into Joe's face as she tenderly worked her fingertips over
the length of his cock. "I only did this so that you wouldn't go crazy.
But I'm angry with you, Joe. I don't want you to forget that."

Karen leaned forward, her tits shaking a little beneath the sweater,
and sucked for another couple seconds on her husband's prick.

She finally got to her feet, her entire body twitching a little with
the need to have her pussy stuffed with a bone-hard, driving cock.

"You've got to get me out of here by Monday morning," Joe whispered,
looking down into his wife's dark brown eyes. "Do whatever you have to,
Karen. I need to get out of here so that I can make that appointment.
You know how much that would mean to both of us!"

Karen nodded her head. It was true. The appointment would be wonderful
for them.

As she walked out of the jail she thought about what Joe had told her.
The words 'Do whatever you have to, Karen' seemed to ring in her ears.

Chapter 4

Barbara pulled the mesh stocking up her leg until the elasticized top
was in her fingertips. She smoothed the stocking around her thigh. The
stocking came up her leg, the dark elasticized band at the top of the
stocking about six or seven inches below her cunt.

She was dressing quickly and angrily. Since talking with her mother,
Barbara realized she had to take charge of the situation.

Karen had told Barbara everything and Barbara had listened with total
concentration as Karen told of how Deputy Phelps had felt her tits and
jerked off on her back, and how she had sucked daddy's cock through the
bars of his jail cell until he came in her mouth and she swallowed his
salty cum.

All of it had done two things for Barbara - excited her and it made her
realize how naive her mother could be. If Barbara was certain of
anything it was that Karen really didn't understand the whole scope of
the problems that they had to face together if they were ever going to
get Joe out of jail before his all-important Monday morning business

One: they had to raise a thousand dollars in cash for bail money. Since
the banks were closed, they would have to borrow the money from

Two: they had to somehow find someone who would vouch for Joe, so that
he could get released on bail before having to go before a judge when
court opened Monday afternoon.

As she thought about what she'd said to Karen, Barbara smiled. Karen
had just stepped out of the shower when Barbara started laying out
clothes for her to wear.

"Put these on and nothing else, Mother," Barbara said, her tongue
authoritative. "You've got a beautiful body and maybe that can work for
us. We've got a lot to do and it won't help if you hide those big tits
under fluffy sweaters."

Barbara had gotten no argument from her mother as she laid out the
clothes she figured Karen would look sexiest in. Not until Karen
started getting dressed did Barbara leave the bedroom so that she could
get ready for the evening's escapades herself.

She glanced at the wristwatch on her left wrist. It was six-thirty.

The watch had been a gift from her father on her sixteenth birthday.
This memory brought a chill over Barbara as she thought about how
miserable Joe must be in that cold, dank jail cell.

Barbara squirmed into a pair of extremely skimpy bikini panties. They
were black, and hardly covered up her cuntbush. At her hips it was just
a thin strip of fabric.

Next she stepped into a leather miniskirt. She slipped it around her
hips, then pulled up the zipper in back. The miniskirt came down to
just below the tops of her black mesh stockings, exactly as Barbara had

From her closet Barbara extracted a black leather suitcoat. She slipped
it on and looked at herself in the mirror without buttoning it. The
leather looked good against her skin. Her big, creamy tits, which were
naturally high and round, looked even more tempting in contrast to the
dark leather. She buttoned the jacket, not bothering to put a blouse on
at all.

From her right ear two strings of fake-diamond earrings dangled.
Barbara's right earlobe was pierced twice, her left earlobe only once.

"This is going to be one crazy fuckin' night," she murmured under her

The teenager's auburn hair was swirled into a wave in front, with a
curl of bangs coming down over her left eye. The diamond earring in her
left lobe glittered. The single diamond stud in her left lobe, which
was really just glass, couldn't be seen.

Also from her closet Barbara took out her most daring shoes. They were
open-toed, with high stiletto heels. Although the shoes were a little
uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time, Barbara figured it
wouldn't matter. She doubted she'd be spending much time on her feet
that evening.

Dropping a tube of lipstick into the pocket of her coat, Barbara left
the house after checking to see on her mother's progress.

"I'm hurrying! I'm hurrying!" Karen replied angrily, buttoning up the
lacy white lacy blouse that Barbara had selected for her. "I'm just not
used to going without a bra, that's all."

* * *

On her Honda 350cc motorcycle, Barbara felt daring and wild. The
miniskirt was bunched around her hips, and the wind was blowing against
her cunt, through her panties, as she rode through the suburban

Unlike her beautiful mother, Barbara was fully aware of her own raging
sexuality and of her bizarre fetishes. She wanted more than anything to
be a rock 'n' roll queen, to stand on a stage and sing to huge crowds.
This desire to be on stage manifested itself in a full-blown
exhibitionistic streak. Barbara was a performer and as such she loved
having an audience.

For the teenager, it almost seemed a waste of time to fuck someone
unless she had someone else watching her. Despite her tender years,
she'd already lost count of the times that she'd fucked some boy from
school while all his buddies watched. She really enjoyed giving blow-
jobs while having her pussy stuffed with a cock. Group sex was what
triggered Barbara's most powerful orgasms.

Pulling her motorcycle over to the curb, Barbara turned the engine off
and swung her leg over the seat, smiling to herself when two young boys
got a quick glimpse of her bikini panties.

She walked up the narrow concrete path to the front door and pushed the
doorbell. She heard a chime sound inside and then the shuffling of

When the door opened, Mr. Jones's bespectacled face appeared in the

"Yes?" he asked in his high-pitched voice.

Barbara's big tits were on display, the cleavage tight and milky. It
took a moment for the old man to notice her tits, but when he did his
eyes got big and round.

"Hello, Mr. Jones," Barbara said, confidence surging through her as he
stared at her boobs. "I wonder if I might have a moment to talk to you
in private. You see, you're the president of the bank that my parents
have their money at and there's something very important I must talk to
you about."

"Yes, well, I don't know," he said quietly, a tremulous quality in his
tone. "This is most unusual. There are normal banking hours for this
sort of thing."

"Yes, sir, I'm well aware of that. But an emergency has come up and
it's very important that I see you, that I talk to you in private."

It took all of Barbara's will-power not to openly laugh when Mrs.
Jones's jaw dropped open as she walked by. Barbara's legs scissored
smoothly as she walked and old Mrs. Jones just about fainted as she sat
on the couch knitting.

Barbara was escorted to Mr. Jones's small office in the back of the
house. The place smelled musty and Barbara could tell that he was the
kind of man ideally suited for banking. He probably didn't go to the
bathroom until he wrote it down in the books - in triplicate - and then
he asked for his wife's permission.

Barbara told her story without leaving any of the important details
out. She told Mr. Jones everything, including the part about her father
getting a blow-job when he was arrested. When she was finished there
was a definite lump in the bank president's crotch.

"So you see, sir, if you could only write a cashier's check for the
bail, I could get my father out of jail. I'll pay you back every red
cent, and I'd be so grateful to you."

Barbara uncrossed her legs and spread them, hiking her miniskirt over
the tops of her stockings.

"Wouldn't you want me grateful to you?" she asked sensually, allowing
the tip of her tongue to play around her full, glistening red lips. "I
think I could do you a world of good. You see, Mrs. Jones may enjoy
spending her time knitting, but what I like to do is suck cock. Doesn't
that sound interesting to you?"

Barbara once again had to keep from laughing. Behind those thick
glasses was a pale face and wide eyes that simply couldn't comprehend
what was happening.

She slipped off the chair, getting on her knees on the floor of the
small, musty office. Within seconds Barbara had Mr. Jones's cock out of
his pants. Though he hadn't said anything, Barbara knew that he'd do
what she wanted him to.

It was mildly surprising to Barbara that Mr. Jones, who wasn't very
tall and really didn't seem like the kind of guy who would have one,
was quite well hung. His prick was a decent seven inches long and it
was actually quite thick.

Without giving him a chance to stop her, Barbara put her face in his
lap, pushing her red lips over his pricktip.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned, sucking the entire cockhead into her mouth,
kneading the shaft with her lips while her tongue went to work on the
lust-hardened cockmeat.

"Oh, my! Oh, my!" Mr. Jones moaned, looking down at the mass of wavy
auburn hair that was swirling about at his waist.

Barbara guessed that Mrs. Jones wasn't one to give blow-jobs, so she
wasn't going to hold anything back from Mr. Jones. She pushed her lips
down the shaft of his cock until his pricktip was nudging the back of
her mouth. Then, relaxing the muscles in her neck, she sucked the cock
completely down her throat.

Mr. Jones's thighs quivered as he felt the entire length of his cock
being enveloped in the teenager's warm, clutching throat.

Barbara pushed her face hard against his body, feeling the edge of the
zipper against her nose. She rubbed her chin against his balls and
tongued the shaft of his cock as best as she could with her throat
crammed with his prick.

After a while Barbara pulled her lips up the throbbing shaft of his
cock, holding just the pricktip in her mouth. She nodded her head,
whipping her lips over the ridge of his cockhead while tonguing the
underside of the big, meaty, delicious crown of his prick. As she
sucked Barbara unfastened the two buttons that held her leather jacket

She purred lustily, bobbing on the prick, taking it down her throat
several times. She loved deep-throating cocks and the only thing that
could make it an ever better experience for Barbara would be if Mrs.
Jones would walk in and watch her as she sucked her husband's bone-hard

The teenager's 36C-cup tits jiggled from her chest, the nipples hard,
the areolas pink and rosy with the excitement that she felt. Continuing
to suck on the prick, massaging its entire length with her lips and
tongue, Barbara opened Mr. Jones's pants and squirmed them down to his

At last she took the cock out of her mouth. She looked up at his face,
smiling lustfully.

"Do you want me to suck you off, or would you like to fuck me, sir?"
she asked quietly, mischievously, her eyes shining with the glow of
youthful lust.

"I ... I guess I want to ..."

Barbara grabbed Mr. Jones's cock and the words seemed to get choked off
in his throat. His eyes were glued to her nipples.

"Why don't you fuck me?" Barbara stood up quickly, aware of how her
tits were jiggling and the effect that had on the bank president. "I
think that would make us both very happy."

She pushed the sleeves of her jacket over the elbows, then pulled her
miniskirt up to reveal her bikini panties. Hooking her thumbs into the
panties, Barbara pulled them slowly past her hips, down her legs over
the mesh stockings.

She stepped out of her panties, tucking them into a pocket of her
jacket. Standing up again, Barbara spread her legs wide, balancing on
her five-inch spike heels, and started pushing the fingers of her right
hand through her curly, dark bush of cunthair.

"You want to fuck this pussy, don't you, Mr. Jones?" Barbara whispered,
promising heights of ecstasy the staid bank president had never before
known. "You want to stick your cock in my young cunt and cum inside me,
don't you? That's okay. You can say so. I won't get angry with you if
you admit it."

It pleased Barbara that Mr. Jones couldn't speak. She gave him the full
force of her sultry, lusty smile. Spreading her feet wider apart, she
brought her left hand up and cupped one luscious tit. With her right
hand she slipped a finger into the seething recesses of her hot, juicy

"Yesssss! You don't have to say it, but I know you want to fuck me. I
know you do." Barbara turned it on for Mr. Jones, the staid, quiet bank
president who spent the vast majority of his life looking at ledgers
rather than a sexy teenager who seemed to enjoy finger-fucking herself
so much she looked like she was about to cum.

Barbara slipped her finger in and out of her cunt until it was wet with
her pussyjuice. Then, lewdly, she sucked on her finger like it was a
small, slender cock, enjoying the flavor of her own feminine cum.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, her eyes burning into the bank president.

Walking toward him slowly, holding her mini-skirt up around her waist,
Barbara straddled his legs as he continued sitting in the chair.
Reaching down with her left hand, she used her fingers to spread her
cuntlips a little. She used her right hand to guide the cockhead to her
pink cuntlips.

"See how grateful I can be?" she purred.

Barbara lowered herself until she felt the fat crown of the bank
president's prick rubbing against her slightly parted cuntlips. She
gasped, a little louder than necessary, shivering with the ecstasy that
was going through her. It was shocking to her that she could get so
turned on by a man who had so little physical charms.

At least he's got a hard cock, the teenager thought happily.

She slowly relaxed the muscles in her legs and felt her pussylips being
wedged apart by the mushroom-shaped head of Mr. Jones's cock.

When the pricktip was inside her pussy, Barbara released the cock. She
put her hands on her stocking-encased thighs, feeling the texture of
her mesh stockings against her palms. Slowly, inch by inch, her
cuntlips puckering inward, she took the entire length of his prick into
the seething pussy that so passionately needed a cock to fill it.

"Ohhhhh!" the young girl moaned softly as she rested on Mr. Jones's
thighs, his cock throbbing hotly deep inside her cunt. "Mr. Jones,
you've got a beautiful prick. You really, really do."

She started bouncing on his lap, working her pink, tight cuntlips over
the shaft and head of Mr. Jones's fiery, turgid prick. As she raised
and lowered her luscious ass on his lap, Barbara's tits bounced near
his face.

"Suck my tits!" the teenager gasped, cupping her tits from the
underside to raise them, pushing her nipples close together.

"You are so ..."

The words seem to get lost inside Mr. Jones's mind. He opened his mouth
and Barbara pushed one tit between his lips. When his lips surrounded
her nipple, taking in almost all of her pink areola, she shivered and
dropped down, working her cuntlips along the shaft of his cock until
she could massage the entire prick in the tight sheath of her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" Mr. Jones moaned as he sucked on the girl's tit.

Barbara continued to bounce on his lap. When his hands slipped around
her waist and he cupped and fondled her tight, smooth asscheeks as she
fucked him, Barbara was more pleased than ever. The old man was
breaking out of his shell, going for the satisfaction that she wanted
to give him, and Barbara couldn't have been more happy about it.

"Ohhhhh! You're such a big man!"

Barbara inserted her other nipple into his hot, sucking mouth. His
tongue sent shocks of ecstasy rippling through her veins. She could
feel his red-hot prick getting harder inside her cunt.

She dropped down, taking all of his cock in her pussy, then twirled her
hips around in a circular motion. Barbara could feel the cockhead
rubbing around deep inside her pussy, spreading her cunt walls as her
pussylips worked on the root of his cock's shaft.

"Kiss me!" the teenager hissed.

Barbara forced Mr. Jones's mouth off her tit, bringing her lips to his.
She kissed him with fierce passion, knowing that she was turning him on
more than he had been in years and years. She thrust her tongue between
his lips, slithering it deep into his mouth. When Mr. Jones pushed his
tongue into her mouth, she danced her tongue over it, sucking on it

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned as he grabbed her tits, pressing his fingers
almost timidly into her firm melons of tit flesh.

Barbara bounced faster and faster, her clit rubbing against the hard
cock as she worked her cuntlips over the shaft of Mr. Jones's prick.
When, quite suddenly and without warning, she felt his cum splashing
inside her pussy, she kissed his mouth and sucked on his tongue.
Dropping down on the prick to satisfy all of it with the liquid warmth
of her cunt, Barbara churned her lips as blasts of cum detonated out of
the old man's balls.

"Ohhhh! Mr. Jones, you are absolutely wonderful," Barbara whispered,
holding his face in her hands as she looked down at him. "You know,
there's going to come a day when I walk into your glass-lined office at
the bank and suddenly nobody is going to see me. And do you know why
they won't be able to see me? It's going to be because I'm under your
desk sucking your beautiful cock!"

She got off his lap, groaning softly as her cunt was suddenly emptied
of his prick. As Mr. Jones regained his breath, Barbara carefully
worked her panties back up her leg, pulled her stockings a little
higher up her thighs, then smoothed her leather miniskirt down once

"Thank you, Mr. Jones. If you do agree to give a loan so that I can get
my father out of jail, that's great. And if you don't, I still thank
you for that wonderful fucking."

Barbara put her hands on his shoulders and bent down, kissing his head

"And I wasn't lying. I really am going to show up at your office some
day and give you the best blow-job you've ever had, and all your bank
tellers and customers will be able to see you and not me and not be
able to figure out why you've got this strange, satisfied look on your

She buttoned up her jacket, waved good-bye to him, then left his house
feeling quite satisfied. Barbara wasn't the kind of teenager who
usually fucked older men, but they could be quite surprising, quite
interesting. Mr. Jones really had tickled her clit and filled her pussy
nicely, and she could still feel his hot cum inside her.

With a bounce in her step, Barbara headed for her motorcycle, anxious
to tell Karen about how she'd made sure Joe would have his bail money.

Chapter 5

Barbara saw the flashing red lights and pulled her motorcycle over to
the curb. Before she had a chance to even ask questions, Deputy Phelps
and Sheriff Carlisle had her thrown against the squad car and were
reading her her rights.

"But what have I done?" Barbara asked.

Deputy Phelps put a hand on Barbara's back and pushed. She was
flattened over the hood of the squad car. Her big tits nearly spilled
out of the neckline of the leather jacket as they were pressed against
the police car's hood. In back, bending over like she was, her
miniskirt pulled up, showing off the backs of her thighs almost to her
panties. Even the tops of her stockings and some of her bare flesh was
exposed because of the position she was in.

"Please, I haven't done anything wrong!"

Her arms were wrenched behind her back and Barbara felt steel handcuffs
locking around her wrists. An overpowering sense of dread swept over
her as she tested the handcuffs and found that she couldn't get them

"You drive," Sheriff Carlisle said in a commanding tone to his deputy.

Barbara's heart was pounding as she was brought to the back of the
squad car and shoved inside. When Sheriff Carlisle got in with her, she
knew she was in for big trouble.

"Why am I here? I haven't done anything wrong!"

Sheriff Carlisle turned toward Barbara, his eyes burning with anger.

"No, little lady, you ain't done nothin' wrong! But that bitch mother
of yours has gone to see Mayor Collins, and now he wants to know why we
arrested your drunk father!"

"My father is not a drunk!"

"He was last night when he was driving!"

Barbara shook her head in confusion. The handcuffs bit into the tender
flesh of her wrists. She felt totally vulnerable and helpless and
suddenly wished that she hadn't worn such a short skirt. Her leather
miniskirt was bunched up so high on her thighs it showed the flesh
above her stocking tops.

"Let me tell you this, Barbara Hobson, if the shit hits the fan and any
of that shit hits me, I'm going to make your life miserable in this

He was looking straight into Barbara's eyes as he unzipped his pants
and pushed them down to his thighs.

"Now why don't you show me that you really haven't got anything against

He moved across the seat, putting an arm around Barbara's shoulders.
She was glad now that she had applied a fresh coat of lipstick to her
mouth after having it rubbed off on Mr. Jones's cock. Barbara knew that
if she didn't please Sheriff Carlisle, he'd make her life a living
hell, just like he promised.

When he kissed her, Barbara closed her eyes. His hand slipped inside
her jacket, cupping her tit. She felt tingles coming from her nipple,
which was quickly becoming hard and erect.

She moaned, shocked with herself for becoming aroused so easily. Even
though she didn't like the situation she was in, her perpetually
responsive body was coming alive to what was being done to it.

The squad car moved away from the curb, driving aimlessly through the
suburban streets, as Barbara gave herself over totally to the
sensations the sheriff's hand and mouth were eliciting from her.

Sheriff Carlisle fumbled with the buttons of Barbara's jacket for a bit
before he got it open. She sighed as she felt her tits jiggle,
unconfined now without the leather to hold them. Between her slender
thighs she could feel the pussyjuice moistening the lips of her cunt.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked.

Sheriff Carlisle just chuckled. Barbara turned her face away from him
and he kissed the smooth, velvety arch of her neck, his hand squeezing
her tit firmly. She shivered with delight, finding it oddly stimulating
to have the handcuffs around her wrists.

"You've got a great body," the sheriff hissed, kissing his way slowly
down to Barbara's quivering tits.

Barbara looked at Deputy Phelps as he drove the squad car. He had the
rear view mirror twisted so that he could see her.

An audience was all Barbara ever really needed to get so turned on she
couldn't help herself and she suddenly realized that she had one. Even
if she hadn't planned it to work out this way, she did indeed have an
audience. Her clit throbbed hotly between her cuntlips. She felt lust
flare up like an inferno inside her. And then the sheriff's mouth was
devouring her ripe cherry nipples and she was squirming, and writhing
in bliss in the back seat of the squad car.

Barbara moaned as she felt the hot mouth sucking her nipple into a
fiery bud of raw, tingling flesh. She put her head back against the
seat, shivering as Sheriff Carlisle bared his teeth and bit her nipple.

"Mmmmmmft!" he mumbled, whipping the nipple with his tongue.

Sheriff Carlisle put his hand on Barbara's knee, feeling her stocking
against his palm. He pushed her knees apart, his hand creeping slowly
up her leg. Barbara's heart pounded faster as she felt the hand moving
higher and higher. And even though she disliked the sheriff on a
personal level, she couldn't deny the satisfaction he was giving her.
She spread her knees wide apart and her miniskirt pulled up to her

"Ohhhhh! Please don't," Barbara whispered without meaning the words she
felt she had to say.

The hand pressed against her tight, pink cuntlips. Even through her
black bikini panties the contact of the sheriff's fingers to her clit
sent raw, jagged bolts of ecstasy sizzling through her curvaceous,
electrified body.

The sheriff continued sucking on Barbara's nipples, licking and sucking
and biting the warm feminine flesh as he fondled her pussy through her
panties. At his crotch, his big cock was fully erect, hard as steel,
waiting to be shoved into the teenager's ripe, wanton, thoroughly
fuckable body.

As Barbara pressed back into the seat, she could once again feel the
handcuffs biting sharply into her wrists. Knowing full well that she
was helpless against these men sent trembles of excitement and fear
through her.

The sheriff's hand was rubbing hard against her cuntlips and clit. Hot,
slick pussyjuice was lubricating the teenager's hungry, seething cunt.
The lips and tongue that went from one nipple to the other added fuel
to the fire of wanton, unbridled lust that made Barbara's head spin.

"Ohhhh! You bastard! You cruel bastard!" Barbara whispered, her tone so
soft the sheriff didn't hear her.

Looking through her eyelashes, Barbara saw that Deputy Phelps was
watching what was happening through the rear view mirror as he drove.
Knowing that he was watching her made slick pussyjuice ooze to her cunt
even faster and Barbara squirmed almost theatrically in the back seat
of the car, pretending to try to shake her tits away from the sheriff's
hot, hungry mouth.

"Don't fight me, you bitch!" the sheriff hissed.

Barbara stopped writhing. She felt a finger slip under the leg hole of
her panties, rubbing against her naked cuntlips. The finger pushed
between her pussylips, and the teenager gasped.

"Please! Oh, please! Don't do this to me!" Barbara moaned, knowing the
words would excite the men.

Sheriff Carlisle took his mouth off the girl's tit. Both of her pink
areolas and nipples were moist with his saliva. He pushed himself to
the opposite side of the squad car.

"Suck this cock, and you'd better be good at it," he hissed, holding
his prick by the shaft.

Barbara's hazel eyes got wide as she looked at the sheriff's prick. It
was larger than she had hoped for, a full, fiery ten inches long. The
cockhead seemed almost small compared to the incredible thickness of
the shaft of his prick.

She loved giving blow-jobs, but even Barbara, with all her experience,
wasn't certain that she could deep-throat a cock that size. The shaft
was the thickest one she'd ever laid her eyes on. Though she had taken
cocks that long into her mouth before, nibbling her lips down the shaft
until she had the cockhead buried deep down her throat, she'd never
swallowed one quite like the sheriff's before.

Sheriff Carlisle hooked his hand behind Barbara's neck and pulled her
down. With her feet on the floor of the car, she was twisted sideways.

Barbara lost her balance with her hands cuffed behind her. She fell
onto her side and the sheriff's big prick hit her on the cheek. The
cockhead was warm and spongy, the shaft of the sheriff's prick
steelishly hard.

"Suck it, you slut!"

When his fingers pushed through her auburn hair, Barbara squealed
softly. She struggled to get her knees beneath her so that they would
be up on the seat of the squad car. As it was, her face was in the
sheriff's lap, with the shaft of his cock pressing against her cheek
and ear.

"You bitch! I want a blow-job!"

Barbara was still struggling to get in position when she felt her
miniskirt being raised up, then the sheriff's open hand slapped her
asscheek. Through her panties she could feel the sting and the heat of
his palm.

She fell onto the floor of the car, her tits pressing against the
sheriff's knee, and raised her mouth to his cockhead. Without any
preliminaries, Barbara opened her lips and sucked his pricktip into the
velvety soft, liquid warmth of her mouth.

Sheriff Carlisle groaned as he felt the young girl's lips tightening
around the broad girth of his cockshaft, his pricktip pushing against
the back of her mouth.

A soft, muffled sound of joy came from Barbara as she swirled her
tongue around the shaft of the cock. She could feel Sheriff Carlisle's
pricktip throbbing hotly against the opening of her throat and Barbara
felt certain that she would - if she got in a more favorable position -
be able to swallow all of his prick down her throat.

She nodded her head, groaning a little as the sheriff twisted her hair
through his fingers and guided her face up and down on his prick.

The young girl flicked her tongue against the slitted pisshole at the
head of his cock. She moaned again, quite softly, shivering with
ecstasy as the taste of a hard cock tingled on her taste buds.

Sheriff Carlisle released Barbara's hair, allowing her to bring her
lips and tongue up and down on his prick at whatever speed and tempo
she wanted. He leaned back in the car, looking down to see her auburn
hair swirling at his crotch, feeling her lips, teeth and tongue making
his cock even longer, thicker and harder.

"That's it, Barbara," he said quietly, almost soothingly. "That's how
you give a blow-job. I always knew you were a cock-sucker."

The words seared Barbara's soul, but she couldn't let her anger be
known to the sheriff.

Struggling to breathe with the huge prick stuffing her mouth, Barbara
shivered, her nipples hard as pebbles, sucking passionately on the lip-
stretching prick. She nodded her beautiful face over the prick, taking
the meat into her mouth until the cockhead pushed against the opening
of her throat, then pulling up so that she could slash her tongue
against the sheriff's pisshole.

"Mmmmmmft!" she slurped, a bubble of saliva forming on her lips as she
filled her mouth with hard prick.

Because she was kneeling sideways to the sheriff, Barbara couldn't fit
much more of the cock into her mouth than the pricktip and a couple
inches of the shaft. The oval-shaped incredibly thick shaft of the cock
stretched the teenager's lips.

"That's better," Sheriff Carlisle said quietly as the squad car rolled
down suburban streets. "That's a good little cock-sucker. I knew you'd
know what to do with a prick in your mouth."

He reached beneath Barbara's body, grabbing one of her tits and
pinching the nipple. She shivered, pretending to be disgusted with him
when in truth his hand was firing up her lusts. His fingers pinched and
tugged on her electrified nipple. Pussyjuice made Barbara's skimpy
panties cling wetly to her cunt.

Barbara rubbed her side of the throbbing, heavily veined shaft with her
tongue. She wished that she could get directly between the sheriff's
thighs to that she could face his prick head-on. That way, with its
natural slightly downward curve to the shaft, she would be able to
deep-throat all of his cock, sucking the entire length down her throat,
swallowing him whole.

The sheriff put his hand on the back of Barbara's head and pushed down.
The fat cock rolled between her lips. When the pricktip pounded against
the back of her mouth, Barbara nearly choked on the jaw-stretching
prick. No matter how much she wanted to feel the sheriff's awesome cock
sliding down her throat, swelling her neck out, the hot-blooded
teenager knew that she'd never do it in the position she was now in.

"Pull behind there," Barbara heard Sheriff Carlisle say to his deputy.
"In the alley. This little cunt is going to do better than this or
she's in big fuckin' trouble!"

Chapter 6

It was as though the sheriff had read Barbara Hobson's mind. When the
squad car pulled into the alley, she was jerked by her hair into a
sitting position on the seat of the car again. She cried out softly
with pain, feeling strands of her silky auburn hair pulling against her

"What are you going to do to me?" Barbara asked, knowing that she was
only going to get more of the same.

The squad car pulled to a stop. Looking around, Barbara didn't
recognize the alley they were in. It was extremely dark and only the
back sides of houses on either direction faced the alley. Barbara
understood instantly why the sheriff had chosen this spot - there would
be no straying eyes to watch her as she gave him a blow-job.

She was pulled by the elbow out of the car. Barbara stumbled a little
before regaining her balance. Her legs trembled and she seemed to
teeter on her five-inch spike heels. Barbara hoped she appeared
frightened, that her trembling was taken for fear. She was really so
excited and hungry for the sheriff's cock that she was ready to beg for
the privilege of sucking on it.

The lights of the squad car were killed. Barbara leaned against the
rear fender of the sedan. The metal felt cold against her thighs on the
satiny flesh between the tops of her stockings and her panties. She
twisted her hands a little, enjoying the harsh, unyielding feel of the
handcuffs around her wrists.

"What now?" she asked, trying to sound defiant.

"You keep sucking, that's what," Sheriff Carlisle said with savage

Without having to be forced into it, Barbara slowly got down on her
knees in the alley. She could feel pebbles biting into her flesh
through her stockings. As she kissed the bullet-shaped head of the
sheriff's prick, Barbara hoped that she wouldn't ruin the mesh
stockings. They were her favorite pair whenever she wanted to go out
hunting for a cock.

"Ohhhhh! All the way down your throat," the sheriff whispered.

The broad shaft felt more comfortable between Barbara's lips now that
she was facing it directly. She rolled her slick, pink tongue against
the underside of the cockhead. Her red, butter-soft lips nibbled gently
on the throbbing shaft. Barbara could feel the sheriff's cockhead
pulsing hotly against her tongue as she caressed it.

"Mmmmmm!" the girl moaned, her eyes closed as she nursed on the
delicious cock that filled her mouth and ovalled her lips.

When Barbara tilted her head back to look up into the sheriff's face,
she was pleased to see Deputy Phelps was standing beside the sheriff,
watching her giving the blow-job with avid interest.

Barbara moaned, louder than necessary for the deputy's benefit. She
loved having lots of men watching her whenever she was performing an
almost magical blow-job for someone.

It was time to show the sheriff and his deputy exactly what she could
do with a cock in her mouth.

Barbara held the cockhead against her tongue, curling her tongue around
the throbbing head. Then, slowly and sensually, she began swallowing
the cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. When the pricktip was at the
back of her mouth, Barbara let out a low moan of ecstasy and chewed
with her lips on the shaft.

They don't think I can do it, she thought, her eyes shining as she
looked into the sheriff's eyes.

She felt the cockhead pushing against her tonsils, then slide deeper.
The pricktip pushed down her throat as she nibbled with her lips on the
shaft of the cock.

Inch by inch the massive prick slipped down the teenager's tight,
resilient throat. When Barbara had all but a couple inches of the prick
in her mouth, she felt her throat tightening up in protest.

I've got to take it all! she thought, fighting with herself to do what
she wanted to.

Refusing to accept the pain in her throat as defeat, Barbara pushed her
face toward the sheriff's body. The prick was throbbing and bucking
deep in her throat, swelling her neck out, distorting her lovely facial
features with the thickness of the shaft.

And then her lips were surrounding the base of Sheriff Carlisle's prick
and Barbara could feel all ten inches of his cock flexing inside her
mouth and throat.

"Fuckin' A!" the deputy gasped as he watched Barbara pushing her face
harder against Sheriff Carlisle's body.

Barbara twisted her face around the cock, rubbing her chin against the
sheriff's hot, hairy balls. She worked her lips against the fiery shaft
of his enormous cock, shivering with ecstasy on her knees in the alley,
her wrists handcuffed together behind her back.

"I knew this little cock-sucker could do it," Sheriff Carlisle said, as
though he had some insight into Barbara that nobody else had.

Barbara nodded her head over the cock, just taking the pricktip to the
back of her mouth several times before deep-throating it once again.
She swallowed the cock repeatedly after finally savoring victory by
gulping all of the delicious, manly meat down her throat the first

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned lustily, forgetting that she was supposed to at
least give the appearance of being appalled by what the sheriff was
making her do.

As she sucked on the cock, drawing her cheeks in around the cockhead,
Barbara's 36C-cup tits jiggled from her chest, the areolas pink and
delicious-looking, the nipples hard and nubby. Oily girl-cum oozed from
her pussy, making her panties wet.

Barbara's jacket flopped against her sides as she worked her eager red
lips back and forth over the sheriff's big, meaty cock. She was
unmindful of the harshness of the tar alley beneath her knees, not
caring about anything but the thrill of giving a blow-job to a huge
cock while she had someone else watching everything she was doing.

The dim light that filtered into the alley from a great lamp was
reflected by the two strands of diamonds that dangled from Barbara's
right ear. The earrings flicked back and forth as she whipped her lips
over the sheriff's jaw-stretching prick, mouthing it hungrily, waiting
to receive her reward of hot, salty cum.

"All the way down, cock-sucker," Sheriff Carlisle whispered. His voice
sounded choked and strained. "Eat my cock you cheap slut!"

With her lips around the rim of the cockhead, Barbara worked down the
shaft. She tongued the pulsing underside of the cock, feeling a vein
beating against her tongue as she whimpered softly with ecstasy. She
took the pricktip into her throat and her neck bulged out. Inch by inch
the hot-blooded girl swallowed all of the sheriff's cock, holding it in
her mouth and throat until she finally needed to breathe again.

"Ohhhhh! Goddamn it! This slut really knows what she's doing," the
sheriff said.

Barbara jerked her lips over the cockhead, working on the rim of the
head while her tongue flashed across the pisshole. Thick droplets of
pre-cum were oozing out of the pisshole, and Barbara was licking them
off with the thirst and greed of a nymphomaniac.

She sucked the prick into her mouth until the cockhead pounded against
the opening of her throat. The throbbing of the cockhead got stronger
and stronger, and the sheriff started pushing his hips forward to meet
Barbara's moves as she chewed her lips down the shaft of the prick.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, turning her face to one side, allowing the
cockhead to push against the inside of her cheek which forced her face
to swell out lewdly.

"I can't take it! Awwww! You cunt! You cock-sucker!"

Perhaps to someone else those words might have sounded like an insult,
but not in Barbara's ears. She considered the sheriff's ecstasy a sign
of her own ability to give blow-jobs. Even though she was sucking cock
on less-than-optimal conditions, especially with the handcuffs on and
the alley hard against her knees, she had sucked and tongued his prick
until he couldn't take any more.

She chewed halfway down the shaft of the cock. When the big-titted
teenager felt the cum racing through the shaft, she threw her head back
so that she could taste the cum on her tongue. But her move, despite
its speed, wasn't fast enough to keep the first mighty eruption of cum
from splashing against Barbara's tonsils.

"Awwwwwww!" Sheriff Carlisle howled as his pungent load of cum exploded
out of his overheated balls.

Barbara moaned loudly as she felt gooey cum trickling down her throat.
She held the cockhead in her mouth, swirling her tongue in a circular
motion around and around against the clefted underside of the knob. Cum
splattered over her tongue and against the back and roof of her mouth.

"Uh! Ahhhhhh!" the sheriff groaned as his balls emptied themselves in
the beautiful teenager's hotly sucking mouth.

Barbara swallowed every last drop of cum the sheriff had to give. She
sucked and swallowed, her lips and tongue working expertly on the
cockhead and shaft of his prick to knead and massage all of his rich,
delicious cum from his huge balls.

When the sheriff stepped away, pulling his prick out of her mouth,
Barbara dropped her head down, her chin nearly touching her chest. Her
tits were heaving on her chest, the nipples hard pebbles of raw,
tingling flesh. Her clit felt like it would burn a hole right through
her panties because it was so hot.

"Okay, cunt, now it's my turn," Deputy Phelps said, grabbing Barbara by
the elbow and forcing her up to her feet in the alley.

Chapter 7

Before Barbara even had time to speak, Deputy Phelps's arms were around
her, crushing her magnificent body to his own. His prick was hot
against her stomach, trapped between their writhing bodies as they
kissed passionately.

Barbara opened her mouth a little and the deputy's tongue was instantly
between her lips, slithering against her tongue. Barbara sucked on the
deputy's tongue, feeling the tingling in her cunt that told her she had
to get fucked.

Taking the bank president's cock into her pussy had been nice and
satisfying, and served a purpose, but she didn't cum during the fuck.
Even if she had cum, Barbara would still be horny for the deputy's
prick. As it was she was feverish for it.

She felt his hands at her ass, molding her tight asscheeks through her
miniskirt. When the zipper to her miniskirt was lowered as they kissed,
a wave of happiness flowed over Barbara. She sucked on Deputy Phelps's
tongue lustily, raising her knee just a little to rub it against his

The kiss ended as abruptly as it had begun. Deputy Phelps grabbed
Barbara by the arms and twisted her around so that she had her back to

"What do you want of me?" she asked, hoping, as always, to sound
frightened instead of horny.

"Shut the fuck up, you little tramp," the deputy hissed.

Barbara's miniskirt was jerked down her legs and then her panties
quickly followed. She stepped out of both garments, a cool breeze
making her seething cuntlips tingle delightfully.

The deputy turned Barbara around again so she faced him. He took a step
back, his eyes raking up and down her body. His own pants were down to
the middle of his thighs and his prick was hard as a steel pole.

"Barbara, if I knew you were like this I'd have fucked you a lot
sooner!" the deputy whispered, as much to himself as to Barbara.

She was indeed a cock-hardening sight. Her high, prominent cheekbones
were flushed with lust. The leather jacket surrounded her tits, which
jiggled tautly with the breathing of a woman feverish for a hard cock
to fuck deep into her pussy. Her stomach was flat and the tight bush of
dark cunt hair between her legs seemed to be begging for a cock.

Her thighs quivered a little. The black mesh stockings were tight at
the tops of her legs, molding perfectly to her tapered thighs and
calves. On her feet were the open-toed, high-heeled shoes that looked
like they belonged to a teenager who lived to give blow-jobs.

"Son of a fucking bitch!" the deputy moaned, stroking his prick softly
as he drank in the visual beauty of his teenaged captive. "You're one
hell of a built girl."

Barbara didn't fight the deputy as he turned her toward the car and
pushed her over the trunk. Her warm, tingling tits pressed against the
squad car's trunk and Barbara shivered. The metal was cold against her
turgid nipples. Her tits billowed out as more of her weight was pressed
upon them.

The feel of the car's cold steel against her belly and the tops of her
thighs delighted Barbara, though she didn't quite understand why. She
balled her hands into tiny, tight, futile fists, turning her hands a
little so that the deputy would again see that she was handcuffed and
completely helpless. Also, Barbara discovered that the sharp,
unyielding feel of the steel handcuffs around her wrists made her cunt
tingle and her mind spin with bizarre, erotic cock-lust.

"Now you're going to get fucked," Deputy Phelps mumbled as he stepped
closer to Barbara, holding his prick in one hand and caressing her
tight, smooth, naked asscheeks with the other.

Barbara closed her eyes, pressing her cheek against the trunk of the
squad car. She could hardly wait for the warm, spongy head of the
deputy's cock to force her cuntlips apart and drive deep and hard into
her pussy.

That's what Barbara wanted to feel, but that's not what she got.

When she felt the fat, throbbing head of Deputy Phelps's prick against
her asshole, Barbara's eyes burst open. For the first time since the
handcuffs had been locked around her wrists, she actually tried to get
away. Fear, shocking and real, swept over her like a tidal wave.

"No! Wait! Don't fuck me ... awwww!"

Barbara groaned, feeling her asscheeks being forced apart by the
deputy's thick, long, fiery prick. She tried to get away but he kept
her trapped between himself and the squad car. When Barbara's legs went
limp, she couldn't even fall over because he had her bent over the
trunk of the sedan.

She tried to keep the cockhead out of her ass, but Barbara's strength
was no match for the deputy's wild, raging lust. She tightened up but
the cockhead continued its relentless path deeper into her asshole.

Barbara tried to scream for help, hoping her cries of agony would draw
the attention of one of the neighbors, but her throat wouldn't work.
Just as her words had first been silenced when the prick plowed between
her firm asscheeks, driving into her asshole. She managed a weak groan
as another inch of the thick, fiery prick was jammed into her asshole.

"Goddamn she's got a tight butt!" Deputy Phelps groaned, holding onto
the teenager's asscheeks, keeping her pressing against the squad car as
he brutally butt-fucked her.

Barbara shivered, her knees hitting the side of the car as she felt the
cock being withdrawn from her tortured asshole. When she felt the ridge
of the deputy's cockhead sliding out of her ass, she thought briefly
that he was going to let her suck him off, or perhaps fuck her lusty,
juicy pussy.

But it wasn't to be. Barbara gasped as the breath was ripped from her
lungs. The cock plowed deeper into her asshole than it had the first
time, withdrew a couple inches, then lanced into her again. The big-
titted girl with the tight ass felt like she was being skewered by the
deputy. Her asshole felt like it was burning up, being ripped apart by
the ass-stretching length and girth of Deputy Phelps's big, turgid,
red-hot cock.

The cock see-sawed back and forth, driving full-length into the
teenager's asshole, spreading her asscheeks wide apart as the deputy
butt-fucked her. Barbara shivered as she felt his massive cockhead
driving relentlessly into her ass, plowing through the resistance she
put forth, stabbing into her with increasing energy and power.

"Ohhhhh!" Deputy Phelps moaned, pulling back.

He looked down and saw the ridge of his pricktip slip out of Barbara's
ass. The sight of her wide-spread asscheeks made the cum simmer hotly
in his balls. With a groan of primitive ecstasy he threw himself at her
ass again, driving his cock completely into her asshole.

Barbara's legs no longer actually held her up. All her muscles had
seemed to turn limp as the pounding, invading cock lanced into her
asshole again and again. Her knees hit the side of the car. It was
almost impossible for her to keep her feet beneath her, balancing what
little weight she did have there on her spike-heeled shoes.

"Goddamn it, Sheriff, she's got an ass that can milk a man dry!" Deputy
Phelps hissed.

Soft moans came from Barbara as she rocked back and forth, her tits
crushed beneath her on the trunk of the squad car as her asscheeks were
forced wide apart by the deputy's bone-hard prick. With her eyes
closed, Barbara concentrated on the cock, feeling every quivering inch
of it as it bore relentlessly into her ass. Shockingly, she discovered
that her cunt was tingling and the sensation of having her ass fucked
by the deputy wasn't such agony anymore.

Barbara thought about her mother and how Deputy Phelps had felt her up
and rubbed his prick against her asscheeks through her slacks. No doubt
he had wanted to butt-fuck her, to drive his prick hard and fast into
her asshole, but he just didn't have the courage to go that far. So,
instead, he had rubbed himself against Karen and jerked off on her

Barbara felt the deputy's hairy balls slap against her tingling
cuntlips. Pussyjuice was trickling to her cuntlips faster now and her
tiny pink clit was erect. Each time the deputy's prick shoved full-
length into her ass, hot, satisfying tingles went through Barbara's
veins. With the cock in her ass, Barbara felt like she was being filled
with cockmeat and she wished that she could suck on the sheriff's prick
while Deputy Phelps ass-fucked her.

Deputy Phelps put his hands around Barbara's stomach, feeling the
satiny texture of her skin.

"She's got a great body," he said, sinking all of his cock into her
asshole. "Nice and tight. I like that."

Barbara tried to block the deputy's words out of her mind. She could
feel herself warming up, getting excited by having a cock fucking in
and out of her butt, and she didn't want to admit this to herself.

The deputy chuckled and continued. "Her mother ... now there is a lady
with a pair of tits! Biggest, best fuckin' tits I've ever seen in my
life! You could suck on them all night long!"

A prickling feeling came from Barbara's hard, nubby nipples as she
rocked to and fro, being jerked about by the impact of the deputy's
crotch against her asscheeks as he butt-fucked her. Her firm, high-
riding tits were squished against the trunk of the sedan, and as she
moved back and forth, her nipples were being rubbed.

Everything excites me! The teenager thought with exasperation as she
shivered with joy, feeling the cock driving to the hilt in her asshole.

"Oh! Tight fuckin' ass!"

Barbara wondered how long it would go on. She didn't want the ass-
fucking to end, and yet she also wanted to get away from the sheriff
and his deputy; and get the handcuffs off her wrists.

But she couldn't do anything unless they let her. This awareness of her
own helplessness, combined with the steel around her wrists, the fact
that she was getting her ass fucked hard and fast ... all of it was
turning her on more than she had ever thought it would.

Barbara raised her face off the trunk, turned it to look in the other
direction, and saw the sheriff's face. He was watching her with lust in
his eyes, even though she had deep-throated his cock only moments
earlier and swallowed his hot, salty cum.

An audience was all Barbara ever really needed and tonight was no
different. The teenager's eyes glazed over and she came, quietly, her
pussyjuice streaming out of her cunt. The clear girl-cum trickled down
the insides of her shivering thighs and got soaked up by her mesh

As she came, Barbara involuntarily tightened her asshole around the
deputy's reaming prick. He groaned and plowed into her ass furiously,
working the entire length of his cock in and out of Barbara's ass.

With an animalistic growl of pleasure, Deputy Phelps's balls released
their load of cum far up Barbara's asshole. He threw himself at her,
skewering her ass with his prick. Barbara was knocked hard against the
car. She trembled from head to foot, feeling her asshole being flooded
with hot cum as the last of her own girl-cum trickled out of her cunt.

"Awwwwww!" Deputy Phelps growled, slamming himself against the
teenager's warm, smooth asscheeks, sinking his cock deep into her
receptive, succulent young body.

After a while Barbara felt her asshole tingle as the prick was pulled
out of it. She remained bent over the trunk of the squad car as the men
collected themselves.

"Get in the back seat," Sheriff Carlisle said quietly, his tone
indicating he wouldn't allow Barbara to fight him in any way.

"But my skirt, my panties," the girl whispered.

"Forget about 'em, you cunt!"

The sheriff grabbed Barbara by the arms and tossed her into the back
seat of the squad car.

"You won't need 'em in jail!"

Chapter 8

Karen felt certain she'd made a mistake by listening to her daughter.
The clothes that Barbara had taken from her closet were fine, but Karen
thought the least she should have done was taken out a pair of panties
and a bra.

She had on a delicate white lace blouse that had an old-fashioned flair
to it. It pinched in at the waist and also from her elbows down to her
wrists. Karen's massive 4OD-cup tits pressed against the blouse and her
brown areolas and nipples, erect with fear, could be seen.

The skirt was also white, coming down to her ankles. But Barbara hadn't
taken out panties, and Karen felt certain that Mayor Warren Collins
could see the thick, jet-black, triangular-shaped bush of cunt hair at
the apex of her powerful thighs.

Beneath the skirt Karen had on an off-red garter belt and black silk
stockings. The dark silk could be seen through her skirt and Karen
wished that Barbara would have at least selected stockings that didn't
contrast so strongly with her skirt.

Karen had pinned her dark hair up loosely, allowing several tendrils of
satiny hair to fall down from her temples. She had on small gold hoop
earrings that shone brightly.

"I've called the sheriff," Mayor Warren Collins said as he handed Karen
a snifter of brandy. "Don't worry, I'll get to the bottom of this."

Karen felt her heart rate quicken as Warren sat next to her on the
couch. He was an extremely handsome man and his reputation as a playboy
and ladies' man was well deserved. Karen had heard that his cock was
positively enormous. She wondered if those were just rumors.

"Thank you," Karen replied quietly. "I've been a little shook up about
this thing. I mean, Joe getting arrested and having another woman with

Warren slipped closer to the brunette, his hip almost touching hers as
they sat on the couch in his living room.

"I can imagine that it's been hell for you," Warren replied, his
sincerity showing in his tone.

He glanced down at Karen's tits and felt a stirring in his balls.
Karen's big, luscious tits were pressing against the lace blouse and he
could just barely see the darkness of her chocolate-brown areolas. Her
nipples, however, were making blunt dents in the material. If only the
damn blouse didn't button all the way up to her neck he would have had
a magnificent view of her cleavage.

"Warren, I don't know how I can ever repay you."

Karen looked at him, crossing her legs at the knee. She felt the heat
in her pussy and wished that she had panties on.

"You've been wonderful through this."

Warren's face started toward Karen's. She closed her eyes and a moment
later felt his lips touching hers softly, tenderly. A soft moan came
from her chest as his tongue played over her lips.

"Karen, I've wanted to be with you for years," the handsome mayor

He kissed her again, putting his brandy snifter on the floor without
taking his lips from hers. The blood raced through Karen's veins. Her
nipples got even harder and more erect as the mayor's lips nuzzled her
neck and earlobe. The big-titted woman's hands were trembling, and she
almost dropped her glass.

"Maybe I should leave," she said.

"No, you've got to stay."

Warren put an arm around her shoulders. With the fingertips of his
right hand he turned her face toward himself.

"You've got to stay."

Karen felt her willpower melting. The heat in her pussy was so intense
it frightened her. Before, with Deputy Phelps she had been forced into
doing things to his cock and she had enjoyed it. But now she was being
seduced by a man who had not forced himself upon her.

"Do you want me?" she asked, her eyes closed.

"Yessss! Oh, Karen, I want you so much!"

When his lips came to hers again, Karen kissed him with greater
passion, responding openly now to his lust and her own. She put her
right hand on his thigh, her left hand still holding onto the brandy

His tongue pushed between her lips. Karen slithered her tongue against
Warren's delighting in the taste of his mouth. Her clit blazed
furiously, making warm, slick pussyjuice seep to her cuntlips,
preparing her for Warren Collins's thirteen-inch-long prick.

When he put his hand on her tit, Karen's body jerked. It was like she
had been shocked by electricity. His fingers pressed tenderly into her
firm flesh. He found her nipple and caressed it through her blouse,
making the nipple stand out even more prominently.

Karen felt the long line of buttons down the front of her blouse coming
undone. Warren's fingers moved slowly, deftly, unfastening them one at
a time. When her blouse was opened to just below her big tits, she felt
him stop.

At first Karen was frightened, thinking that perhaps Warren was going
to follow her pleas for him to stop. But then she felt his fingers
slipping inside her blouse and she shivered, kissing him on the mouth
as he sought her hard, tingling, bud-like nipple.

Karen sighed, pushing her tongue into his hot mouth as Warren's hand
slipped inside her blouse. She felt his fingers against her electrified
flesh searching for her nipple. When at last she felt him pinch her
cherry nipple, Karen literally jerked from head to foot from the

"Warren ... Warren ... Warren ..."

The word seemed to say everything that Karen felt. He massaged her big
tit, working the nipple over lovingly between his fingers and thumb,
sending her senses soaring as her cunt got hotter and hotter. Between
her cuntlips, Karen's clit felt like it was burning up with

She squeezed Warren's thigh softly, raking her long, painted
fingernails over his flesh through his pants. He removed his hand from
inside her blouse and made a quick job of unfastening the rest of
Karen's buttons. He pushed her blouse open and Karen's tits swelled
out, the areolas dark with lust, the nipples aching for attention.

"Oh, God!" Karen gasped, unable to believe the wild fuck-lust that was
going through her.

Boldly, surprising herself, Karen reached between Warren's legs. She
found his prick and, like the rumors had said, it was huge. She
squeezed the cockhead in her palms, feeling it throbbing, feeling the
heat of this stud's prick even through his pants.

When Warren dipped his face down, kissing Karen's neck as he worked his
way toward her tits, she laid her head against the back of the couch.
Her fingers toyed along the length of his prick, but Karen made no move
to pull his zipper down or get his cock out.

There was a moment of doubt on Karen's part as she felt Warren's hot,
moist lips traveling over her tits. He seemed to tease her, licking and
kissing her tit without actually licking or sucking on her nipple. Her
heart was throbbing in her chest like a jack-hammer and Karen squirmed
on the couch, waiting for the bliss of his hungry mouth devouring her
ultra-sensitive nipple.

"Warren ... Warren ... Warren ..."

When his mouth opened wide and he sucked in much of Karen's aroused,
lust-hardened nipple, whatever doubts had filtered through the big-
titted woman's mind vanished. She knew then, with absolute clarity,
that she had to feel this man's cock driving into her cunt and rubbing
against her fiery, red-hot clit.

"Mmmmmm!" he moaned, flicking his tongue against Karen's nipple.

The glass dropped from Karen's hand as she felt her tingling nipple
being sucked and licked. Her tits, which had been so much larger than
any other woman's even from the time when she was just a very young
woman, had always drawn the most attention from men. Perhaps it was
because of this reason that Karen so enjoyed it whenever her tits were
given such loving, lusty attention.

"Take me, Warren!" she whispered, stroking his hair as he sucked on her
nipples. "I want to feel your cock inside me."

While continuing to nibble on her nipples, Warren slowly pulled Karen's
dress up past her knees. She still had her legs crossed and he pushed
her knees apart, forcing her thighs to spread. She cried out softly
when his hand slipped under her skirt, fondling her thigh through her
silk stocking.

The hand moved higher on her leg, above her stocking top. When the
fingertips touched Karen's clit, she gasped in ecstasy.

"Eat me!" she pleaded, shocked that she had actually said the words.
"Eat my pussy, Warren!"

He slipped off the couch, kneeling before Karen, pushing her skirt up
to her waist. His eyes burned into Karen's as she spread her legs wider
apart for him.

"So sexy!" she whispered. "So handsome! So ... ohhhhh!"

The words could no longer form in Karen's throat when Warren kissed her
knee, then threw his face between her legs, fucking his tongue between
her tight, passion-hungry cuntlips.

She arched her back, pushing her cunt at his face as he dragged his
tongue through her cuntlips. Karen shivered, her big tits jiggling on
her chest, her lips parted slightly as she trembled with ecstasy.

Karen's bush was thick and curly. Warren buried his nose in her cunt
bush as he stuffed her hot, seething pussy with his tongue. She took
her hands from Warren's head and grabbed her tits, pinching and tugging
lightly on the nipples to add to the wild thrills that were already
going through her.

Warren shoved his middle finger full-length into the brunette's cunt as
he sucked on her clit lightly. He finger-fucked her slowly and
steadily, pushing her finger into the woman's cunt until his knuckles
pushed against her pussylips.

"Ohhhhhhh! Yes, that's beautiful!" Karen sighed, pinching her nipples
as she felt the lips, tongue and finger working over her cuntlips and

She eagerly waited for Warren to fuck his massive prick into the tight,
juicy recesses of her cunt, but that didn't happen. Warren was an
experienced cocksman and he was in no hurry to shove his prick between
Karen's pink cunt-lips. Instead, still fully clothed, he slithered his
tongue over her clit and watched as she twisted and turned on the couch
in the throes of ecstasy.

"Cum, Karen," he purred, looking at her face through the valley of her
mountainous tits, a sly, confident smile on his mouth. "Cum on my
tongue, Karen! Let me drink all of you."

The words were the final straw for Karen. There was no turning back.
Her beautiful eyes were clouded over with lust. She pinched her nipples
harder, spreading her legs wider apart, her asscheeks on the edge of
the couch's cushions as Warren fucked his tongue and finger into her

"I'm going to ... oh! I'm going to cummmmm!"

Karen raised her ass off the couch to push her fiery, aching cunt
harder against Warren's mouth. The heels of her shoes ground into the
carpet and her shoulders pushed against the top of the couch as Karen's
massive tits quivered on her chest.

"Awwww! Ohhhh! Lick me, Warren! Fuck me with your tongue!"

When her orgasm subsided, Karen fell heavily back down on the couch.
But Warren didn't stop finger-fucking her cunt.

She looked at him, shivering a little from the after-effects of her
powerful orgasm. His handsome face was shiny with her pussyjuice.

"You liked having my tongue in your cunt, didn't you?"

Karen nodded her head. She started to smooth her skirt over her knees,
but Warren stopped her with his free hand.

"Not yet. I'm not done with you just yet."

He shoved his finger in her cunt, pulled back, then thrust two fingers
into the juicy pussy, making Karen whimper softly with lust.

"You've got a long way to go before this evening is over. You really
don't want to stop now, do you?"

"No ... no ... I want to fuck you," Karen whispered, stunned to hear
the words coming out of her mouth.

Chapter 9

Karen leaned forward on the couch and took off her blouse. She dropped
it on the floor, then took off her long skirt. When she started to
unhook the clasp of her garter belt that held up her black silk
stockings, Warren stopped her.

"Don't," he said, his eyes blazing with lust. "Leave them on while I
fuck you."

Naked except for the garter belt, silk stockings and her shoes, Karen
reclined on the couch. She felt more sexy and alive than she could
remember being in years. Warren's tongue had brought a new awareness
out in her that turned her on so much she felt like she could fuck all
night long.

"Take your clothes off for me," Karen whispered as Warren got to his
feet. "Do it from across the room so I can see all of you."

Warren did as had been asked of him, and when his cock sprang out,
Karen couldn't even speak.

Warren Collins, the handsome mayor of her city, had the largest cock in
town. When fully erect, his incredible hunk of cockmeat stretched to a
monstrous, frightening length. The only thing that made it look like it
wasn't actually a dildo was that Warren's prick wasn't overly thick.

"My God! I never dreamed you were hung like that," Karen gasped,
finally able to force her throat to work. "I'd heard stories about you
before, but I always thought they were just fantasies from the women
who want to fuck you."

"No, my dear, it's all me and it's all real and it's all for you." He
walked forward slowly, holding his prick gently in his hand. "Now
spread your legs, my dear. I'm about to fuck you like you've never been
fucked before."

Karen put her head on the armrest of the couch. She kicked her right
foot up on the back of the couch, putting her left foot on the floor so
that her cuntlips, so pink and juicy, were open and available to the
handsome, big-cocked stud who made her feel so fantastic.

"Take me," Karen purred softly, watching the cockhead coming closer and
closer to her pussy. "Drill me deep with your cock!"

Warren got between Karen's legs. He ran his hands up and down over her
thighs, enjoying the feel of the silk under his fingertips. Then,
holding his huge prick by the shaft, he brought his pricktip slowly to
Karen's tingling, lusty cuntlips.

"You want it, don't you?"

"Yes! Oh, yes! Please fuck me! Please!"

Warren had one foot on the floor, the other curled beneath him, as he
pushed his hips forward. His cockhead easily pried apart Karen's
cuntlips. Though her luscious, voluptuous body was quivering, she could
feel everything that was happening to her.

"Fuck meeeeee!" she wailed suddenly, unable to take the tension and
suspense any longer.

Warren threw himself down on top of Karen, delighting in the fullness
of her massive tits against his chest. His prick burrowed a path deep
into Karen, driving full-length into her slick, hungry cunt.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Karen chanted, keeping her legs wide apart
so that Warren could move about freely.

He fucked her with long, slow, measured strokes. Each time Warren
shoved his prick the entire length into her cunt, Karen could feel his
cockhead pushing against her womb and spreading the walls of her pussy.
His cock drove like an oil well into her, forcing her cuntlips to roll
inward as he skewered her juicy cunt, then pulling out to squeeze the
long shaft as he withdrew almost all of his prick from her.

Karen's arms were around Warren's neck as he impaled her with his long,
throbbing, slender cock. She kissed his cheek lovingly, trying to
control her breathing, fighting against the almost overwhelming urge to
cum again instantly.

Heaving with exertion, Warren fucked Karen's pussy with harder and
stronger strokes as the fire in his balls increased in intensity. Her
hot, juicy cunt was squeezing his prick, enticing the huge prick to get
even longer. Stroking all of his cock into her cunt, Warren reamed out
Karen's pussy and ground himself against her cuntlips, feeling his
balls rubbing against her asscheeks.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered in Karen's ear.

Karen stroked the nape of his neck as she felt her sizzling clit
getting rubbed by the upper surface of Warren's prick. His cock seemed
to plow straight through her, driving deeper into her cunt than any
cock ever had.

"I love the way you fuck me," Karen whispered, churning her full hips
in a circular motion to take the mayor's prick into her cunt from
different angles, adding different and new sensations of friction
against her turgid, red-hot clit.

Warren pushed a hand between their bodies and squeezed Karen's
magnificent left tit. He pressed his fingers deep into the luscious
mound, moaning his approval of them.

"Fuck me," Karen cooed, raking her fingernails lightly over the mayor's
broad, naked shoulders as he heaved above her, plowing his massive
prick to the hilt in her pussy.

Karen's thighs, encased in tight black silk, quivered as Warren threw
himself between her legs, driving his cock with determination into her
cunt again and again and again. She felt his fingers pressing into her
tit, his palm scraping against her tingling, fiery nipple.

When he kissed her lips, he pressed his mouth almost bruisingly against
hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, demanding that Karen respond
lustfully to everything he was doing to her.

Karen had never known such incredible heights of ecstasy. The long,
hard-driving prick rubbed against her turgid clit. She could feel the
tightness in the pit of her stomach that signified the closeness of her

She sucked on Warren's tongue, writhing in ecstasy beneath him, shaking
her full, womanly hips from side to side as her cuntlips stretched
around the undulating shaft of his manly cock.

"Sweet lover," Warren hissed.

Now Karen could see in his eyes how he was fighting against the
pleasure she was giving him. To know that she could turn him on so
powerfully delighted the big-titted woman.

The scream of exultation caught Karen by surprise and it took a moment
before she realized the scream was her own and her girl-cum was gushing
out of her pussy.

"Fuck meeeeee!" she wailed helplessly, lost in the extraordinary,
blinding, all-consuming sensations that ripped through her curvaceous

Pussyjuice gushed from her sweet cunt. Her clit detonated, unable to
take the slick friction Warren's cock gave her any longer without

She writhed and shook, her voluptuous body bucking and convulsing
beneath Warren as he skewered her overheated cunt with his long,
powerful cock. Karen opened her mouth to scream again but was silenced
when Warren's mouth covered hers and his tongue pressed hotly, hungrily
against her own.

Just as Karen was coming down from her climax she felt the masculine
throbbing of the mayor's cockhead as it plowed against her womb. He
pulled up, uncorking almost all of his incredible cock from her cunt,
then stabbed hard into her again. This time, when her cuntlips were
around the base of his cock's shaft and his pricktip was deep up her
cunt, she felt his balls pull up between his legs as they rubbed
against her asscheeks.

A mighty river of cum spewed from Warren's balls, gushing like lava
into Karen's receptive pussy. He jerked his cock out of her until only
his cockhead still parted her pink, tight cuntlips, then drove into her
again. As before, when all of his prick was fully embedded in Karen's
pussy, he exploded in a fountain of hot, thick creamy cum.

"Give me your cum," Karen hissed, the words coming out choked and
strained as she trembled through the last of her own orgasm.

It felt like the mayor's cum was boiling hot inside her cunt. Karen
shook her hips, keeping her right foot up on the top of the couch, her
left foot on the floor to allow her hot-blooded lover full access to
her cunt.

As he came, Warren's fingers pressed deep into Karen's luscious,
massive tit, nearly bruising her. She didn't care. Now that she finally
had his long, throbbing cock spitting out hot jets of cum into her
pussy, she was willing to do anything he wanted, give him any thrill he

"Ohhhhhh!" Warren sighed.

As the sound that rumbled from his chest died away, the climax stopped.
Karen held him close, feeling his heart pounding so close to hers,
feeling his cock still twitching inside her cunt.

"You're a wonderful lover," Karen whispered tenderly, her whole body
tingling with the aftereffects of the magnificent fucking she'd just
gotten from him. "I never thought we could be so good together, so good
for each other."

Warren kissed her cheek softly, then her eyelids.

With her eyes closed Karen asked, "What do you want to do? What fantasy
of yours can I fulfill? I want to please you more than any woman ever

Chapter 10

Karen was a big, tall, strapping woman. She had no pretentious notions
of being something that she wasn't. But when Warren picked her up so
easily and carried her to his big bedroom, she felt positively tiny and
helpless and very, very feminine.

He laid her down gently on the bed, his long cock dangling between his
powerful thighs.

"You're so beautiful, so lovely," he whispered, standing at the edge of
the bed, looking down at Karen's 4OD-25-37 body. "Goddamn it, Karen,
you turn me on so much!"

Karen rolled onto her side, propped up on one elbow. Her massive tits
swayed, one on top of the other, the areolas still dark with lust, the
nipples hard and ready for excitement.

"Come here," the doe-eyed woman whispered, her eyes smoldering with
lust. "Give me your cock. I want you to feed it to me."

Karen purred softly. She watched as Warren raised his cock, holding it
lightly in his finger-tips, bringing the massive prick up so the head
was near her mouth.

"You know, you've fucked me so wonderfully and yet I've never tasted
your cock," Karen whispered.

"Then taste it now."

Karen kissed the cockhead, pretending to be rather nonchalant about the
whole thing. In truth, the moment her lips touched Warren's cock, she
could feel the acceleration of her heart and a warming in her pussy
that told her she was getting excited once again.

"Mmmmmm!" she purred, smacking her lips loudly on the pricktip for
Warren's benefit.

Inhaling, she caught the deliciously masculine aroma of Warren's cock
and balls and the musky, feminine smell of her own pussyjuice. Karen
enjoyed the fragrance. It made her cunt hotter still.

With Warren holding his soft cock, Karen opened her lips and allowed
her tongue to graze over the pricktip. The taste of his cock was as
delightful and erotic to her as she had hoped it would be. Moaning
softly, she licked around the cockhead, feeling it twitching softly as
it stretched out slowly.

She curled her tongue around the cockhead, enjoying its manly taste.
Her pink, moist lips sort of sipped at the very tip of Warren's prick.
Holding little more than half of the cockhead between her lips, Karen
used her tongue on Warren's pisshole and felt the bulbous head of his
prick throbbing more powerfully in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned.

She could taste her own pussyjuice on the cockhead, and Karen wondered
what it would be like to have her tongue pushing into a cunt, lapping
up the girl-cum straight from the source.

Silly thought! she chided herself in her mind. Why think about eating
pussy when you've got a cock in your mouth?

The cock was harder now and Karen allowed the ridge of the cockhead to
slip between her lips, pushing deeper into her gorgeous, rather
sophisticated-looking face. As she caved her cheeks in around the
pricktip, sucking on the burgeoning cock, she was happy that she'd
pinned her hair loosely up. With her hair up Warren had an unimpeded
view of the blow-job that she was giving him.

"Ohhhhhh! Use your tongue on it," Warren sighed, putting his hands on
his hips as he watched his long, fiery prick pushing deeper into the
big-titted brunette's hot, moist, hungrily sucking mouth.

Karen could feel Warren's eyes on her as she took more of his
delicious, meaty prick into her mouth. She sucked the cock in until his
pricktip was pushing against the back of her mouth and she could take
no more of his succulent meat into her moist, hot mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned soulfully, rotating her face around the cock,
kneading the shaft with her lips while the cockhead rubbed against her

Karen used her tongue on the shaft, curling it around the growing,
pulsing meat. Between her cuntlips, she could feel her clit getting
erect, just like the cock in her mouth was. Hot, oily pussyjuice
lubricated her cuntlips, surprising Karen at how rapidly she was ready
to take the mayor's awesome prick into her pussy again.

"That's it! Ohhhhh! You really know how to suck cock, Karen!"

She trembled at the compliment. Pulling her head back until the rim of
Warren's pricktip slipped out between her tight pink lips, Karen
flicked her tongue against the piss-hole and sighed when she tasted a
salty drop of pre-cum.

The cock flexed a little and once again reached its full, jaw-
stretching size.

Karen bobbed over the cock, her 4OD-cup tits shaking from her chest,
the nipples hard and excited as she bubbled sensually on the prick that
filled her luscious mouth and distorted her lovely facial features.

Warren pumped his hips slowly, working the end of his gigantic prick in
and out of the brunette's tight, pink, soft lips. He shivered, his
balls swinging between his thighs, as he felt her tongue grazing over
his cockhead. From the glazed look in her eyes when she looked up at
him, her lips ovalled around his prick, Warren could tell that this was
a woman who really enjoyed giving blow-jobs.

"Mmmmmmm!" Karen slurped.

As she sucked on the cock that pushed into her mouth, Karen used her
left hand to fondle her cuntlips. She spread her full, muscular thighs
a little, giving herself easier access to her juicy cunt.

"Yessss!" Warren groaned softly, seeing what Karen was doing to
herself. "Spread your legs, baby, and let me watch you finger-fucking
yourself! I love watching you when you finger your beautiful, bushy

Karen put her left foot near her right knee, turning just a little so
that she was certain Warren could see the pink lips of her cunt as she
sucked on his prick.

Touching her cuntlips with her fingers, she manipulated her clit until
it was hard, erect and visible at the top of her pussy. She rubbed her
clit until the tip of her middle finger was wet with pussyjuice. Then,
slowly, careful that she wouldn't hurt herself with her long
fingernails, she slipped the finger between her cuntlips.

Moaning softly, twirling her tongue around Warren's cockhead, Karen
shivered as she pushed the finger into her pussy until the heel of her
palm was pressed against her cuntlips.

"Mmmmmmmft!" she slurped, sucking more hungrily on the mayor's red-hot

Warren's eyes danced over Karen's body. Everything he saw excited him.
From her strong legs sheathed in black silk to the big tits that
trembled and shook to her beautiful face that bobbed over his throbbing

Though she was beautiful from head to foot, it was Karen's tits that
held his eyes like a magnet. He'd never seen such big, fuckable tits in
all his life.

"Wait a second," he mumbled, touching Karen's hollowed cheek with his
fingertips. "There's something I want to do."

Karen whipped her lips off his cockhead and looked up at him.

"What? I'll do anything you want! Should I stop playing with my pussy?"

"No, don't stop doing that. That's beautiful. I just want to feel your
tits around my cock."

It was a dream come true for Karen. Her big, milky, lusty tits were
going to be treated to Warren's massive cock. She had been fascinated
with her own tits since she realized that they were so much bigger and
more beautiful than anyone else's. And now, joyously, she was about to
have her tits fucked by the handsome Warren Collins.

Karen rolled onto her back, grabbing her tits from the outside and
pushing them together. Her mountainous tits swelled out as she forced
them together, giant creamy melons of succulent, feminine tit flesh
that practically begged to be fucked.

"No, you finger-fuck yourself," Warren said, getting up on the bed.
"I'll hold your tits. Just worry about your own pleasure."

"How could I not feel pleasure with your cock touching me?" Karen

She put both hands between her thighs and fucked two fingers deep into
her pussy as Warren straddled her body, his knees on the outsides of
her arms, his gigantic prick resting in the valley of her tits. When he
grabbed them, Karen shivered as she watched her tits surround his
colossal cock. The heat of his prick seeped through her tits, making
the fire of her cock-hungry lust burn brighter, hotter.

The hot-blooded woman stared at her cock. She could feel the massive
shaft pulsing between her tits as the pricktip flexed with lust.

"Titty-fuck me, darling," Karen purred, kissing Warren's cockhead.
"Titty-fuck me while I finger-fuck myself."

A low growl of ecstasy came from Warren's throat as he pushed his hips
forward. His balls rubbed against Karen's warm body, his prick sliding
through the tight valley of her tits. He squeezed her tits in his
hands, gripping them firmly, watching the way her nipples became larger
because of the pressure he was putting on her tits.

"Ohhhhh!" she sighed, flicking her tongue out to graze it against the
clefted bottom of Warren's cockhead when it pushed near her face. "You
can cum on my face if you want to. I don't mind."

Warren shook his head slow, an expression of wild passion on his face.
"Let me cum on your tits. I want to see my cum on your big, womanly

Karen closed her eyes, thrusting two fingers into the seething hole of
her cunt. She would, she realized, greedily and hungrily accept
anything that Warren wanted to do to her. Even if he wanted to ram that
gargantuan cock of his up her asshole, she would gladly spread her
asscheeks for him. Nothing he could do would displease her. If she was
hurt by his incredible cock, then it was a least his cock that was
doing the hurting. His cock, which had brought such spine-tingling
satisfaction, could never be evil to her.

"Fuck my tits," Karen purred, trembling on the bed as Warren's hips
rocked back and forth, driving his prick through the succulent cleavage
of her tits.

Occasionally Karen raised her head and licked Warren's cockhead when he
pushed it at her face, but this had no apparent effect on him so she
stopped doing it. Warren seemed totally and completely enraptured by
fucking her tits. It was almost as though Karen wasn't even there, only
her tits were, but this didn't bother her. As long as there was
something about herself that turned him on, Karen was pleased.

She fingered her pussy, driving two stiff fingers of her right hand
between her cuntlips. As she finger-fucked her hot, turgid pussy, she
rubbed her clit with her thumb, working over the fiery nubbin of
tingling, raw flesh to send jolting waves of pure ecstasy rippling
through her curvaceous body.

"Ohhhhh! Awwwwww!" Karen moaned, feeling the throbbing of her lover's
cock against the inside of her tits.

Warren squeezed Karen's tits tighter around his prick. He jerked his
hips back and forth, rubbing his balls harder against her luscious body
than he had done before. When he pushed his prick a little further than
normal, the head of his cock nudged against Karen's chin. She, however,
seemed oblivious to this, lost in the world of lust that finger-fucking
herself had carried her to.

"Ohhhhh!" Warren sighed.

He had fucked a few women's tits before, but never before had Warren
Collins found a woman with tits the size and shape of Karen's. They
were absolutely perfect for this.

He watched her nipples pulsing, the areolas a dark chocolate-brown in
color. His fingers burrowed deeper into Karen's tits, pressing so hard
that his knuckles were turning white. He felt certain that he must be
hurting her, but nothing she did indicated that she was even aware of
the pain that her abused tits must surely be feeling.

Karen rolled her head from side to side on the bed. Her hair, once
delicately pinned up, was now loose and disheveled, falling over her
cheeks, sometimes clinging to her moist, parted lips. Her hand was a
blur between her legs as she finger-fucked herself furiously, driving
two hard fingers into her cunt until her palm literally smashed against
her clit.

She jammed her fingers between her pink cuntlips, spreading them wide.
Then, rubbing her clit with the heel of her hand, Karen felt her
pussyjuice spewing out of her cunt.

"Fuck my titsssssss!" she screamed.

Her feet twitched and bounced on the bed. Karen worked the fingers back
and forth between her cuntlips, never allowing her palm to break
contact with her clit.

The ecstasy of cumming that Warren could see on Karen's face was more
than he could take. He shoved his prick through the succulent valley of
her tits and squirted out a thick, gooey stream of cum.

The super-heated cum splashed against the underside of Karen's chin.
She felt the hot cum hitting her flesh and a fresh burst of girl-cum
streamed out of her pussy. The cum trickled down, pooling in the hollow
of her neck.

Warren pulled back so that his pricktip was trapped between Karen's
tits and another blast of cum shot through the long tube of his prick.
This time the cum blasted between Karen's tits, clinging to her hot,
tumid tit flesh.

More sticky, thick cum shot from Warren's balls, squirting onto Karen's
neck and tits. At last the gushing torrent of cum slowed and Warren
released Karen's tits. He leaned back, his cock still hard.

"L-Let me ... taste your ... cum," Karen whispered, feeling completely

Warren pushed his cum-smeared cockhead between her lips and Karen
moaned her satisfaction, curling her tongue around the delicious-
tasting pricktip.

They fell asleep shortly thereafter, a happy, contented smile on
Karen's face.

Chapter 11

"Stop it now," Karen chided, slipping her arms into her blouse. "I've
got to button my blouse."

"Why?" Warren asked, sucking her nipple into his mouth again.

Karen sighed, shivering a little as she felt his tongue working over
her tingling nipple. Damn, he turned her on so much!

She was already completely dressed. Everything was in place except the
fronts of her blouse. It looked like they might be a little difficult
to button up.

"Come on now, Warren. I've got to get my husband out of jail. I
shouldn't have stayed here the whole night as it is. Someone might have
seen my car outside."

Warren put his face between her tits, then pressed her tits together
against his cheeks. She giggled and he smiled, enjoying the fragrance
of her flesh and the perfume she'd just applied between her tits after
her shower.

Karen grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his head away from her tits.
She quickly buttoned up her blouse.

"Good-bye, darling," she purred, kissing his mouth lightly. "I'll be
seeing you again - soon."

Before he had a chance to protest further, Karen was out the door of
his home. As she walked to her car, she could feel her nipples rubbing
against the inside of her blouse as her tits bounced freely,

Karen thought about her daughter. Barbara was a lot more worldly wise
than Karen had ever given her credit for.

Another thought came to mind, making Karen smile to herself. Only a
couple hours earlier she had felt terribly uncomfortably about being
dressed as she was in the see-through blouse, with no bra or panties.
But now all she felt was sexy and daring, and she liked the feelings.

She started the engine, hoping Barbara had had some luck in getting the
bank president, Mr. Jones, to come up with a cashier's check for Joe's
bail money.

* * *

Barbara blinked her eyes. It took a moment before she realized that she
was in jail!

She kicked her feet over the edge of the cot and sat upright. She
looked at her naked pussy, then remembered that her leather miniskirt
had been left in the alley where Deputy Phelps butt-fucked her. Her
mesh stockings were at the end of the cot, her shoes on the floor. At
least her leather coat was buttoned up to hide her tits.

"Good morning," Joe said, turning over. He was on the cot opposite
Barbara's. "How did you sleep?"

"Pretty good, under the circumstances."

Barbara folded her hands between her legs, feeling the need to hide her
pussy even though she knew her father had probably spent half the night
staring at it.

"Ol' Zachery was sure pissed off when they threw him out at the same
time they brought you in here."

Joe made no attempt to hide the fact that he was staring at his
daughter's beautiful legs.

"I think he would have done something the moment I fell asleep if the
deputy and sheriff would have let him stay."

Barbara took her hands away from her pussy, figuring she had nothing to
hide from her father anyway.

"With any luck at all Karen will come with all we need to get out of

Barbara took her stockings and rolled them up her legs slowly,
teasingly, feeling her father's hungry, lusty gaze on her. It excited
her to know that he wanted to fuck her.

She took her time smoothing the stocking top around her thigh. When she
put her shoes on and buckled them, Barbara made sure that she always
stayed in a position so that Joe could see her pussy.

When Barbara looked up, she saw the lump of hard cock that was trapped
inside her father's pants. She wondered for a moment why she hadn't
fucked him the night before, cursing herself for missing the
opportunity to take his cock into her cunt.

Something in Barbara's subconscious said it would be a real turn-on to
give a deep-throat blow-job to her own father. She wondered what his
cum would taste like gushing over her tongue, filling her mouth as she
gulped it down thirstily.

She was just about to get off the cot when the outer door of the jail
opened and Sheriff Carlisle, Deputy Phelps and Karen stepped in.

"Come on, Joe, let's get you home," Karen said.

Then she saw Barbara and stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes went down
to Barbara's naked cunt bush and her pink pussylips.

"Barbara! What happened!"

"Just about everything. But I enjoyed it all!"

It was all set for his release. Mayor Warren Collins had vouched for
Joe so that he could be released from jail Sunday morning and Mr.
Jones, the bank president, had come by at four a.m. with a cashier's
check for the bail money.

"How the hell you ladies managed it I'll never know," Sheriff Carlisle
said, hooking his thumbs into his gun belt. "But you did, so we've got
to let you go ... after."

Karen knew what that tone of voice meant. She turned to the sheriff.

"After what?" she asked.

"After you and Barbara there prove what model citizens you are. You
know, ain't nothin' here says anything about having Barbara released.
It only says we got to let go of Joe. That's it."

Barbara had gotten herself horny thinking about fucking her own father,
so she was ready for a little excitement. Holding onto the cell bars,
pressing her face between the iron, she looked at her mother.

"They want us. What difference does it make? If it'll get me out of
here, what choice do we have?"

"But in front of your father?" Karen looked at Joe.

Then the memory of him getting drunk and having some bitch sucking on
his prick came to her, and she decided it would be perfect retribution
if he had to watch her getting fucked by the deputy or sheriff.

Deputy Phelps opened the jail cell and Barbara stepped out. The moment
she was out of the cell, Deputy Phelps closed and locked the door
again. Joe glared at the deputy, who just gave a sarcastic smile in

"Don't be afraid, Mother," Barbara said. "The sheriff and deputy just
want to get their rocks off and they want us to do it in front of
daddy. That's all there is to it. It doesn't really have to mean

Barbara looked at the sheriff and sensed instinctively what he wanted.
She stepped closer to Karen and put her hands on her mother's

"They want a show, so let's give them one." Barbara leaned forward,
getting up on her tip-toes to kiss her mother's mouth softly. "Who
knows? Maybe we'll even enjoy ourselves."

Barbara could tell that Karen wasn't into what was happening. But she
also knew that there was a fire in her own cunt that was burning hotter
and hotter and wouldn't be quenched until her clit exploded and her
hot, slick girl-cum spewed out.

Running the tip of her tongue over Karen's lips, Barbara felt her
mother's huge tits pressing lightly against her own. Even through the
leather jacket she had on, the contact was electrifying for her. Her
nipples grew hard instantly and the jacket pressed against the fiery
nipples made them itch hungrily for attention.

"Mmmmm!" Barbara purred, flicking her tongue between Karen's lips, the
tip of her tongue touching her mother's briefly.

Though she had done many crazy and sexy things in her life, Barbara
couldn't believe how this particular situation was turning her on. She
was going to make it with her own mother while the deputy, sheriff and
her father all watched.

What more could an exhibitionist with a strong incestuous streak in her
ask for? thought Barbara.

Her hands were trembling badly as she unbuttoned Karen's blouse. The
moment the huge mounds of Karen's tits burst into view, Barbara dipped
her face down and captured one nipple.

She'd never tasted anything quite so delicious as her own mother's
nipple. Barbara opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could, sinking
her teeth lightly into the tit flesh, lashing at the hard nipple with
her tongue.

"Mmmmmmm!" Barbara moaned again, this time out of pure, raw, unbridled

Barbara realized that Karen wouldn't initiate anything, so as she
sucked on the big, lusty nipples she wrapped her arms around Karen and
pulled the zipper to her long white skirt down. A moment later the
skirt fell around Karen's ankles and Barbara's hands forced her thighs
apart so she could get to that bushy, tasty pussy. She soon felt her
own mother's pussyjuice on her fingertips.

"Mmmmmm!" Barbara moaned soulfully, sucking hungrily on one nipple as
she played her fingertips over Karen's cuntlips and clit.

Karen rolled her head back on her shoulders and sighed, not really
wanting to believe what was happening to her, not wanting to admit that
she was getting hot and wet and ready for action. Barbara's hot mouth
was working over her nipples, biting and sucking on them, and the
fingers playing with her pussy were doing it so gently and so expertly
that Karen was convinced Barbara had been making it with women for a
long, long time.

"Ohhhhhh! Please stop!"

But Barbara knew her mother didn't want her to stop. The heat and
moisture on her finger-tips from Karen's pussy told her that much.

Boldly the teenager thrust a finger between Karen's cuntlips. Her
finger pushed into Karen's cunt easily. The cuntlips were slippery with

"Ohhh! Ohhhhh!" Karen sighed as her clit turned red-hot.

Barbara nibbled on her mother's left nipple. With her right hand she
eased her finger in and out of the hot pussy. Her left hand trailed up
and down Karen's thighs, feeling the silk stockings against her palm
and sensitive fingertips. She thirsted for the taste of her own
mother's pussyjuice, wanted to feel Karen's cuntlips tightening around
her own invading, probing tongue.

The teenager kissed Karen's sucked-in stomach, intent of burrowing her
tongue deep into the hot, juicy pussy that she hungered for.

"Over here," Sheriff Carlisle said in that gravel-voiced, commanding
tone of his. "This ain't a party for yourselves, you know!"

Barbara's head was spinning with lust. She didn't really know what had
happened. All those eyes on her as she sucked on her mother's tits and
fingered her seething pussy had fired up her own lust so strongly that
she was tingling from head to foot.

The rickety wooden table was pulled close to the cell so that Joe could
have a front row seat on the action that was about to take place.

"What are you?"

The words came from Karen as though she was in a trance. She didn't
fight against the men as she was turned away from the table, then
pushed backward over it.

The table wasn't very large. Karen could feel the sharp edges of the
table against her thighs just above the tops of her black silk
stockings and against her shoulders. Her high-heeled shoes dangled
several inches above the floor. Her head hung down on the other side of
the table, her lips parted slightly from the position she was in. Her
big tits spread slightly, the nipples hard and moist from her
daughter's mouth.

"Go on, Barbara," Sheriff Carlisle said, pushing the girl between
Karen's spread thighs. "You know what to do."

Barbara started to get to her knees, but the sheriff slipped his hand
between her legs, grabbing her by the pussy, keeping her in a standing
position. She put her hands on her mother's thighs and looked at the
bushy cunt and pink pussylips for a moment, feeling the sheriff's
fingers working over her own cuntlips and clit.

This is going to be fan-fucking-tastic! the girl thought.

Karen moaned softly as she looked at the world upside-down. She saw
Deputy Phelps's crotch and shivered on the table as he slowly, almost
tauntingly, unzipped his pants and brought his cock and balls out of
the fly of his trousers.

"Suck me, Karen," the deputy whispered.

Karen didn't say anything, but she was as hungry for the deputy's cock
as he was for her to suck on it. He brought the fleshy, conical head of
his prick to her mouth and she opened her lips in invitation, not even
making any pretense of not liking to give blow-jobs.

"Mmmmmm!" the big-titted mother purred as her lips wrapped around the
fat, meaty cockhead.

Barbara used her thumbs to pry her mother's cuntlips apart just a
little. A finger was pushed into her pussy and she groaned her
pleasure, then stuck her tongue as far out of her mouth as she could
and tasted her mother's cuntlips.

After the first taste of pussyjuice from a cunt instead of on a cock
after it had fucked her, Barbara was addicted. She groaned softly, her
firm tits jiggling inside her leather jacket, and threw her face
between Karen's thighs. Stiffening her tongue, she thrust it between
the tight, juicy pink cuntlips, fucking her tongue as far into her
mother's hot, wet pussy as she could.

Standing with his face pressed between the bars, Joe couldn't believe
what he was seeing. He groaned softly and took his cock out, not taking
his eyes off the action taking place just a few feet away from him.

"Unbelievable," he whispered, beginning to stroke his cock.

Karen was on the table, her legs dangling over one side, her head over
the other. Deputy Phelps was standing near her face, pushing his prick
back and forth between her lips, driving his cock deep into her hot
mouth. On the other side of the table, Barbara was bent over at the
waist, licking Karen's cunt, naked from the waist down except for the
thigh-high black mesh stockings. Behind Barbara, Sheriff Carlisle was
rubbing the head of his prick back and forth over her cuntlips and
through the crevice of her firm, satiny smooth asscheeks.

Curling her tongue inside Karen's cunt, Barbara licked at the delicious
pussyjuice. As she tongued the pink, juicy cuntlips, she could feel the
head of the sheriff's prick gliding threateningly against her cuntlips.
She wondered if he would fuck her pussy or her asshole, but didn't
really care which one he fucked. She was so horny that even her asshole
would enjoy the colossal prick into it.

Barbara fucked her tongue into Karen's cunt. She pushed one finger
between her mother's cuntlips to get it slick with pussyjuice, then
started finger-fucking Karen's asshole. Behind her, Barbara felt the
blunt, throbbing head of the sheriff's cock pushing her own cuntlips
apart as he started to fuck her seething pussy.

"Ohhhhh! I love a tight cunt," the sheriff groaned, watching his
cockhead sinking into the girl's pussy. He shoved the pricktip deeper
into her pussy, pulled back, then bore into her again, this time
plowing almost all of his huge prick into Barbara's superheated cunt.

Barbara shivered, fucking her tongue into her mother's hot cunt as the
sheriff bored into her, driving the entire length of his monstrous
prick into her pussy. The incredibly thick shaft of his cock forced her
cuntlips wide apart, giving the teenager a delicious sensation of being
completely filled with cockmeat as she tongue-fucked her mother.

Karen was oblivious to the discomfort she felt at having the table
biting into the flesh of her thighs and shoulders as her body was being
worked over. Her legs twitched as she shivered on the table, her clit
getting hotter by the second from Barbara's expert tongue and
tantalizing lips.

"Suck me," the deputy whispered, grabbing onto Karen's big, jiggling
tits and pinching them.

Karen wasn't actually giving a blow-job. With her head hanging over the
edge of the table, all she could do was avail her hot, sucking mouth to
the deputy as he pushed and pulled his cockhead in and out of her

She swirled her tongue around his pricktip, shivering with delight at
the taste of his hard, strong prick. The cockhead pushed against the
back of her mouth, and for a second Karen thought that the deputy would
choke her with his prick. But then, just when Karen was certain she
would choke, he pulled back and let her tongue his cockhead.

"Mmmmmmm!" Karen moaned, feeling her husband's eyes on her as she
mouthed and sucked on the big prick that sprouted from the deputy's

His hands were driving her wild with lust, pinching and twisting her
nipples to send hot tingles throughout her body as she got face-fucked.
Between her legs, Karen could feel her daughter's tongue fucking deep
into her pussy, spreading her cuntlips apart to lap at the girl-cum
that oozed freely from her pussy.

Barbara rocked to and fro, trying to concentrate on licking her
mother's pussy and ignore the big, throbbing cock that rolled to and
fro between her cuntlips, sinking deep into her hot pussy. But she
couldn't. Her clit was tingling madly, getting hotter by the second as
the sheriff's enormous prick lanced full-length into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmft!" she slurped, dragging her tongue through the tight crevice
of her mother's cuntlips until she reached the pink, erect, throbbing
clit at the top of her mother's pussy.

Barbara whipped the clit with her tongue and then was shocked when a
spurt of girl-cum gushed out of Karen's pussy. The slick, oily, clear
pussyjuice washed over Barbara's lips and cheeks. She threw her face
forward, fucking her tongue as deeply into Karen's overheated pussy as
she possibly could, shivering as pussyjuice splashed into her mouth and
over her cheeks and chin. Slick drops of girl-cum dripped off the
teenager's chin onto the concrete floor as she shivered, trying to
savor the delicious girl-cum as much as possible.

Behind her, the sheriff was pumping his hips faster and harder, sinking
his prick into Barbara's pussy until his balls slapped against her
quivering thighs. He groaned and looked at Joe, a twisted smile curling
up his lips.

"Watch me fuck your daughter," the sheriff said softly.

Joe pounded his prick furiously as he watched the action. It was the
most erotic thing he'd ever gone through and the strangest thing of all
was that nobody was doing anything to him and he still didn't care.

The deputy and the sheriff both unloaded. Thick, spurting jets of cum
raced through the tube of his prick as Sheriff Carlisle uncorked his
prick from Barbara's pussy and rubbed it between her asscheeks.

"Awwwwww!" the sheriff groaned as his balls exploded.

Joe watched as thick, white spurts of cum jetted out of the sheriff's
cockhead, sailing through the air to land heavily on Barbara's black
leather jacket. Looking at Barbara's face, Joe saw his wife's
pussyjuice all over her cheeks and lips.

A moment later Deputy Phelps pulled his prick out of Karen's mouth and
started whacking on it. Karen kept her mouth open, her eyes closed, as
the deputy's thick, sticky white cum shot on her face. Cum hit her lips
and cheeks and chin. More spurts of cum hit her nose and neck. Some cum
hit her on the forehead and stuck in her dark hair.

And when it was all over, Karen sat upright on the table and then
walked slowly over to Joe, her big tits jiggling as she walked.

"Look, Joe," Karen whispered, looking straight into her husband's eyes.

She had cum clinging from her eyelashes to her cheekbone. It was
strange and exciting for Karen to look at her husband's through another
man's cum.

"See what he did to me? Do you want to do it, too?"

"Yes," Joe said, pounding faster on his cock.

Karen sank to her knees in front of her husband's cock. A moment later
Barbara was beside her. Karen put her arm around Barbara's shoulder,
pulling her daughter in close. They pressed their cheeks together, both
staring at Joe's cockhead.

"Fuck!" Joe hissed as he came.

He watched his thick, hot cum splatter over his wife's and daughter's
face. And when it was over, Karen and Barbara kissed each other

"Come on, Joe, it's time to go home," Karen said as she slipped her
skirt around her hips. "And don't think I've forgiven you for what
you've done. From now on you're going to have to keep Barbara and me
very, very happy and well fucked - or I'll throw your ass out the

As they left the jail, Barbara shivered with anticipation, already
wondering what it would be like to take her father's cock into her
pussy until she came.

The End